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Nagasaki Stryder Customization GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Nagasaki Stryder

Ladies and gentlemen what can you find beautiful faces i hope you’re well welcome to another gta video i guess but this time around it’s for a well i guess a trike and deborah is here pointing i as you can see is this little bad boy here so it’s the new nagasaki strider i guess now this thing is ridiculously overpriced as well in my opinion light is so expensive

And if you haven’t seen yet look at it trading price of five hundred and two thousand bite now priced six hundred and seventy thousand what even like what we got to do for the trade and complete the diamond casino heist the finale as a leader with this vehicle selected to unlock the trade price i got damn huh but i mean it’s got some decent stops to say is a

A trike i guess or atv whatever the hell you want to call them but here it is i mean it looks pretty decent as stock i haven’t done anything to it yet i mean it looks alright i guess it looks like how you’d think it’d look like it does look like a tv but like a four-wheel atv i guess but it is obviously a freewheeling tv as you can tell i really don’t know how

To describe this thing at all over then it has free wheels and an engine well either way let’s go get it upgraded let’s go see what’s going on with it and let’s see what it sounds like a stock outside a mini sounds all right it sounds pretty to the cop this is weird whoa this is so peculiar like if i didn’t know any better i would literally say this is like

Any of the other vehicles in gta it goes fast well that’s for sure it sounds like he’s just ready to absolutely let rip and take off holy crap go away vine it raining no no brainy oop someone’s there in the open wheel f1 car alright anyway let’s get it in and see what we can do to it 670,000 is the stock the retail price and what even right what can we do we

Have 16 options alright let’s i won’t even bother with like i don’t think i’ll be using it engine alright so we can’t take it all the way up to full acceleration so that’s handy brakes does not actually increase them a little bit it does a little bit a little tiny bit okay okay okay and exhaust what have we got here okay so we can do a decent amount with the

Exhaust we’ll start really doing bikes changing the pipe in yeah it’s changing the piping from steel to carbon i guess okay street racer changes them a little tiny bit racer exhaust extends about a little tiny bit i’ll be honest i doing light the look of the stock ones right now okay wait are they moving oh no it’s just how the cameras like bobbing up and down is

Swain i don’t know if you can tell but on the exhaust it how they look it looks like the exhausts are like rotating but i think it’s just the camera and it bobbing up and down making it look like that oh my god racer okay look standard i get what is that a sports exhaust oh i don’t think i like i’m not too sure about that one and we have the standard ice it’s a

Standard i mean there’s no fee standard about having a quad exhaust all right you know what i think i actually like the stock i don’t think i particularly like any of these but it’s good to see that we do have some different options regardless but yeah i think i think i prefer the stock one if i’m being honest all right okay we’ll stick with our explosives horn

Lights do we get the standard yeah we can change them over to those enemies and livery okay so we can put some livery on it or some details whatever you want to call them i don’t think hot pink as a base color was a very wise choice maybe we need to change this to like black or something also i don’t think i like any of i mean that’s a gradient one i mean that

One looks the best i guess it’s somewhat matches the front of the the strider with the back end of my bikini i guess speed a file right will one okay i see what’s going on here we have speed a file we won and then we have this one here which i’m not even what okay good old rock star you know having a good old joke and what’s this one jackal racing 99 okay you

Know what i’ll put the jackal one on and then i will change the base color of the car just to see what it looks like loss prevention plate rear mud guards okay what we got here so we seem to have a little bit of one there just under the exhaust okay oh the carbon one looks quite nice makes it look a little bit more cleaner especially how all that undercarriage

Is all black maybe i need to go where carbon exhaust as well what could be alright the street is just a little bit more smaller we have a street carbon one a little bit bigger but all black i guess great oh there’s something on that one what’s on that like some kind of little the design thing is that part of the livery do we reckon i don’t know if you can see

That boy it’s just ever so has a little bit of black something black on the end of it ah interesting oh there we go look you can see so we get a little bit of color on the carbon one okay okay i mean i don’t know feel about any of these i think i’ll keep the stock because we are gonna change the color of the car primary color let’s change it to a max a map black

Wait what’s that oh okay yeah so i’ll stick with the matte black on that one and the secondary color let’s see what we can do on this one okay so the decal itself is actually that color starts off pink i thought it was just the base color alright nevermind okay so the rear mudguard as well goes with a secondary color okay what if i change it to say yellow okay

I like the front end bit here where it just has it peeking through there on the ten little slits off slots also the suspension seems to change colors well yeah the front suspension changes color as well well okay okay alright i’ll keep it as yellow that way we can see it clearly is somewhat looks pretty decent actually like that i like how the entire back end

Goes yellow it’s quite nice what else we got we have cell transmission turbo i’ll put the transmission on at turbo yes wheels tyrel enhancements entire smoke okay so it’s pretty much so we can’t change the locker-room can we not so we can’t change how the alloys look no so that is literally it okay so we can change the paint obviously we can stick a livery on

It alright okay we can change the exhaust and we can change the mudguard so we can’t really do much we also like how the pedal is coming through my character the support right there all right so it doesn’t look like you can do a lot in terms of customizing it i had hoped we could have maybe done something with these front wings or maybe even the rear view wing

Members i guess rear view windows i don’t know but either way all right we can’t really do much with it let’s get it out anyway and let’s see what it sounds like now see how much of a backspin we get on it okay you know what i kind of like how it sounds now gah honestly this thing feels like it just wants to take off it sounds good though i will be honest wait

Just sounds like any of a car i’ve owned now we’ve away guys here you go this is the nagasaki strider and it is ridiculously expensive and if you are gonna put all the best upgrades on it while you’re looking at easy roundabouts and milk i reckon i mean if the car is six seven eight that’s before the trading price as the trading price is five hundred and two

Thousand i think it’s that i can’t fully remember so apologies on that one but yeah here you go once you get all the engine or grades and stuff on it without looking at i’d like though i will be honest i like that bit there how you can see the headlights on the floor through the under wing of the car car atv the strider oh no oh my god anyway guys look after

Yourselves don’t do anything crazy oh my god what the hell was that oh my god as i was saying guys look after yourself don’t do anything crazy i will see you later in another video or something i guess i don’t know what bought ya don’t do anything too crazy guys holy

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Nagasaki Stryder Customization GTA 5 Online By GiveMeANameX