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Muc Off Ultimate Bike Cleaning Kit Unboxing & Wash

Every mountain biker wants their bike kept feeling new.

What’s up this is the muck off ultimate bicycle cleaning kit every mountain biker wants their bike kept feeling new especially during the winter months and spring when the trail conditions are less than ideal and are loose and sloppy that’s why some have their own ways on cleaning their bikes last night she spent three hours meticulously cleaning her bike

With a toothbrush well at least she’s motivated so to keep my new polygon sisq t7 like new i got a muck off bike cleaning kit to see what it’s all about so let’s see what’s inside inside you get a microfiber sponge it’s supposed to uh expand it’s a lot smaller in the package but mine never really expanded out as you can kind of see it’s flat but you get a nice

Two-sided microfiber cloth that’s really nice you got the pinkish red muck off fast action bike cleaner for the frame the fork and mostly other bike components that aren’t the drivetrain you get your drive train cleaner it’s good for cleaning your gears your cassette chain you got muck off special biodegradable wet lube i’m not really a fan of wet lube i like

My dry lube but that’s pretty cool you got a big soft bristle brush which is good for your frame your fork your wheels all that kind of stuff your swing arms so you get this big brush you get this smaller much harder bristle brush which is a more of a detailing brush for your sprockets tight areas suspension mounts for crowns that kind of stuff and then you have

Your two-prong drivetrain brush which is good for your shocks your spokes pedals all that kind of stuff so that’s pretty cool and then here’s your claw brush which is good for your chain your sprocket and last but not least you got your bike protect spray which gives your frame uv protectant it gives it it’s good for matte finishes so protect preserve freshen

Your bike with bike protects incredible high performance water dispersing protect and lube maintenance spray after wash corrosion inhibitor that drives out moisture and leaves a dry non-sticky protective lubricant layer on your bike’s frame drivetrain so yeah you get this can of bike protected spray you spray on your bike after it’s all clean and it basically

Perfect for gives a nice moisture slick layer on your bike’s frame that prevents it from getting uh as much dirt as it did last time so now let’s go find a dirty bike to clean so actually got to say wow this actually took the dirt off my bike really well took the dirt off the bike really quickly without much hassle i worked much harder to get the

Same dirt off my bike so so i hope you guys liked the video don’t forget to like subscribe and leave a comment and let me know if uh this is something you’re interested in putting on your bike and getting it all clean meantime stay junky see you on the trails you

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Muc Off Ultimate Bike Cleaning Kit 🧹✨ Unboxing & Wash 🧼🧽 By Trail Junkie