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In todays video i head to Foxborough Quarry for another GH Motorcycle Enduro fun day.

Hey guys welcome back to lou doesn’t loss and today’s you know i think we’re going to be doing a gammon hockey in zero on my husqvarna one to five but for any of this vlog stars i’m gonna have to head over to any very very fast because i’m he’s racing this way you can for the max british championship and i’d actually smashed my gopro at the mx nationals um when

Elliott was running a rock hit it as you can see it was badly smashed so i’m gonna have to go over then check he’s got a spare gopro gopro and lensing i’ve always gonna be a lot colder today that’s why i felt like a jumper on my hoodie hoodie hoodie hoodie hoodie but yes pretty hot to be honest hopefully i did get my sierra fan 110 block up one time we prayed

Awesome video and i’m just hoping just really like not like edit basic vlogs of what i do basically as i am a vlogging channel oh bye yeah i’m just waving elliot off just then he did actually manage to find one for me for this weekend so i have got one hug look who’s in his bed dad so a couple of hours that chad passed by we’re just gonna unload pullin one load

And load the pie shop into the back of the van because the vans actually justin’s knocked off so that’s what i’m gonna do now and hopefully try get the van and safely perfect i managed to squeeze in so perfectly cool now sit tight squeeze first thing i need to find before i load up the van is my pro work 24 hour mate right cuz when loading up i find that the

Easiest time to put a bite in first though let’s get that done be honest i’m actually so excited to get back riding again i’ve ridden my hostel on of one-to-five into such a long time for anybody on it somebody leave a comment down below when you think the last time i rode my 1 to 5 would i he nearly forgot to put an air filter in so that was lucky so this spot so

I clean them the air filter i mean i put in air searching but i had to clean like six of them because they’re all dirty and i thought i might as well just clean them all so i’m just done that was pretty for make change in there stan do my kit bag and now it’s time for unboxing my new razor made so let’s just unbox these gor which code and which ones alone for this

Time look at them the black and red and if it was gray raping there’s roloffs the reason why i really really really like these drawers to be honest and with a lot of roll-ups you don’t get a lot of vision but with these you guess it’s a silent decision like it’s ridiculous how fitting you get with these roll-off so they’re probably the best roll offs you can get

On the market ball vision because you can see i can’t really explain to you get a set yourself they’ve got just so much vision when you’re out on the track and when your goals are muddy you have this whole bit here forbidden roll-off so yeah these are the brand new raven edge roll-off so i’m very excited to be using these tomorrow yeah that’s what i’ve got to say

Really about these they’re just awesome set of goggles the thing i looks sick now i’m gonna fuke full google bag of all my raymond goggles it looks so cool in here now though yeah very nice so i’ve actually just done my kit bag and put my kid in my kit bag not too sure and gear i’m gonna be wearing for my because i did actually look and it’s meant for you raining

So not too sure the moment i’m gonna be wearing and so it’s gonna put the kit bag into the back of the van put the helmet in the back of the van as well and i’m oh i’ve got about pitch without with a close one these bring some to show pets were obviously and to mix it tomorrow morning when we go to the petrol station so yeah then hopefully i’ll be already go to

Bed wake up in the morning and go for a ride so it looks like the vans all loaded up and ready to head off tomorrow so i’ve just finished now in the garage and got all the bikes loaded up so i’ll probably see you guys in the morning right so it’s now currently the morning and we just want to head off for my sget whole shot and with me yeah just has a head office

About a clock i’m running a bit late to be honest before them i’m not too sure what time we have to be there so yes sort of rushing your bear come and double-check that we have actually caught everything in the back of the van so it justified the petrol station at the moment just filled up and the pitch pan but i’ve actually almost nearly had all my svu team

Drink i’m sorry nice matron you go get some but yeah we’ve got another four minutes to actually there and what weird magic come to this pent-up station quite a lot because we came in before we did a trial well i’m pretty excited to do another trial this year so hopefully gonna be doing something again especially the christmas one even though we do it’s me so we

Have just arrived now to um the gavin hoey fun day so just gonna head over to signing on and sign on so you’ve just signed on got my wristband so now it’s time to unload the van get my kids on and head out into this track for a quarry and looked right to be honest so yeah it’s blues quite dry so to be honest i don’t think i’m gonna wear the roloffs so i might

Just stick a couple of tails on as you know i’m gonna test i’ll test the role of stock look the roloffs so very excited you do that so we’re just gonna fight started at the mind got the gopro onto the hammer because today i think you’ll be mainly and a lot of gopro onboard footage so yeah and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna bit cloudy at the moment so yeah i’m

Definitely only wearing the roller hello so i’ve done a couple of laps around the track and very hard packing dusty and what not my strongest points so having a lot of fun riding around it’s just very dusty so i’m sliding out around a lot of the corners i try to do like a injury sort right look i don’t know what you’d call it but here’s a clip of it now

So i tried to do that thing i might try to do it tire i tried to get over a tire on there so i have a go doing that so yeah having a lot of fun so just come back after the first no ii go out around the track now very very am hard pack walk tell myself like well i do like it it’s bit fun out here yeah i really like these fun days because this you can go out

Whenever you want just have a lot of fun just running around the track and it’s light snow/rain really but obviously i need to have myself some sg ut to keep me hydrated throughout the day so i can listen a lot of sessions so let’s put this up just refueling myself so i’m gonna head out for another couple of laps but i don’t know the weather’s quite high see well

So just so i’m refueled myself some more activity gonna head up fill up the bikes right now and it dries myself they fill up the bike and hopefully head out do a couple more laps and maybe head back but not sure my don’t come more after that depends so i’ll see you out the track yeah you bet on the tree getting on my face yeah fun our will washed out so guys

I’ve just had a quite big crash into a tree i’ve busted up my browser i’ve cut my nose i think what i know is it just hurts so you’re going to head back inside and yeah i’ve just went into a tree cut all of that i’ve fashioned to decide it’s very hard can’t believe i broke my new raven goggles so i feel when we’re gonna cool it dana because i do feel quite

Dizzy my head hurts really bad so yeah we’re gonna load it up head back home and i’m i’ll probably talk to you after we go to block when i’m hopefully a bit better or if not i’ll talk to you when i get back so yeah and the reason why i did crush is because it start pouring down with rain or i didn’t know how slippery that station would be so i went in there with

Quite a bit of speed then i should have done and just wash the front end but yeah it’s a quite a shame out because i was quite enjoying that but yeah i was enjoying that that like an internal guess i’m nice i’m contender yeah oh yeah yep we’ve just got back in our back home i know he’s his own person quite long so yeah we’re just gonna unload the bike not sure if

We’re gonna wash it down now but yeah let’s unload the bike scratch the pipe dented it hand gods bars event ripped oh dear i’ve just cleaned up all the gags and stuff so my dad’s outside he’s gonna go press wash the bike so yeah i’m gonna head upstairs of a bath clean myself and because i think we’re gonna out for dinner in a bit so better clean myself before i

Go out so i’m yeah all washed and dressed now i’m just currently editing a tiny bit of vlog but yeah this is what i’m gonna end the vlog today guys i really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s vlog it was a fun day out on the bike path from i am crashed but yeah i had an awesome time at the gavin hoey enjoy hopefully they’re gonna be having another one soon because i’ll

Probably definitely be attending that one so yeah real hope you enjoy today’s vlog remember key ripping king riding and tell your friends so yeah

Transcribed from video