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Ninja H2 Meets Superbikes *Gone Wrong!* | Superbike Giveaway!

‼️🚨BIKE GIVEAWAY + $5,000🚨‼️

Oh my gosh my heart dropped i thought that was a cop this is what i get for being dumb go 50. so we have an update they built the ramps this is going to be bad to link up with pdm yeah boy had to work well make sure to like comment subscribe a lot of you guys are watching my videos but not subscribed are you not stalking me at least like be a subscriber

Don’t make it weird even though i don’t know who you are but last time i was over here i drove my car we did a couple mock-ups of merch so i’m super excited i’m gonna talk to them about that they also have a giveaway oh my gosh my heart dropped i thought that was a cop i snapped my neck on that one your boy was about to take off no cuevo but they’re gonna give a

A bike away so you guys need to follow pdm on instagram hey yo come on man am i not fat i don’t know get the sensor oh there it goes i just need a little jumping foreign i got scarred the wheel who’s coming up usually when the wheel comes up i like over the throttle i get too scared it’s a little too late to say that you’re starving now whoa there’s flow oh

Family yes hi what’s up here’s pdm you guys have to stay tuned they are going to give away a bike the anniversary down one or the nba gusta super baloche which is at my house the giveaway is live 10 28 2022 today is the only day where one dollar will get you 30 times entries go ahead check out their website the link will be in the description also use code right

Along and it’ll get you an additional 300 entries on any purchase all you got to do is get a product from their shop and you’re already answered to win with that being said here’s their first giveaway what is up you guys welcome to pdm brands and we’re coming to you with our very first motorcycle giveaway in this giveaway you guys have the opportunity to win this

Envy augusta or this yamaha r16th anniversary and five thousand dollars in cash hey look that’s me foreign so make sure you guys follow pdm october 28 we’re going live all right let’s go are we having the olympics in olympics yeah they’re coming later so last time they were in the back and they had a motorcycle and a chair with wheels with some string yeah i

Guess you already know where that’s gonna go but um oh yeah guys look it i added something new too it’s a little turtle comment below what i should name him he’s straight vibing i have the owl now i have a turtle it kind of matches because like you know h2 passed his bike you know slow turtle you know this is what i get for being dumb all right i’m gonna get

Pulled by the bike on this thing and we’re just gonna see how what happens we’re just gonna see what happens everyone’s here everyone’s here just watching me please where’s the dog i don’t want him to chase me okay hold on hold on hold on i’m just gonna cross my legs and hope for the best oh my gosh i’m gonna die okay go slow i know oh oh don’t kill me

Don’t go fast fast hold on hold on i gotta cross my legs all right go bye guys oh i can’t stop oh i missed it i’m gonna try a new position oh my god oh my gosh i know as my legs are going to be flying up in the sky oh my gosh the things that i do man i’m an idiot no yeah we’re all good it barely tapped it okay now we have oh he’s gunning it oh space

No i missed it oh my god how was it my ass hurts i kind of scuffed up the helmet but it’s okay it’s for content up yeah it’s okay nothing like top ramen will fix anything all right we got cam going next we’re scam you know what john what you know what i’m not gonna say anything i know you’re scared i’m not scared yeah you are nope i’m gonna i’m gonna take him

Like how mo does he’s like a champ absolutely go 50. these stickers why does he have his hood on foreign we gotta replay that back okay so it’s under construction what they’re gonna use a chair instead oh my god oh my gosh are you all right dude i’m good oh that was so much faster okay so we have an update they built a ramp look at the angle on that

Curvature on my shoulder oh my gosh this is going to be bad oh my gosh foreign is that blood no you’re good good i wasn’t my friend my ankle

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Ninja H2 Meets Superbikes *Gone Wrong!* | Superbike Giveaway! By R1deAlong