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New forward controls for the vtx 1300 plus group ride

What’s up boys today we’re doing a vtx update deal get some new pegs for the bike we’re gonna go i got uh like my buddy just bought a 2003 vtx 1300 so he’s got the four controls and he’s a little shorter than me so we’re gonna go and swap those out put those on my bike he’s gonna get the foot boards and yeah we’ll keep you guys posted we’re about to go pick up my

Bike and maxie and uh right around my shoulder at still running flawless after we changed that characters nice birth new battery change the camera fired up boy jacob your bike’s in the way so that means you have to come well it’s for youtube bud like there’s probably gonna be like two or three hundred people watching you right now yeah the guy buys a bike and

Doesn’t ride it buddy i got maybe even 162k on this year that’s nothing i know it’s not much that’s nothing last year i put 200 kilometers on every time i go sick dude it looks good on you it looks good on you fun who doesn’t park it further than neutral this guy always leaves in here always what a weirdo you know i’m never gonna worry about somebody stealing

Your bike how do you figure come on it won’t fire up in gear with the kickstand down oh why is it fired up oh just in gear well some people are too stupid to put two and two together and then they’ll jump on one of yours and just take off with them i got insurance these are nice buyers this is a nice bike man it looks good on you bill little guy i just put

The car i don’t sell my bobber i want something like that i want a vtx vtx i want to harley but that vtx up there is pretty sweet yeah vtx is there where it’s at dude i like joe’s too all done up already that’s nice about yeah you can wheel this thing around it’s like 650 300 pounds is it that light it’s like 350 i think really you ever stand on the back

Pegs and get the front tire out no no no how you doing let’s go for a ride one yeah he did the undergo for you too yeah we’ll go back to you guys when we start right check out this unit somebody just loosen her up 2003. brake line there pretty i might do a little time lapse check out the lineup boys max is parked way over there check these

Units out ready to go joey’s got the footboards on there looks good yeah a couple dtx’s i think mark’s coming out too we’re gonna have three btx’s out there but this can be a vtx gang gang gang see how those work forward controls they look good go check her out joey’s gonna get on his bike for the first real time so we’ll keep you guys posted this is good

Not much oh yeah what are you saying third time you made her looks good now we’re going to get jacob right we’re going to go get jake and then we’ll get mark one two three four five six seven of us and eventually why is the steve coming oh i’m just sitting here steve coming right in shorts this is main voyage for joe dirk how hot it is outside yeah right

Now we’re coming home yeah wait so it’s 10 o’clock feel my sound jake likes me saying i’m ready perfect we’ll be there soon we’ll keep you guys posted we’re on the way wow yeah let’s give you something to eat somewhere yeah so why didn’t you guys uh stop you guys want to go to the canadian brew house light us up it’s not that place with all that canadian

Stuff no no i want to go to the meat barbecue place you know that i don’t think it’s awesome i know damn well like what his intentions were once he got behind us he wasn’t getting behind us he’s just following us he was like where are these guys going i knew joey was just crashed on the road yes seven of us this is a good game boys i like it beauty made

Her to london we got a little wet in london but it doesn’t look too bad look at this looks pretty good all right the canadian brew house i might go try that these guys are getting kind of scared of the rain i don’t know these guys are scared of the rain i think maxie hey i don’t work in the rain i don’t want to ride a motorcycle and go home looks good she

Looks good got a little little shower on the way here hardly just enough to get the bugs i’m eating right yes it’s not that bad oh my god it’s not even that bad i’m just absolutely stoked for going out there for two seconds so i don’t know what the hell we’re gonna be we’ll doing that out though hopefully uh hopefully it settles down and we can get

Ourselves a window but we like to screw it on that one boys we’ll see boy breathing safe and sound the rain wasn’t too bad like for what 10 minutes and then it was raining there was wildfire 10 minutes away there was everywhere about 10 minutes rain out of london and then we were off and we got home and uh yeah we’re safe and sound thanks for tuning in like subscribe thank you

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New forward controls for the vtx 1300 plus group ride By BuildingFun