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My 2014 S1000RR HP4 Gets New Mods & Upgrades

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Welcome everyone back to another hero double r video and today we will be adding a few more things to the hp4 but before we do that we need to change out these old tires as you guys can see these tires at the end of their life so let’s go ahead and remove them first we need to remove these axle sliders i personally am not a fan of axle sliders they can sometimes

Cause more harm than good anyway luckily removing them isn’t too hard the rear axle nut requires a size 34 socket that was actually tough socket to find i checked everywhere luckily harbor freight sold as a variety set which surprisingly is actually pretty decent looking and most importantly it has our size 34 socket a breaker bar always makes quick work of the

Axle nut although i’m not sure why i didn’t just use my impact gun instead i mean i didn’t spend 250 on one just to have it sit on the shelf oh well it’s off anyway now it’s time to tap it with a mallet until the axle is able to be pulled right out it helps to have something supporting the bottom of the wheel otherwise this takes a lot more force and can possibly

Damage something i use the pitbull wedge which is pretty pricey but you can use anything i’ve used blocks of wood cardboard boxes even my foot a few times getting the wheel around the rear brake was actually pretty challenging i don’t know how i didn’t end up scratching the wheel doing this next time i’m definitely going to figure out a better way to do this because

I got really lucky there and now we’re on to the front and compared to the rear the front is super easy just first i have the extra step of removing this front axle slider again i don’t like these because they can cause more damage than good most of the time so i will not be reinstalling these now with that out of the way let’s go ahead and remove the brake caliper

Bolts uh and these are the new tires i chose the michelin power 5 tires i went with these because they have a size 200 rear which is the oem specifications for this bike 37 foot pound 14 foot-pound t-45 28 foot pound 13 millimeter getting the chain back on and the rear brake in exactly the right spot at the same time is the reason why installing a rear wheel

Kinda sucks and one of the biggest reasons why i love single-sided swingarm setups much more uh 74 foot so inside this box i have myself a pair of new led headlights for the s1000rr quickly gonna unbox these for you guys and show you now just as a little bit of a note i did pay full price for these so this is my complete unbiased opinion on the matte gecko

Just take a leds look this is the little one the installation shouldn’t be too bad looks like we have a few things we’re going to remove probably the front fairing the most important thing is that they’re plug and play though and it looks like inside here he did weatherproof these connections which is good as well so step one is going to be disconnecting the plug

Lift this up and it unplugs right out so you gotta remove the mirrors in order to move the mirrors there’s two ten millimeter nuts right here you gotta remove pretty straightforward okay and once those two bolts are out the mirror should just slide right off now we just got to repeat on the other side here all right you have three bolts here you got one here and

These two inside here so it’s a little tough to tell but right in here you have a tab you should be able to lift the headlight out all right just to point out a quick note here guys i actually forgot to do this so i’d rip the fairing off again but you got to remove these four little clips they come on each side using a flat blade screwdriver you have four in

Total two on each headlight make sure you have this side facing front so it should look just like this i did take the time to wrap this up in some electrical tape it just makes it look a little bit more complete a little bit more oem just make sure that this part slips underneath right here and yeah do it to both sides keep messing with it you’ll eventually get

It just go slow you’ll know you’re done once the mirrors line up okay here we go so we have this now pushed in and our tab right there is correct you’ll hear like a snap once it’s in place but now it’s as simple as just making sure everything’s lined up correctly and slowly screw everything in don’t torque everything down yet just slowly one by one put everything

In okay guys time to test the light let’s see how it looks that looks fire okay i like that okay all right guys so i got a new package in the mail this is from bmw now this cost me a lot of money but i think it’s worth it i think you guys will be happy with this oh yes the competition levers for bmw the hp4 breakaway levers look at those love that little brushed

Aluminum look that these i love the gunmetal gray look that they have i’m not sure it’s actually gun metal but it’s like this nice gray look at that bmw motor these are nice these are almost 300 for the set that makes my asv levers look like chinese levers compared to these i was between these and the brembo ones i almost went brembo but then at the last moment i

Just decided you know what these are so clean i can’t say no so anyway let’s go ahead and put these on the bike okay so we’re going to start on the brake side we’re going to need a 10 millimeter wrench and a flathead screwdriver the flat head screwdriver will be inserted right onto here and underneath right here is where the 10 millimeter wrench will go okay so

Here’s the the pin i just cleaned this off nice and shiny i’m going to add a little bit of grease to it check this out this is nice i i would say a lot nicer than this one right here so so well i’m not gonna lie the clutch lever feels amazing right now that is a fun clutch lever to pull the brake lever is kind of a little weird i don’t know maybe i’ll get

Used to it but it just kind of has a looseness feeling to it i don’t know how to explain it but i think i’ll get used to it it feels the actual lever itself feels good but there’s kind of like a dead zone right here if you see that kind of weird i did order some pit bulls finally found some in stock these are the correct sizes of delrin plastic they will not

Scratch anyway let’s go ahead and remove these old ones and put on the new ones all right i’d say that looks a little bit better i don’t know you guys let me know okay everyone i hope you enjoyed this video in the next one i will be taking my hp4 for another test ride to see how i like the new changes that i’ve made anyway thank you again all for watching i

Hope you have a good one take care and bye bye

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My 2014 S1000RR HP4 Gets New Mods & Upgrades By HeroRR