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NEMO Dagger V. Firefly

Comparison review of the NEMO Dagger 2p and the FireFly 2p

Hey y’all logan here with another uh gear comparison review so right here i have the nemo firefly two person tent which is owned by my buddy todd and right here we got the nemo dagger two person 10 which is my tent so we knew a few comparisons between the two tints both of them obviously are made by nemo not sponsored by nemo or anything but i really do love

Their products i’ve got a nemo sleeping bag and nemo tent and i love both of them also got the nemo phillip pillow which is definitely something you need in your life right now so all right first off i want to apologize i’m sweaty mess i live in texas it’s 100 degrees outside right now so sweating this time of year just goes with the being outdoors secondly

I want to apologize for any um playing noises we’re out in the woods kind of in the flight path of dfw so there could be a plane that flies over here and there but first we’ll talk about the cost and weight difference and a few other little things about the tents and we’ll start with the nemo firefly 2. this tent comes in at about 350 dollars it comes in just

Under 3 pounds of pack weight and it’s 29 just a little over but 29 square feet all right the dagger comes in at 430 dollars so 80 dollars more expensive the pack weight is a little bit heavier it’s three pounds 14 ounce pack weight and the square footage is just a little bit bigger at just a hair under 32 square feet so you get a little bit bigger footprint

On this tent but you get a little bit lighter and cheaper on the price on this tent with the fireplace two person tent so this one is going to be a little bit taller than the dragon or than the dagger excuse me so you’re going to be able to have a little bit more more room when you’re sitting up and down but the big difference on these two tints is going to be

The taper so this tint is going to be tapered towards one side it’s color-coded uh so you’re going to have a yellow side on that side and a gray side on this side right here what that means is you can only sleep one way so they’re both two-person tents but in this particular tent you’re both gonna have to sleep head-to-head with your feet going down towards this

End of the tent because it’s tapered down that way all right now with the dagger it’s the same size on both sides so you can sleep head to foot or head to head it doesn’t really matter all right all right so we’ll talk about the difference in the feet right now but i just wanted to touch on a point we’re not going to show you how to put either one of these tints

Together in this video so if that’s what you’re looking for please go and look at my individual reviews of both these tents and you’ll be able to find that there so we’ll talk about the difference of the foot here so this is going to be a grommet and pull system right here so in order to put this tint together you just put the grommets and the pegs right there and

That’s how that one works on the firefly 2. the dagger is going to have the jake’s feet so it’s a ball right here i want to show you if i can get it up there you go so you have a ball and it goes right here into that socket right there and that’s what they call the jig’s feet all right so personally i prefer the jake’s feet um but that does add just a tad more

Weight on this tent and that’s why it’s a little bit heavier tint another thing and i’ve talked about this in my other review video but you got to be careful with the jake’s feet falling off the tent so i would recommend either zip tying them or twist tying them to the tent so they do not do that next major difference on these two tents is the vestibule size so

You’re still going to get a pretty decent sized vestibule on the firefly too but the dagger is gonna have a much larger vestibule so if you’re going on a longer backpacking trip um i would definitely suggest going with a dagger because especially with two people now with one person it’s not really gonna matter because you’re gonna have plenty of vegetable size

On both tents but when you’re hiking two people uh using the same tent like me and my wife like to do a lot uh i recommend this tent just because i can put all my stuff on this side she can put all her stuff on that side and we’re not fighting about space all right next thing i want to talk about is the rain fly both of them are pretty much they made out of the

Exact same material todd hasn’t camped in his in the rain that i know of but i’ve camped in mine in the rain and i would imagine they perform very similarly and i didn’t get a drop of rain in my tent so for those you’re going to get a little bit different color obviously you can tell this is a little bit lighter darker or lighter green this is more of like an

Olive yellowy green so i don’t know why that is it may be because his is a year model newer i’m not sure but just a little bit different color but i’m sure they function both the same all right one other difference you’re going to see on the dagger versus the firefly is that dagger has two stakeout points on each side for the rain fly so it kind of gives you this

Little entryway whereas here you see on the firefly you just have that one stakeout point so you’re going to have to roll one side up in order to be able to get that side entryway all right now i’m going to sit inside each tent so you can see how much room there is with me sitting up i’m about six foot tall so that gives you any point of reference and then

I’ll talk about a few uh features on the inside of the tent as you can see i still got plenty of room up here so you got plenty of room sitting in this tent as far as sitting up and down um i will say that the material on this tent is a little bit thicker than the nemo dagger and i think that is because um they’re trying to save a little bit of weight on that

Tent because it is such a large tent for the size so but this definitely feels a little bit more substantial right here you have pockets on both this side unlike the dagger which we’ll go to in a minute you don’t have it on the bottom because this tint like i said is meant to be laid in one way but you still have the night light you still have the night light

Pouches right here so you can put your headlamp in there and get some good light now i’ll lay down so you can see how much room there is playing down all right so here we are inside of the dagger 2 we’ve got plenty of room still here just a little bit more room on the firefly but still plenty of headroom in this tent but what you’re going to get in this tent

Is a little bit more room in the bathtub you’re going to have a little bit more room from side to side and it’s not tapered on this end so this end and this end are are the same so you can sleep on either end and for that reason they have these pockets right here it also has a nightlight pocket just like the firefly this pocket but you’re going to have them

On both sides so and now i’m going to show you how much room you have when you lay down in this tent all right so this is what each tent looks like without the rain fly on both real sharp looking tents um you can tell on the firefly the mesh is a little bit more white it’s still got a white mesh on the dagger but the reason they do this white mesh here on the

Sides is because at night when you’re shining a flashlight around it reflects back so you can’t see into the tent at night you still got the dark mesh on both tops of the tents right here and that allows you at night to look up and see the stars all right so the last major difference i’m going to talk about on these tents is the pole system so on this firefly

Right here it’s going to be a three-piece pull system so you’re going to have three poles and it’s just going to go right over the top here and connect now on the dagger it’s a one-piece pulse system so this middle pole right here is actually going to be connected by this plastic piece right here so that has its own downsides and pros and cons but i personally

Like the one piece because i’m real bad about losing things and this is just one less thing for me to lose last thing i want to show you in comparison is the pack size of each tent so this is going to be the dagger and this is the firefly right here so as you can see they’re both very similar in size uh todd and i both like to pack our tents the same way where

Meaning that uh we keep the poles and the stakes separate and the reason we both like to do that is because sometimes if you put them all in the stuff sack together you could damage them so that’s why we do that but as you can see right here both very similar in size about the same height this one as actually a little bit narrower but really they packed down to

Be about the same size although this firefly is just a little bit light so that will conclude the tent review between the nemo firefly and the nemo dagger keep adventuring y’all hope hopefully i’ll see one of y’all on a trail or river someday three foreign

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NEMO Dagger V. Firefly By Logan Iffland