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No Drag Backpack? Why Waste Money on Expensive Motorcycle Backpack? | MotoVlog

MotoVlog: No Drag marketing hype, cheaper packs rule!

Let’s go right you are watching psycho cruises all the one motorcycle channel subscribe today psycho cruiser videos brought to you at 6 a.m. eastern standard time you know i don’t understand the whole issue with people thinking about drag on your backpack like why they created a backpack that supposedly creates no drag while riding a motorcycle you know the old

I guess ochio or oh goi over the you say that they have the mach 5 no drag backpack which it looks cool by the way i’m not completely hating on that backpack and i’ve done a video in the past as far as talking about the safety of backpacks if you haven’t seen that video go check that video out in the description and comments section this video actually quite a

Popular video of my videos i’ve been rocking too cheap now backpacks actually wondering i just got a new cheap backpack but the one before that was an exo $20 backpack it’s still awesome i’ve had no problems with and that backpack i have i’ve been up to speeds of 150 miles per hour on my 600 double arm with that backpack and i’ve never had an issue with drag so i

Don’t understand why somebody with pain free cattle was $100 $200 for a freaking backpack that says no drag and it just looks really sleek you know put in that backpack because it’s not soft you can’t like stuff stuff into there you have to love it’s a limited there’s a limited amount of stuff that you can put in those backpack so your bang for the buck really is

Kind of sucks without backpacks like i said i’m not completely hating on it they do look cool don’t get me wrong but right now i got a fly racing backpack on 23 dollars right now to actually sell it on clearance for freaking $18 for shipping i biz has a pouch for a water bladder in the hope for the water bladder the storage space in it now paid $23 for and i get

The safety of being ever being hi look like baby riding off-road near my flower guys no drink i’ve got no drag with this backpack so that hold no drag marketing scheme is that i don’t know some of you guys are gonna go hate on me or say because we absolutely love i love this i’ll tell you guys there’s nothing like a sacrifice i’ll take the wr250r is i love

That mic absolutely rugged but what i want power when i feel the need head power i get on this bike have to do it for an extended period just a blast here and there and it’s just all just wake up busting a nut man feels good tell you guys the best thing in the world feels four plus a superbike okay that’s all you need right there it just tells two bikes that’s

It you said man you can be busting all kinds of nuts anyways guys oh since my exit to get off but hey guys that’s all i have for you in this video if you want to see more of my videos go to my website psycho cruiser dot-com click on the menu tab my videos all my videos are categorized into various playlists hopefully you can find something that will inform you

Or entertain you hey subscribe to my all of a motorcycle channel hit thumbs up if you like this video share this video with your friends and say man you don’t need to buy no expense if they ask backpack that just get you a twenty dollar xo backpack or a fly racing backpack high-vis baby for cheap you’ll need to spend all that money man and i appreciate all

You take care and stay safe out on the streets check out my other channel psycho cruiser motovlogs when i discuss anything and everything not just motorcycle

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No Drag Backpack? Why Waste Money on Expensive Motorcycle Backpack? | MotoVlog By CycleCruza