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Muc-Off Miracle Shine

In this video I’ll show you what I use to make my bike shiny 🙂

Hi guys so while back the spiky biker commented on one of my videos saying that my tank lit shiny and he wanted to know what i used on it so this is what i use it’s a buck off miracle shine and it’s basically a polish and protectant and it’s got a three wax blend so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to try and show you its effect in this video and hopefully

You will be able to see a bit of the difference from what it looks like now because it’s already got layers of this built up on it from before so it’s already quite shiny but hopefully you will be able to see a bit of a difference now one thing it does say is not to apply it in direct sunlight so i’m going to do it on this little shaded patch on the tank here so

The first thing that says to do is to pre wash and dry the surface so that’s what we’re going to do now so as you can see when i spray it with water it’s actually beading on the surface and this is because i’ve already got layers built up on it but it’s basically repelling the water and dirt so that when it comes to cleaning your bike it’s much less effort then

To apply it what i do is use two different microfiber cloths one supply and then the other one to buff it off now before you apply it you want to make sure that you give the bottle a good shape first and then just apply a small amount to your microfiber cloth i’m not sure if there’s any particular way that you are supposed to apply it but i just usually do it in

Strokes across like this and now all you’ve got to do is just give it 30 to 45 seconds and it will start to haze you can’t see it very well on the yellow but you’ll probably notice it doesn’t look as shiny and then after you’ve waited for a bit all you’ve got to do is get your other microfiber cloth and buff it away and there we go that’s the finish result it gives

A really shiny deep glossy finish and yeah i would never recommend this product i think it goes for about 15 to 16 pounds in halfords or you can get it online and mine’s lasted me all year so far and i still got about a third of the bowl left because you don’t need to use that much obviously you will use more if you’ve got a fair bike but on a bike like mine that’s

Got minimal paintwork yeah you don’t need much at all and i use it quite often as well yeah so that’s it them for this video if you’ve used this product before and then let me know your thoughts on it or even if you’ve got any other products that you recommend using let me know in the comments below and i’ll see you again soon bye

Transcribed from video
Muc-Off Miracle Shine By Bex88