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MX Tech Lucky System – First Impression Review

In this video I share my initial thoughts on the MX Tech Lucky system installed in my 2018 KTM 250 XCW.

Thanks for tuning in i’m donnie and i recently purchased the mx tech lucky system for my 2018 ktm 250 xcw the mx tech lucky system is a cartridge kit that replaces all the internal workings of the fork including the springs and the valving this video was the first day of riding with the new setup and i shared some of my thoughts during the ride so i’m riding my 2018

Ktn 250 xcw i recently had the ford’s converted over to the mx tech lucky kit today’s my first ride just doing that so i’m testing them out get about two hours on it so far i think i got all the clickers about where i want them i’m really happy with this stuff so far especially in single track it’s so much better than it’s for forks or handles roots and all

That really well i got the lucky kit conversion because i was having some problems with the uh wp explorer 48 the stock force on the bike and i had them sprung for my weight and everything but they’re just way too soft on the compressed side there’s just a lot more control and adjustment with these forks so i think i’m going to be happy with them especially

In single track stuff like this the main problem with the explore fork from my perspective is that uh there’s no adjustment in there you couldn’t really turn the clickers and have it do anything on the compression side now on the rebound side that the clicker worked pretty well and making changes but i don’t change the rebound side a whole lot i’m more often

Adjusting clickers on the compression side whether i’m riding stuff like this or riding something more open i like to change how the compression feels so so far i would say that it’s money well spent so i bought the bike new at the end of 2017 and at that point i didn’t have a lot of a ton of riding experience i didn’t really have any racing experience hit

Neutral there i didn’t have a as much experience and going slow and stuff the explore forge worked out really well initially you got a dirt sample oh it’s a double-sided dirt sample so in that first you know year and a half two years of owning this bike those 448 ports were just perfect and they’re really good in the slow stuff soaking up the bumps but with the

Racing and kind of ride more open stuff there’s 448 just uh i was kind of hitting this limit so i was bottoming out a lot and uh the mxt lucky kit seems to be really resistant to bottoming out i’ve only had it bottom out once today that’s when i kind of went off a kind of a downhill ski jump it’s got a flat landing at the bottom so i would expect it to bottom

There but otherwise this kit is something i should have done a long time ago seems to handle the open rocky stuff like this really well too doesn’t uh deflect too much soaks up the little bumps but takes the hard hits pretty well too i’ve been riding my buddy tyler’s wide z250 fx sum with the kyb suspension and uh and i think this is the closest thing you can

Get to kyb with these forks it feels very very similar well maybe not the closest thing because you can now get kyb internals for these forks but it’s close to two thousand dollars so about twice the price of the mx tech lucky kit this trail is a really good test for these forks rocky and rudy kind of hoping to feel great yeah i definitely could not have done

That that well with the explorer 48 i had the work done at fastlap racing suspension i highly recommend steve hollingsworth and his crew over at fastlab they do all types of suspension work and offer nationwide service i’ll put a link to the fastlight website in the video description i’ll include some additional ride footage here without commentary if you enjoy

The video please hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already thanks for watching hmm um my foreign um so um hmm um me my so so foreign my so you

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MX Tech Lucky System – First Impression Review By Dirt Biking with Donnie