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Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit | How to wash Your Mountain Bike!

So since getting my new 2021 Marin Alpine Trail XR I decided I should really start cleaning it with some proper products after rides to keep it in great condition. I stumbled across this Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit on and thought it would be perfect and easy to keep on top of my bike care.

Alrighty sup guys welcome back to the channel we’re in lockdown again in perth that’s all right um anyway so i always forget to clean my bike and i’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my bikes i figured i’d order something to help out with that i ordered a cleaning kit from mukhoff uh ordered on pushy so i’m going to run you guys through it see what it’s like

And see if it was worth it i hope that can keep my bike clean and stuff like that so i’ll see you soon so i got a delivery in the post today i ordered a cleaning kit for the bike i’ve been saying to myself that i really want to try and keep the bike cleaner since i got the new bike and look after it we’ll crack this open and have a look what’s inside so it’s the

Ultimate bicycle care kit from mukul not sponsored but i just wanted to get some good quality cleaning stuff for the bike nice case you can leave in the car or even the shed or wherever you want really it comes with a bunch of stuff it’s got all the stuff you need for cleaning your bike and keeping it keeping it in good condition yeah it comes with a microfiber

Style sort of cloth which looks really nice um that’s cool comes with a series of different brushes so this looks like a brush to just scrub the scrub the black with give it a good clean expanding sponge expanding miracle sponge another brush here two prong brush ideal for spokes discs shocks linkages foot rests and pedals etc muck off super nice stuff i didn’t

Read this one out this one was it says frames forks exhaust wheels engines tires and swing arms you have a smaller brush what’s this one say hub sprockets and tight areas like suspension mounts or forks and crowns detailing brush so that’s really cool it looks like a night like the bristles are nice and sort of sharp and so what we got here claw brush sprockets

Dashboards engines fins and radiators etc so we got a series of brushes there they are definitely going to come in handy then we have the wash obviously spray arms wash off fast action bike cleaner give the marina proper wash with this which is going to be awesome what else have we got good old markov stick it could never have enough stickers you can add that

To my pile of stickers over here you guys want to see what’s in my polished because we’ve got rock shocks pay to play and we’re the riders with a wet lube as well there’s your wet lube so that’s obviously essential at the moment being winter in australia that’ll do the trick we’ve got a can of black protect premium post wash protection for all bikes uh high

Performance water dispersing protection lube and maintenance spray contains lubrication coat moving parts spray on frame metal parts plastic parts and paint so yeah basically put this on after you wash and it gives the frame and the parts a bit of a protection layer which is super cool give you a little bit more information on the actual wash i didn’t read much

About that most effective but gentle cleaning formula ever removes dirt sand traffic film mud insects and oily grime to leave your whole bike sparkling clean this sounds like an advertisement but yeah you guys know what bike cleaner is it’s a muck off you know you see that’s it’s a pretty renowned product so it must be good i think it’s pretty cool that it all

Comes in a box and stuff i’m pretty lazy um and i always forget to clean my bike so the fact that it’s all in one place and i can leave it all together once i get back from a ride i can leave it in the car or whatever and then i can just give it a bit of a clean everything stays in there nicely clips down there you have it a little kit knock off ultimate bicycle

Cleaning i can that’s pretty cool i head downstairs now like i said my bike is still dirty from last week i’m gonna give i’m gonna give it a clean so yeah i reckon that’s awesome guys a bit of a cleaning kit something that i really need and i’ll definitely use and it’ll probably allow me to keep the bike cleaner i’ll put the link to pushy’s obviously like i said

It’s not sponsored by my markov or pushes as much as i wish it was but i just basically bought this because i want to keep my bike killing i thought you guys might find it useful because i reckon this is a pretty cool kit so anyway there you have it um i’m going to go downstairs and clean the bike take you guys with me for a bit of a time lapse all right so as

You can see my bike is filthy i didn’t clean it up to the right so i’m gonna give it a good clean and see how it comes up to first give the buck a rinse okay once you’ve given it a rinse to get your bite cleaner out and you give this a spray pretty much just all over the bike really so yeah once that’s done you basically leave that on there for a couple of

Minutes two to three minutes to let it break down all the dirt hmm final step is to block protect spray last but not least get a little bit of wet lube and get it on your new chain all righty there you have it guys so the bike’s clean as you can see hasn’t looked this good since i first bought it so i’m super stoked with that um i right there i wrote

The kit i think it’s pretty good i’m happy days i’ll be able to keep my bike clean now so yeah hope that was useful for you guys or you enjoyed it and i’ll see you in the next video real soon leave it a like and comment legends very exciting i’m excited for exciting excited are kick-sided i’m so excited excited so i’m very excited super excited i need to know

Everything who in the world and where i need everything trust me i hear what you’re saying but i like this know what you’re telling me i’m curious george i hop in the pool surviving a horse i’m ready for war i’m coming for throws to turn

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