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My Opinion: Should you start on a 125cc bike?

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You know yo yo guys welcome back to melanie’s channel and in today’s video it’s all about being stalked behind a caravan your bastard anyway it’s not really about being in front of a car over no i’m on the way to go to southport with my boy tom what you just see him and yeah for be a topic that i think pretty much every moreover longer comes up with is should you

Start on a 1 to 5 cc bike and i’ll tell you what i did when i was first well how i got into biking is basically a certain while caring for mot in case you’re wondering it was a suck saw vtr back then blah one and it epically failed and then it was gonna cost me about i think it was about 800 pound to get it fixed but it was lowered and it ripped out the exhaust

System and the cut back and god knows wore it out it just took out lowe’s a anyway so i was like say what we’re gonna do and i’m just thinking what we’re gonna do and actually live across from charlie yamaha garage and oh she’s all right anyway yeah i live across controller yamaha and i just walk to you know i don’t look at the bikes just i just looking around

Wasn’t even thinking of buying one and i saw an r1 to five and a four wall that looks awesome and i just said to the guy because i didn’t have a clue what orange if i was at least she had no clue about bikes and i just said to him you know what do i gotta do to drive to one of these and he goes oh you just need cbt and that’s it he goes really yeah yeah yeah so he

Just recommended me some guy who he knows till cbt locally then i went and did my cbt and i literally went back the next day and bought the bike and to be honest i think it was one of the best decisions really that you can have if you’ve missed the first star tonight because fingers you need to learn how to balance and store femi to get used to how a bike feels

On the road you know driving a car on the road and ride on a bike on the road the completely different experience you know your positioning how you take corners yeah you’re approaching distance you know your angles on where you take the corner is completely different you know and you get used to it a lot easier if you’re on a 1 to 5 and just going out and being

A baller and buying a 600 or a liter bike you’re not me so and the way is a lot easier to manage especially for younger and that’s what i did and that’s what tom over there did as well he bought a 1 to 5 and it’s just good to get training on as well so i kept that for about 2 years you know why the cvt was going and then i passed my full tester then i moved up

To a 600cc and the thing is i dropped that one to 5 and if i have 600 a lot worse damage because i was an experience and again experience on the one to five you know it’s a lot more forgiving than getting experience on a 600 so yeah hope to poor’s that corner of it too quick for me then and hampi yeah so i would recommend doing that personally and then moving

Up to a 600 and then depending on what 600 you get obviously and then moving up to a liter bike you know you don’t have to go and throw yourself in the deep end straightaway was the point in that so yeah that’s my recommendation guys because otherwise you just end up been in it and poking yourself over so you know sorry if i’m being a bit the constant rate while

Bombing it around here because i’ve not been to southport on this bite yet so you get used to it you

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My Opinion: Should you start on a 125cc bike? By Dipscovery