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NEW Bike + NEW Fairings!


Yeah let me go ahead and bring it over and let you guys hear it and try to guess what it is all right what is good ladies and gents got the bike like halfway in the garage it’s a little sunny and uh windy outside as for me wearing the glasses i got some freaking bags under my eyes somehow tired looking freaking rough so first and foremost before i even talk about

The whole weekend we got some new fairings for the bike not gonna even open them and show you guys they’re just blank unpainted fairings i don’t know if you guys remember these and uh they’re a little dirty right now by the way because it rained yesterday but these i painted with some spray on wrap they did come out a little rough like the paint didn’t really want

To stick on there right if you guys remember that color scheme that was underneath with the flames we got some unpainted ones i don’t paint those legit no spray on wrap it’s going to be legit paint i’m trying to keep like the same color scheme just not sure if i’m gonna do them all gloss or like a satin or a mixed finish i’m gonna try and get this bike right like

I said not really 100 satisfied with how the fairings look so i’m gonna change them out gotta change out those freaking brake lines yeah that blue doesn’t go with it the freaking chain still that blue chain that carbon fiber died i also have a quick shifter i ordered a while back but for the fairings and the quick shifter and pretty much any work that i have to do

To the bike i think i’m gonna have the homie muddy rides help out because uh my back hasn’t been feeling that great those freaking trips that i took this past weekend to go out and get the new bike and driving for hours you know kind of got my back a little irritated yeah you heard right new bike we want to go pick up a new bike i had like a whole vlog style type

Of video i was going to show you guys the trip you know picking up the bike and all that but uh honestly it didn’t go how i expected and uh it’s a long ass story so i’m not going to show you guys a bike right now it’s like right over there to the right you know what i’ll probably bring it over here and turn it on for you guys let you guys hear it but honestly like

I don’t even want to see that thing right now i’ma take it to the backyard cover it up i want to focus on this for a little bit you know kind of get the ball rolling with the consistency and then you know go back to that other bike i just got yeah let me go ahead and bring it over and let you guys hear it and try to guess what it is the people over on patreon you

Guys already know what this bike is i want to try and do bigger things over there on patreon so uh if you’re not signed up link is down below in the description all right guys so i don’t even know where to start i’m pretty sure most of you guys had a way better weekend than i did hopefully that’s the case man if you guys could uh hook your boy up with some likes

You know try to get me to like i don’t know let’s say let’s say a thousand likes man freaking brighten up my mood kinda wasn’t gonna talk about it no go home go home i wasn’t going to talk about it like i said i wanted to throw the damn bike in the backyard and uh just not see it just kind of forget about the weekend but i’m gonna just go ahead and it story time

So it all started friday afternoon as i said in the last video this year i want to do a little bit more of the bike flipping thing i want to get some bikes that uh either need some work or people don’t want them no more they’re just neglected they want to let them go for cheap whatever the case is like if i feel i can make some profit out of that and it’ll also

Serve as content for the channel then you know i’m gonna go ahead and pick it up so i was on facebook marketplace seen the cpr 600 believe it was a no seven it had just listed like 10 minutes ago guy put it up for like 2 500. but it was all the way out to bakersfield that’s two hours away from me and honestly you know right now me dealing with this back pain i

Don’t really like driving far places you guys also remember last video i mentioned missing out on a 2013 zx10r i missed out on that one though because i was just waiting on someone to buy that orange 750 i could have bought it but i decided to wait on it miss out that kind of influenced that decision on the spot you know just go for the damn bike just go for it

Don’t think about it just get it don’t worry about the price you can negotiate that in person but it started getting a little sketchy the guy only posted like three pictures they were pretty low quality pictures so i was like you know can you send me some other pictures for some reason you know on facebook they’re low quality i don’t know if the original pictures

You took are like that but uh that’s how they’re showing up on facebook either that or send a video and he replied saying nah i’m good i’m a man of my word i was like okay um so right there just started getting a little iffy i was like nah you know kind of have a gut feeling shouldn’t go for it like it’s not worth the time but he was actually uh communicating

With me back and forth he gave me an address nearby but he didn’t want to give me his house address he’s like hit me up when you’re in the area and i’ll give you the real address so go pick up the u-haul trailer drive out there probably about 10-15 minutes before uh getting to that spot you know i hit him up tell him i’m almost there you know what address are we

Meeting at and now guess what his mother effing ass is not replying now he wasn’t even getting the messages i don’t know if he wasn’t logged into facebook his phone was off or i don’t know so anyways had my brother-in-law with me uh the gas station we stopped at there was a jack-in-the-box we go in to eat i told my brother-in-law like yo you know hit him up what’s

I love your up thank you do you watch on youtube look up straight on fire speed so yeah i tell my brother-in-law yo hit up this guy message him from your phone see what happens amayanda shows he received the messages now he looked at them and he didn’t reply sure enough he freaking replied to him but he doesn’t reply to me like what the he tells him the same thing

Like yo can he send over some more pictures and he’s doing the same damn saying he’s good you know he still has the bike blah blah blah but he doesn’t want to send the pictures over ends up giving him some other address i’m like nah yo this is too damn crazy this feels honestly this feels like a damn setup i’m not trying to judge people but it did seem like we

Were in the bad part of bakersfield and follow that abort mission we were chilling in some jack in the box i was looking around the area just checking if anything else was uh nearby stumbled upon a few bikes no good ass deals the one i ended up picking up was there in bakersfield they messaged back like an hour later i don’t even see that message until i get home

I replied i told her you know i was in the area blah blah blah i’m already home you know kind of pissed off she was like yeah you know if you’re not in the area no more you can come over in the morning i honestly don’t even want to go back next day saturday morning we were actually going to meet up with the fellas so homie alex was actually going to let me write

His s1000rr so i was like you know what i’ll keep texting this person okay i’ll keep messaging this person but i don’t think i’ma go over there go ahead and park over here for a bit as you can see we’re gonna go hit up cycle gear but yeah you know i was tired i was kind of upset with the whole freaking situation so i was like nah you know let me go ahead and uh

Get some sleep woke up a little later than i usually do obviously and um still hit the gym it actually ended up raining that morning so we didn’t even get that right in you know nothing’s going my way imma just go hit the gym you know kind of get my mind right so i go hit the gym go back home i get a message on offer up like yo are you still coming you know what

Honestly i’m freaking tired blah blah blah i know i could flip this bike if only the drive wasn’t that far but yeah they kept messaging and i’m like you know what let me get your number you know can i give you a call so i give them a call talk to the guy everything seemed legit everything was cool i was like all right you know i still have the damn u-haul trailer

I haven’t took it back let’s just let’s just go ahead and go as soon as i’m getting to the spot you know i see the bike right there in front of the house everything’s cool guy brings out the bike he takes it down the block comes back ahead and lets me get on it ran perfectly fine i didn’t really see any issues other than like needing tires you know nothing major

Everything was cool everything was smooth up until that point so then i go and put the bike behind the trailer let’s just go ahead and load it up do the paperwork and uh we’ll be on our way once he comes out with the damn title that’s when everything just kind of went to i know i tend to suffer from short-term memory sometimes but i serve a god i recall seeing

Clean title on the damn ad i had also sent it to maori right before i went out there he even says he recalls seeing clean title on the ad and honestly i wouldn’t doubt it they freaking did some shady like that too when he went inside to get the title i mean he could have easily been like yo change up the post real quick he didn’t speak english he only spoke spanish

He was like yeah pero la moto esta what do you mean it’s a savage bro i understand if the bike is fine i understand if it runs perfectly fine and everything still doesn’t change the damn status it has on there on the pink slip the value is still taking a damn hit like i was so damn frustrated bro let me go ahead and sit down and relax god if you’re up there

Listening bless me with more patience possibly like a new back if you could uh throw some brand new knees and ankles in i wouldn’t mind that’d be perfect i just feel like all the stress from um the day before the drive out there the drive back all that just added up and um i was pissed as hell best thing i should have done in that scenario you know me and my

Brother-in-law were hungry you should have just walked away went over somewhere nearby and just uh you know have something to eat if the guy would have hit me back up like i’ll take this amount and cool with it and you know we could have gone back i know the whole point of this flipping thing is to make some good profit i know it’s a salvage but uh worst case

Scenario at least i’ll get my money back and it’s at least gonna serve as content for the channel so i gave him a different number and uh he ended up taking it just load it up and uh head on out right before we even made the trip out there i’ve seen another bike listed for sale same type of bike same year same everything around the same mileage and it was also

Salvaged it just has some nice looking ass fairings and they listed it for like 7 000 something i was like i know for a fact he’s not gonna get that number just because of the fact the bike is uh salvaged but the bike did look freaking nice my brother-in-law told me you know some people just buy with their eyes like they don’t really think sometimes you know they

Like it they gotta have it if it has any issues if it’s a salvage a lot of times they probably won’t mind they’re not going to pay the full asking price but they’re going to try and get it by any means so with that said at the end of the day if i don’t make a lot of profit on it i’m going to try to at least break even and like i said it’s still going to serve as

Content kind of like the only thing right now that’s uh helping me keep my mind cool borderline of snapping right now if i’m being cranky with my kids or my girl if you’re watching this you know i kind of understand i’m a little stressed out right now shout out my girl i don’t know if you can see her right there she sent me this picture i put out my wallpaper bro

I looked hella fat a lot of you guys have told me yo you need to be wearing gear blah blah blah you guys are right you know i just i was honestly fat as wearing a jacket just felt so uncomfortable also didn’t want to get a freaking jacket while i was all big and then slim down and then not have it fit me i don’t know what to get guys 20 minutes later i’m gonna

End up ordering online either revzilla or sport bike track gear just because i have some rewards added up at least i tried some on didn’t know my size and numbers looks like i’m a 52 or a 54. you guys want to explore some alleyways go this way yo we need a little shop like this bro first of all want to get hella consistent with the videos second i’m hoping the uh

Bike flipping thing you know goes pretty good the number one goal i have in mind instead of flipping that bike that will actually be giving away to one of you guys i want one of you guys to have it i’m gonna try to be real consistent like i said especially on patreon if we could get a lot of support on there we can easily make that happen if you want to get ahead

Of the crowd man link is down below in the description ultimately that’s the that’s the number one goal with that as far as this one goes like i said i want to do a few things to it i want to get it right and as much as i would like to keep it for a longer time i’m going to have to get rid of it whoa there cowboy hi guys so i actually kept writing for a little

Longer but while editing the video i kind of noticed i was just talking about the same thing over and over so i’m gonna just go ahead and finish off the video like this listen you guys already know i appreciate all the support i get from you guys but now more than ever if you guys can show it with the freaking thumbs up anything you can do if you want to share it

With your friends i’m gonna keep my word i’m gonna be a lot more consistent behind the scenes trying to make happen trying to make the youtube channel trying to make the content better for you guys all while still trying to take care of myself also try to spend time with my kids it’s not the hardest thing in the world but it’s not the easiest either all i can

Say is stay tuned for what’s coming up you guys links to everything down below patreon i’m gonna try to be real consistent on there i wanna get as much support as i can on patreon and just blow that thing up key chains merge everything else down below in the description you already know as always thank you guys for watching catch you on the next one you

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NEW Bike + NEW Fairings! By Str805Speed