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My Round the World Journey on a Motorcycle Starts Again in Mozambique. Ep 94.

This episode is from the new chapter in my travels. After a long break in Europe (due to Covid) I returned to Mozambique in November 2020 to continue my African journey. I finally reunited with Chillie and I felt like I had my life back. Africa is where I belong for now…

And i’m back to maputo, back with furkan again, he  long months since i, yeah since i, left mozambique  video, i was supposed to just go to poland to do a  couldn’t get out of europe. so, um yeah that was it  videos. so, now they’re a little bit up to date – yeah i’m very excited with your motorbike here in mozambique  yeah so, i’m gonna have to

Start at chillie, i have some new spurs for her, new ads on and uh just  need to uh get her ready and then hit the road   again i really have no plans uh i’ve got visa for  mozambique for three months who knows i’m gonna be   in and out and i don’t, i don’t know what i’m gonna  uh she’s just over there, but i’m not sure if you’ll find the

Parking furkan is joining me uh for a day we’re going to ponta  just to enjoy the coast and i’m probably going   sure what i’m going to do here but yeah   and furkan is on the road  tires, but he’s doing well three days did nothing at all, i don’t know why  just i think being here and finally i got to relax   on the beach and just

Had some time for myself but  of course, pasta and tomatoes  and garlic and onion that’s it it’s time to install new bags that i got from lawn riders, so you remember before i   had long rider mini bags here on the crash bar, so  i sort of got rid of them and left them behind in   my proofer but i’ve got now the new ones which  i

Also have tall bags which look like that  so you see they like tall and i’m gonna   install them here at the back of big motor bag  that’s gonna be nice extra storage and last one   that was just it had lots of straps hanging out  and it’s gonna be so easy to  actually attach it on a motorbike   tall bags. i think she looks

Pretty  cool. hey, chillie there will be always option for  yeah, holding our stuff somewhere massive difference on set, i mean here the sand   is actually quite okay but everywhere else in  mozambique is so much denser. it makes massive   so no riding, no swimming in the ocean  i’m going back to bed unfortunately furkan visiting

Me again, it’s sunday  winds we’ve got a beautiful weather  so yeah, we’re off to the beach it’s well, as you see, really beautiful and actually lots of people this time because it’s sunday i think that’s why it’s a bad day, bad, bad day look what i did i washed my passport, with my jacket so lucky i   do have a new passport because this one was

Nearly  used so i was prepared for passport change anytime   soon but that just means i’m gonna have to go to  the immigration to get my new passport, to get visa   on my new passport and just gonna be a headache 

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My Round the World Journey on a Motorcycle Starts Again in Mozambique. Ep 94. By onherbike