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New for 2022! The Held Starien retro look leather motorcycle jacket

Stan takes an immediate shine to this retro leather motorcycle jacket and tries it on!

So we have a jacket here which looks like an older wax one that i have called the 66 yeah just continued now very well this is i think a beautiful leather version of that said jacket and if you like your leather supple and you like your leather soft then you’re going to like this now i’m going to slip it on while lars will waffle about it i do there you go

I do a lot of waffling as you know um okay so the starion jacket that’s what it’s called starion it is based off a 66 jacket it is a 66 body shell um so anybody that’s had a 66 jacket you’ll know it fits it’s a bit of a box fit um cross stitch leather across the shoulders elbows nice detailing on the inside clipping ready so you can run your waterproof liner

Your thermal liner your airbag anything we do clipping you can put on the inside of it but it really is like he says it’s soft it’s buttery soft fat injected leather it’s you know it it’s just so comfy um you take it out you whack it on the counter you show a dealer and they’re just like wow yeah and when you get away factor off a leather jacket you know it’s

Done right how’s it feeling dude wow you see it’s all about the right okay yeah i like it see it really is it’s got expansion down the sides here i say it’s got the cross stitch and the elbow cross stitch in the shoulder you’ve got a little bit of adjustment rear pocketed pocketed at the top pocketed on the breasts fat protector pocket in the back it’s got

Shoulders and elbows in there already but you know this is the jacket that the older it gets the better it’s going to look it’s going to distress it out it’s going to get them creases it’s going to get them wear marks in it then wear lines etc you know 10 years time this thing’s going to look absolutely off the chat so yeah you know i can see myself a triumph

Motorcycle yeah you know that kind of thing triumph indian you know even you know that kind of style that bobber style that kind of scrambler style ducati so many people do want you know i mean uh you know loads of people cf moto guys they’ve got a white looks like that now the clx yeah exactly so you know any kind of motorcycle your new breed like you say like

Cf all the way through to your ducatis your triumphs um trumpets every you know literally everything it fits every genre the de cutted the arvo even yeah harley fat boy you know literally it’s endless but you won’t go jigs a fan definitely not one for the crotch rocket jockeys only if they go to the pub it’s really nice though it is so soft it’s really supple

Straight out of the bag it just feels right there’s no breaking in needed it feels right it looks the part um yeah joey give him a spin man show him the back he said you know lovely plain lines joe i mean it’s like notoriously leather jackets have like a they’ll have a line across the middle of it all there’ll be another lower panel etc easy easter it is

Just very soft all the way around super comfy stylish and what’s it called starion the old stallion starion soft strong and very very long oh that’s andre sorry there we go

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New for 2022! The Held 'Starien' retro look leather motorcycle jacket By heldbikegear