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New mini bike riding, Mega Moto 212 pro versus Mega Moto Max 212cc

I was out riding my new mini bike with my brother, comparing the Mega Moto 212 Pro versus the Mega Moto 212 Max and the Coleman BT200X.

I can’t get enough scooting around on these little mini bikes they are incredible fun i will admit with this particular one for what i thought i was gonna get out of it i was actually a little bit disappointed by it this is the gsx has 1,000 tubs seeing us how the other mega motor that i had i didn’t recognize that there were instructions on the side i’m going

To take a look at those first there’s a box of parts frame looks really nice wheel looks independent on this one looks like things may not be actually tight on there same nice little disc brake system looks like we’ve got the torque converter on here all right now i just need to set it up in the garage nicely got the other mega motor there coleman a couple other

Little toys and now let’s throw it together i’ve got a few mini bikes there the newer mini bikes today’s video is going to focus primarily in the mega moto 212 pro i will have a few comparisons to the bt 200 x by coleman and then the actual mega moto max they’re the worst this quick walk around mega moto mm be something something whatever it’s a mini bike it’s

Fun here the sprocket on the right hand side we’ve got two brakes up by the handlebars the front and rear brakes both hydraulic system the light itself is controllable with a switch as well which is pretty nice if you want to running you don’t want it running the front caliper and rear caliper are pretty much the same it’s got a torque converter on there and it’s

Actually got a really nice thick frame so that’s a pretty beefy frame i do like that that frame quite a bit the fenders plastic on there a little bit of a brush guard on the front light which is pretty nice i’ve had it out so far and the top speed just fresh out of the box with 29 miles per hour i was a little bit disappointed i thought it would be more around 33

Or so when i backed out the throttle stop screw i was only picking up 31 miles per hour so kind of interesting they’ll have some comparison videos coming up against the the non-pro just the mega mode of max mega motor max goes 34 miles per hour so this one is actually slower even though it has the torque converter on it since i do have both of the bikes the mega

Motor max and the mega moto pro i will just do a couple quick comparisons here i did want to get the mega moto max thinking you know this is a great deal this is something comparison to the coleman for $400 it couldn’t be beat it was one of the best deals out there even the mm b was at 110 going for two hundred and fifty dollars right now great minibike incredible

Deal the pro when it hit a sale price of $4.99 and was the same price i bought the coleman for i couldn’t pass it up i wanted this bike it had the torque converter it had front-end rear calipers four brakes it had the headlight i thought that this was going to be an incredible bike you can see that the frame itself is going to be thicker let’s see just use the

Thumb so frame itself is thicker quite a bit it is a more rigid bike you do have the front and rear brake calipers you do have the headlight you do have the front suspension is it a more comfortable ride i actually cannot tell the difference between these two of more comfort the torque converter definitely gets a bit punchier off the line and the torque converter

With the mega moto pro can be just barely beat the coleman off the line which has a lot more torque but overall top speed for the mega moto max is 34 the migamoto pro was 29 out-of-the-box 31 when i pulled that throttle stop screw up the look of the pro it looks a little bit beefier but at the same time of looks they both look pretty nice the brakes front and

Rear brakes it has quite a bit of stopping power with just one brake so when the price goes back up for this pro up to $800 i’m gonna say that that mega moto max is still going to be the one that i’m recommending most people go towards even if it has the torque converter you’re getting a higher top speed almost every single run are actually every single run the

Torque converter jumped off the line faster and almost wanted to do wheelies but the mega moto max actually had the top speed and it was it was every single time down this road was the clear winner a front tire wants to come up just a little bit some run i will say that the the padding on the seat is just full old stuck oh yeah just leave it at that blows the

Coleman now what is the water so much more comfortable on the seat this one is i thought that coleman was pretty comfortable seat but no this this is a comfortable seat my brother-in-law was out here and he’s saying you know riding this and he drove out here on his harley yeah he’s like yeah he wants to see like he wants the seat incredibly comfortable rear seat

And i absolutely agree this bike actually sits off about an inch higher than the mega modem packs i like kin to letting off the throttle the turning radius still with both of these bikes if you check out the other video i do a more thorough unboxing video for the mega mode of max the turning radius on these things i feel like i don’t know i’m trying to straddle

It a sea whale or something yep i said see whale

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New mini bike riding, Mega Moto 212 pro versus Mega Moto Max 212cc By me going fast