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Nomar tire changer 100 & Bridgestone Battlax T-31 Evo GT sport touring tire.

I got the 2016 r 1200 rt in the air that beautiful blue color it’s time for me to do tire change do a tire change these are the bridgestone batlax t-31 evo gts these are what they look like after 940 miles including a 37 100 mile trip around the united states with my fiance so i mean i got a got a lot of wear in them the front tire looks all right but you can

See some bumping in it it’s it’s time for it to go but i’m pretty pleased i ride pretty hard for having a sport tour and now put on a new set this is what they look like brand new which is pretty nice these are those gt gt model for the heavier bike but i’ve been in some monsoons with these tires dipping on the freeway at 70 65 70 no issues wonderful tire i

Am gonna have to change him with my nomar tire changer that i have to get set up here and i’ll let you know how that goes well i got the first tire on i did have to call my neighbor over to help me push on one side snomar tire changer works best when you have two people so he’ll be coming over here to push on one side to get the tire bead the deepest part of the

Rim and then it goes on pretty easy but one person it’s tough then any anytime you get a little moisture right here kind of slips the tire wants to rotate but for the most part it’s pretty simple i did break the tip of this uh this one’s bending quite a bit i’m gonna see if they have some sturdier options if that doesn’t bend then tire comes up even easier

But it’s giving away a little bit but uh it’s the update just about to get this rear tire on and uh get my bike back there reason i got my rear tire on however i needed another hand and i had to add a kind of breaker bar setup extension on to this bar because it was just that rear tire is just too tough 180 millimeters that’s a lot so i had to get assistance

With that then i had to get a piece of wood in between the tire to keep this because the tension once these get any moisture or any grease in them these don’t hold at all they were spinning and it was making it so difficult so if you’re gonna work with this nomar this is like the 100 series uh you got to get some wood in here to keep the tire from spinning and

You got to get a little breaker bar addition on to this and i think i said it before this part broke and then i wasn’t given any screws for this so these were slipping out which probably messed up my threads but there’s some things to keep in mind this nomar system it is a two-person system uh it’s tough i think all the videos they showed before is them doing

It with little baby tires it’s no joke with a big ass rear tire

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Nomar tire changer 100 & Bridgestone Battlax T-31 Evo GT sport touring tire. By Inca’s Living life