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My first motorcycle track suit on a budget!

Jumping into the realm of track days.. Let’s see how this one goes! I guess formidable start would be to get the correct safety gear and have you seen those prices for a full suit!? Oh heck no! That’s why I went the used route, never a bad option for a couple of days out of the year while saving nearly 90% off retail!

Char rare as always pressuring mark reiner schmidt over the jumps they go sydney and ski holding strong in fourth place as well with holbacker in fifth now that looks like so much fun i want to do it i want to get out on a track i want to ride that 690 and see what it’s like to take corners aggressively since we don’t have corners here essentially in illinois it’s

Nothing but straight roads and grid formats but i want to get out there and i want to see what it’s like and get my taste of a track day now i don’t even know what is really needed for a track day but i know a few things that you do need that’s gloves that’s a helmet that’s boots but i think something’s still missing it’s here everything’s gonna be all

Right here it is a 46 or a 56 and you’re uh now yeah 46 uk euro 56 so this should fit six foot to six two and about me and uh actually looks in really good condition dang i didn’t realize how heavy these things were well i guess let’s try it on another real question let’s see if it fits well pretty darn good if you ask me i tell you what there’s

Not a lot of room for anything in here but i can see why these are necessary on a tractor i mean i am full leather literally neck to ankle and there’s enough protection on here holy smokes just about stop anything and i tell you what when i was looking at these suits online i gambled on the size never tried one until right now and sure as hell can’t afford

A lot of the new ones between i mean 900 bucks to 1200 bucks for entry-level ones and then when we start getting into the high-end ones yeah i’ll be 2 000 plus big shout out to randy i’ll put his youtube name in here and i got this for i’d call a deal 160 bucks later shipping all the way from california it fits pretty darn good i like it but the next test

Putting all the rest of that stuff back on and seeing how that turns out holy smokes now it’s hot but i think this works well what do you think huh looks good fits good huh feels like i’m wearing nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all stupid sexy flanders i mean overall i’m pretty impressed and needless to say i’m sweating i think a little bit too much

But everything fits well i didn’t buckle the helmet but everything looks good i guess we’re ready for the first track there ready let’s uh get all this off and go through some of the details that i found in the suit i’m sweating already so what kind of suit is this well it’s a frank thomas xti and a 46 uk and 56 euro i’m about six foot one on a good day between

Six foot six foot one we’ll keep it one i just tell myself that about 200 pounds uh physically built athletically built i used to be but this thing fit great it was good it works well you got padding on the elbows and hey some scrapes and scratches oh well padding on the shoulders scrapes and scratches that’s all right i mean nice zippers for the wrist so you

Can kind of get in and out of that uh mesh is really nice this giant back pad there when we come down into the legs i think the biggest thing is let’s get this thing over here damn biggest thing is that knee protection what’s cool is it looks like these can come off so yeah you can just velcro sticky these things on and off if you ever wanted to replace them

That’s pretty good if you ask me and uh yeah i think the bottom cuffs here are pretty good nice and easy zippers get in and out but overall for 160 bucks i’d take this any day it’s sorry i don’t know what i’m doing i’ve never been on a track but yeah now i’m no expert at these track days yeah say that again but i want you to learn with me through the experience

And see if you want to take the shot at getting out there and riding as well i don’t know when the first one’s going to be i don’t know when i have time i don’t know what vehicle i’m going to use to get the bike there or if i just ride it there probably not or what that looks like just yet but at least i’ve got every piece of gear that i need to pass some of the

Certifications as well as the safety checks prior to that track day now i’ll be walking through other steps when i go through the sign up process when i figure out what it’s like actually on track i’ll bring some gopros and film it and see what it’s really like to see if it’s something heck worth spending that money on because on the street it’s just not safe to

Actually be as aggressive as you want to be now i know everybody says yeah you can like you can push in here blah blah blah but i just don’t want to do that i’d rather be safe in this sort of environment and if i’m gonna slide if i’m gonna go down i’d much rather have some leather protecting me than just a hoodie and some pants so if any of you have already spent

Plenty of time on the track experience a track day every once in a while or just getting into it let me know in the comments below because i’m sure there’s plenty of things that i missed and other hidden features that i’m going to get into that i have no idea of yet but i think that’s half the fun so i guess we’ll see what happens on that first track day

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My first motorcycle track suit on a budget! By Cason Kirkpatrick