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New 2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review

New 2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review: I loved theold Cassic 500, let’s see how this new bike from Royal Enfiled shapes up!

Hey guys it’s mr fly here hope you’re well and welcome to another bike review here on the channel and uh it’s a much anticipated bike for me this because today i’m riding another bike from royal enfield this is the 2022 classic 350. now uh the reason why i’ve been looking forward to riding this is because uh i rode the original classic well not the original classic

For the classic 500 a couple of years back and i really enjoyed the character of that bike the looks of the bike it was amazing although it did ride it as if he said somewhat agriculturally uh but that was a bike that i really really liked however when i learned that uh royal enfield we’re gonna be bringing out this bike with the meteor engine and an engine which

I absolutely love when i rode the meteor recently then i thought this could be absolutely the sweet spot a really nice smooth single thumper engine and a classically styled bike anyway i’ve got to ride it for the next few days stick around stay tuned this is my first ride review i’ll tell you what i think of it all right so uh welcome to the ombrons of great

Missington where you join me on this rather grungy march day but rather than wait until the weather was perfect to do this review i just couldn’t wait to get out on the bike to be honest and even though i’ve only been riding a few minutes it doesn’t disappoint this engine is just absolutely cracking on here it’s got a great sound it’s completely unintimidating

This bike it’s not got loads of power i’ll go through the spec later in the usual way but for the sort of riding that i like doing which is around the lanes on a summer’s afternoon not quite summer yet this is just perfect anyway before i get too carried away about what the bike’s like to ride let me uh jump off the bike and show you around it show you what it

Looks like all right so let’s take a look at this little beauty show and just show you some of the little design features of the bike now first off let me say this particular bike is the royal enfield press machine and as is often the case um when um pr companies and stuff send you these bikes they laid them with accessories so this has got some stuff bolted onto

It that are non-standard so i’ll point those out as i go along as well as i can but overall what a beautiful looking bike i mean this one is in halcyon black and they come in all sorts of colors these which i’ll talk about when we go through the specs but i think this one looks really beautiful that exhaust lovely lines on it sort of a peashooter type exhaust looks

Really top quality as does the whole bike completely belonging its price point of less than four and a half grand for one of these i mean if you look at it some of the welds may be a little bit tricky i mean not too bad that one i mean i noticed there’s one down here that looks a bit like sort of pigeon poo um but these ones here look absolutely fine generally

Speaking the build quality is amazing on this bike um stuff like the mud guzz proper proper metal mud guards i mean look at these hefty looking forks on here the thing looks properly well made i love this um light binaclon here it looks properly retro this very similar to the old classic 500 and these little lights up here as well look great this has got halogen

Headlights i think these are led but otherwise it’s halogen all round massive sturdy uh levers on it as well the switch gear on here again looks sort of super retro very similar to what’s on the meteor but i think it looks great it’s very easy the way it works is tactile you can feel it’s you know it’s operating properly uh love there’s nothing difficult about this

Nothing no complicated unnecessary electronics the instrument pinnacle itself is beautiful i mean it looks classic again you’ve got gerodos and stuff in the led bit down below and then this little space here i think is for the tripper you know the little nav device i don’t know why it’s not on this bike so talk about those non-standard things these are non-standard

Mirrors on here these are accessory ones that you can buy can’t remember what they call them but i bought these once for my interceptor they’re nice mirrors actually but the standard ones would be fine this i hate this windscreen i think it looks absolutely awful i mean it does do a pretty good job at keeping the wind off you but i really don’t like the looks of

That so if this was my bike that would go i wouldn’t do that another thing that i don’t like about this bike is the rear seat they come with a rear rear seat as standard and this is removable and the bike i have to say looks so much better i think without the rear seat uh and this one also has this additional rack on which i again i think is a is an optional extra

Quite handy you know if you are carrying stuff i guess but uh but not for me so that would all come off i can’t show you it without it because to take the seat off you actually have to undo these um nuts here on the top of the suspension struts uh and then the whole thing lifts off and as this is a press spot i’ve only got for a few days i don’t intend taking it

Apart but if it was my bike that would come off the screen would come off and then i think it looks absolutely gorgeous some lovely chrome accents or another thing on here these i don’t think these are standard foot pegs these are like foot boards which again are optional it comes with normal pegs i wouldn’t bother with those either i don’t think but uh yeah overall

I think a lovely lovely looking bike they’ve absolutely hit the mark with this it looks straight out of the sort of 1940s and the paint schemes and stuff are beautiful on here this this raised lettering on the tank just looks and feels really premium they’ve done a lovely job on this with some great uh color schemes as well so uh yeah nice work royal enfield on the

Looks of this bike you’ve done a top job i think okay so welcome back aboard the mighty 350 the classic 350 brilliant bike and so much for how it looks but how does the thing ride well let’s start off in the usual way with comfort and that is top notch on this the seat feels really nicely padded comfortable place to be loads of padding in there and the riding

Position itself i’m sat bolt upright nice wide handlebars a little bit of an acute angle in my leg but nothing too uh extreme certainly wouldn’t describe it as sporty in the least it reminds me the same riding position as you get on something like bonneville say all day comfortable this so no problems with the comfort link to that called suspension what’s that

Like well there’s a particularly bumpy road this one as they all are around here and the suspension suspension does feel actually okay quite soft but again perfect for the sort of riding that i do again not you couldn’t describe it sport of course it’s not that sort of bike but for cruising around the back lanes the suspension is lovely on here oh first white

Van of the day excellent actually that’s not the truth this bike was delivered to me from a white van so i can’t really complain right let’s see how she goes on this slightly faster road full throttle now and second the bike has a top speed i think quote is 72 miles an hour there we go we’re up to 60 now uh and it feels like it’s got more to give but i’m not

Interested in doing more than 60 on a 60 mile per hour road so it gets up to 60 nice and quickly i suspect if you’re going to ride on dual carriageways and boat ways on a regular basis you would lack a bit of bump but again for this sort of riding absolutely perfect nothing behind me i’m just going to try the brakes yeah front brake seems fine not too grabby

Quite a nice bit of feel actually you have to give it quite an oomph let’s give it another yep that works very well it’s got twin discs on here as i said i’ll talk you through the spec in a minute and show you those but they’re fine let’s try the back brake that brake is just as good as any other on any other bike i’ve ever tried they’re never that brilliant are

They but it does the job of stabilizing the bike in the corners at least so the brakes are good what about the stuff i’m looking at here well again this is where the retro theme continues i really like the layout here what i don’t like as i’ve already mentioned is this screen he’s doing to be fair he’s doing pretty good job of keeping the the wind off me but if i

Had one of these i definitely wouldn’t have the screen but i do like the way they’ve done the instrumentation on this the single instrument pinnacle is easy to read while you’re riding along it’s got everything you need including a proper fuel gauge and nothing else besides it doesn’t appear to have a gear position indicator but that’s no big deal as far as i’m

Concerned but it’s not complicated by lots of unnecessary electronics that’s what i like about it and the switch gear itself works really nicely as i’ve already said i quite like the looks of this sort of retro style switch gear nothing quite like this i’ve seen on any other bikes these sort of rotary starts which are here on the right the red one and then the

Light switch on the left here being of a rotary design again but they feel quality they’re easy to use oh one of my friends are cyclists nice and positive as you use and they don’t feel cheap and trump is you might think on a bike costing just 4 000 well less than 4 300 this particular one talk more about that later in fact let’s not do that let’s jump back

Off the boat let me talk you through the specs of this bike see what we’re dealing with in terms of the numbers all right let’s talk specs then on the classic 350 shall we and as usual i’ve written down so i don’t get anything wrong which i am prone to do right let’s start off with then the uh the engine uh what i think is partly the main event of this bike this

Uh single cylinder uh engine on here three four nine cc uh same as the meter as i say air and oil cooled so it hasn’t got any sort of ugly radiator edge at the front it just looks like again a proper retro engine to me so smooth they’ve done some clever stuff with counterbalancing shafts and stuff i still maintain this is the best single uh cylinder engine i’ve yet

Ridden with puts out 20.2 brake horsepower so they’re not going to win any prices for speed it’s 6100 rpm and 27 newton meters of torque at 4000 rpm so nice and low so it’s all you know low down in the rev range where you need it for pottering around these back lanes it’s absolutely lovely for that let’s have a look at the brakes on the front it’s got a single

Disc on here as you can see and a vibrate um caliper which is obviously brembo sort of um budget end if you like or value brand uh the front disc here is 300 millimeters and you can see that it’s got an abs ring on there as well and on the rear we’ve got a single uh pot caliper again looks like it’s vibrate and the disc on here is 270 millimeters seat height on

Here 765 millimeters so lovely low seat height no problem getting your feet on the ground and this lovely comfortable seat that is nice and slim at the waist so uh completely non-intimidating i’m five foot eight with a 32 inch leg so relatively short fella and i’m absolutely flat-footed with a bend in my leg i think you’ll be if you’re sort of five foot four you’ll

Be alright on this bike i think it’s uh it’s great the seat height makes it very manageable um the weight of like 191 kilograms with 90 fuel so not only is it nice and low to manage it’s also nice and low in terms of weight to manage as well uh the fuel tank on here 15 liter capacity which isn’t bad actually and i’m expecting very frugal motoring on this it being

A single cylinder i imagine you’ll get well over 200 miles out of a tank on that so so excellent um electronics i normally talk about at this point in these specification reviews but in this case it doesn’t really have any i think it’s got an led rear light and that is about it you can get those little trippers as i say that fits up on the instrument binnacle

Here um but otherwise other than the abs there isn’t really any electronics to speak about and the bike is all the better for it if you ask me price wise this particular one uh comes in at 4279. this is the halcyon black i think my favorite color is the both the halcyon green and they also do a chrome one uh i rather like the bronze chrome the chrome bronze one

As well they look absolutely stunning the bra the chrome ones are four four three nine so 200 quid extra if you want the chrome ones but still less than 500 pounds which just makes this such an incredibly good value motorcycle i have to say if i had the room i’d have one of these in a heartbeat it’s an absolutely beautiful bike to look at and to ride anyway there

We go that’s the spec let’s jump back on so welcome back aboard the bike i’m still behind the white van but but no problem i’m not in any hurry on this bike the gearbox on here seems nice and positive i think it’s only got five gears if i’m counting correctly but that doesn’t matter again on a bike with this sort of power for this sort of riding five gears is

Enough but the gearbox is lovely and smooth again much belonging the price point of this bike it feels like something out of a much more expensive machine the clutch on here not too heavy not super light either it’s not like one of the assisted ones you get on the trunk but it’s not really heavy either like you get say on my panigale that’s the heaviest clutch

I know but they’ve got these massive levers here both sides proper big hewn from metal feel nice and solid and again nothing about it feels low quality so yeah clutch and gearbox no problems there in fact on this first rod i can find nothing about the bike that i don’t like other than these accessories that i’ve already talked about i’ll give those a miss and

Just stick with a stand bike and lose the rear seat but other than that it’s all set up you don’t need to do anything oh well oh road ahead closed let’s go this way then so this bike obviously is the press bike from royal enfield it’s in great demand so i haven’t got it for that long i’ve only got it for a week so i won’t be able to bring you my normal in-depth

Review maybe uh later on in the year i’ll bring you i’ll borrow it for longer and bring you an in-depth review but we’ll try and bring you another video if i can about the sort of lessons i’ve learned on the bike once i’ve written it a few more times a bit longer journeys that sort of thing see if i can find anything about the bike that i don’t like and i’ll bring

You that video but after this uh this first ride there really is nothing about this bike not to like it’s uh the engine sounds epic it’s got a great thumpy note to it but it’s not so loud that it’s obnoxious or anything like that but you know you’re on a motorbike it’s that lovely smooth engine with this uh counter shaft or whatever wizardry royal airfield has

Done that means that actually it’s not super super thumpy you don’t feel like you’re riding a thank you sir you don’t feel like you’re riding a pneumatic drill or anything like that but you do know you’re on a bike i love this engine i have to say plenty of torque low down on it i know it’s only a 350 and only 20 point something great horsepower but you really

Don’t need more if you’re just poodling around the lanes so for me this bike would be ideal if you lived in a town and you wanted a bit of a commuter and you’re doing short distances in town it’d be brilliant it’s lightweight nature would be great to get you through the traffic and get you to work in comfort in style and cheaply or if you fancy this maybe a second

Motorcycle and you just want something to cruise around the lanes on a sunday afternoon this would be perfect and indeed if you want your first big bike you know if you’ve just learnt to ride or something and you don’t want to move straight onto something massive and powerful then this would be a great bike to learn your craft on as well because it’s completely

Non-intimidating as i say second band of the day mercedes this time let’s use this opportunity to overtake him and have him at the lights so many road works at the moment everywhere it’s just crazy so yeah this bike is uh based on this first ride everything i was hoping for and expected of it comfortable fun looks good amazing pricing i just think royal

Enfielder onto an absolute winner with this in the same way as they were over the interceptor that just appealed to that same sort of thing with those 650 twins of course they’ve got a bit more go this one definitely runs out of puff once you wander up so if you are more into speed then go for the 650 twins but if you just want to enjoy your motorcycle riding

Then this is the one to go for i absolutely love it and i expect these will be flying off the shelves for royal enfield well done them i can’t wait to see what else they come out with all right so that’s it for my first ride review here on the classic 350. i hope you enjoyed that do hit that subscribe button if you haven’t done so already don’t forget to follow

Me on instagram facebook twitter all that sort of game if you’re into social media i use uh instagram most i think i’m called the miss and done flyer on that oh no it’s just bitten and fly sorry the mist and flora’s imposter one and facebook is the other one i i use probably more so check me out there if you’re that way inclined i tend to post things pretty

Much most days on those with what i’m up to so you get to feel what’s coming on the channel thank you as ever for watching and uh i look forward to speaking to you again soon until then this has been the mystery cheerio ah still here i wasn’t gonna do a little fashion segment on this video but uh whenever i don’t do and people say where’s the fashion segment so

If you’re interested in the kit that i was wearing during this review then stick around for the next minute or so and i’ll tell you what i was wearing first off my gloves these are from a company called segura which i think might be spanish i’m not too sure and these are their kind of retro inspired gloves i’ll put the name of them i’m completely unprepared for

This fashion segment as you’ve noticed i’ll put the name of these and the price on the screen and i’ll put links below to biker heads dot co dot uk one of my channel sponsors they’re the distributors of these uh jeans of these gloves and if you look at their website they’ll show you where you can go and buy some let’s get out the way with this car don’t be killed

By the postman coming through and also uh i’ll put a link to sportsbookshop as well if you want to just buy online then that’s where i recommend uh you go and full disclosure sports bike shop that’s an affiliate link if you click on that and subsequently buy something um i’ll get a little bit of a kickback so the channel still be helping me out at no extra costs

To you and i don’t just say that because it’s an affiliate link but i actually find sports box shop really good service really good pricing so check those out as well link to the gloves below and next up this jacket i’m wearing this is the jacket again it’s from segura same company and again if you look at that bike heads link below uh you can find out where you

Can get one of these and again i’ll put links to sportsbookshop as well for this jacket the price i’ll put on the screen now uh and as well with the names i’ve mentioned that this is kind of a retro style jacket it’s um i’ve talked about it before it is actually waterproof and one of the great things about it is it comes with a separate shirt as a sort of a thermal

Liner so this red shirt arrangement i’ve got on underneath here see that is actually a separate liner that you can wear independently as a shirt but it comes with a jacket so i absolutely love that in the summer i should be able to um just wear that as well uh what else to tell you all my jeans you’ve seen these before these are from pmj uh these are those clever

Triple layer um aaa rated jeans as well they’re quite expensive but they are they look good both on and off the bike and they’re very protective and then last but not least my boots here again my retro style boots these are again i’ll put the name on the screen and links below to those as well i’ve had these now for probably six to eight months i’ll wear these on

And off the bike and i just think they look really good so there we go that’s uh that’s the kit i was wearing hope that was of some use to you

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