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My Honest thoughts on the onyx CTY 2

Let’s review and react to the new onyx Cty 2 the cheaper alternative to the onyx rcr. The cty 2 shares many of the same components as the bigger rcr but has a toned down 60 volt battery vs the 72 volt found in the rcr model.

Okay guys welcome back to the channel so in today’s video i want to talk to you guys about the brand new or the reincarnated onyx city 2. they originally sold it way back in the day when they were brand new company but they recently as of a couple months ago brought it back and it’s a pretty compelling overall package so we’re going to talk more about that in this

Video and then stay tuned until after because i want to give you guys a pretty substantial channel update news okay so the onyx cty2 as mentioned i think this is actually a pretty compelling uh electric bike it fits a very specific niche on the market that to my knowledge really wasn’t being filled prior so beginning with the price it’s roughly a thousand

Bucks cheaper than the i guess you can say the full size onyx rcr so the current price tag is like thirty seven hundred dollars so it’s still very steep it’s an expensive bike don’t get me wrong but it’s a little bit more approachable than the onyx and it brings much of the same uh punch and zing as the onyx itself in fact if you just take a look at them side

By side the first thing you’re going to notice is how they share 95 of their parts uh you can notice things like the the front headlight even the whole uh front suspension fork to my eyes they’re using the exact same components so that’s good i guess we all know that the rcr is a very high quality essentially motorcycle so to see a lot of those same parts on

This cheaper version it’s pretty nice and that’s probably a major contributing reason as to how they achieve the cheaper price tag they use parts that they already have on hand from the rcr but the major difference in the way they cut most of their expenses and achieve the lower price point is the battery so unlike the onyx this is a 60 volt battery coming in

At 23 amp hours which is the same amp hour capacity as the rcr at least the base battery so yeah this model is running a 60 volt battery and i have to say i’m pretty pleased to see that they went with a 60 volt battery instead of the usual 52 as you can imagine 60 volts is quite a significant upgrade in fact i’m rocking 60 volts on this bike and i really have

No idea why 60 volt e-bike batteries aren’t more popular than they are it seems like everything is either 52 or 72 volts but 60 is right there in the middle and it does make a huge impact on performance from a 52 volt battery and the way that these electric motors work is that they have an rpm rating per volt so of course the higher voltage battery the more top

Speed you can achieve and on the website the cty2 or you know the city 2 has a top speed of 40 to 45 miles per hour so that is significantly less than the onyx that has a top speed of roughly you know 55 miles per hour and on this note i actually think that these models use the same exact direct drive hub motor again just looking at it visually side by side it

Seems to be the same motor and that means that the difference in top speed simply comes down to the amount of volts in the battery so that’s pretty cool we all know that the motor in the rcr is probably one of the best motors in any bike i guess that’s basically all you need to know about the components that they’re using it seems like a lot of it comes from the

Onyx rcr but they’re using a slightly toned down 60 volt battery i’m pedaling completely legal but aside from the components there are some uh you know obvious design differences the biggest being that this is a step through model and let me know in the comments below what you think of step through uh frames i mean strictly speaking from utility they are better

It’s easier to get on and off the bike especially if you have a big load on the back rack but visually you know they’re not as athletic and sporty looking but i mean overall i don’t think the step through nature is a reason to buy or avoid this bike but as a side effect of the step through nature you’re gonna notice that the battery box is angled downward so that

Means that the center of mass on the cty is actually a little bit lower than on the rcr so the handling and the maneuverability should actually be better on this bike compared to the other model and oh yeah the final thing you’re going to notice that below the battery box there’s a ventilated compartment for the controller and that’s actually pretty significant

They mentioned that directly in their marketing video they directly stated that you can swap out batteries ride all day long and never have to worry about overheating and coming from somebody that has built multiple e-bikes cooling is significant you do not want to overlook that because it can cause serious problems and limitations yes that’s the brand new onyx

City 2 electric bike or moped whatever you want to call it 3 700 so it’s definitely high-end but it’s not quite as high-end as the full-size rcr and other bikes like the sauron x it does have a unique little spot in the market and you know let me know in the comments is this compelling to you would you pick one up do you have one or would you always just save

Up a little bit more and go for the rcr okay but now with that out of the way i do want to talk to you guys about a pretty significant channel update so you know i’m pretty into this whole youtube thing i want this channel to be successful and grow and to make great content that people enjoy watching and when it comes to the best videos so far that i’ve made on

This channel the ones i’ve done the best and been well received they’ve all been um like informative videos so for example i made a video on you know the best mid-drive e-bikes that did extremely well i have another one on the best hub motors so i did a bunch of research i presented it to you guys and i walked through some of the best options on the market i’ve

Also made buying guides for e-bikes all this kind of stuff and i think that whole niche is where i excel personally speaking and looking into the future i want to expand the amount of topics that i can make videos like that on ooh that looks like an electric scooter i think i’m just gonna talk about tech gadgets that i enjoy and e-bikes of course is always going to

Be one of my favorites so this kind of content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but you know sometimes i get excited about other stuff and i’d love to be able to talk about it i understand those videos aren’t going to perform as well as my e-bike videos because that’s what i built the channel off of but you know we’re still young we just crossed 5 000 subscribers

Pretty recently so thanks for that and i think now is a pretty good time to begin to expand the audience here talk about a few more different topics and again just focus on making awesome content that’s my main goal here but with all that said that’s going to be in the video hope you guys enjoyed if you did of course a like is always appreciated subscribe for some

Of that future content and oh yeah let me know about that onyx cty do you like it would you buy it i’m not gonna lie i’m a little bit lost right now beautiful neighborhood but yeah i’ll see you guys in the next one keep it real

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My Honest thoughts on the onyx CTY 2 By NPL Ventures