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Non-Gamer Watches #169 – BRICKY every single space marine legion in a nutshell


Bricky i’m actually very excited to watch this but before that let’s do some housekeeping i think we’re gonna start with housekeeping from now on first i am a non-gamer i do not play games i watch video game trailers because i love stories and i think piecing together bits of information is really fun and a lot of people like watching me do it if you’re gonna take

This super seriously this is your moment to click off i’m just here to have a good time and sometimes be made very uncomfortable by weird warhammer stuff second if you do not already know i am a self-published author these are my books all three of them are now available as audiobooks ebooks or paperbacks blood kitten curses follows the story of a vampire trying

To avoid an ancient curse magic required and dominion required following celtic demigod trying to seek redemption he is not sure he deserves thank you so much to everybody who has read listened reviewed any of that i really really appreciate it if you are thinking of getting an audible subscription and get getting one of my books on audible using the link in the

Description will help me out so much i do get a little bit of kickback from that now let’s get into bricky so i queued up this video i had a couple people asking me to do this i queued up this video and i just listened to like the first three seconds to like make sure the sound and everything was okay and i got so excited i was like oh breaky you look so good i’ve

Missed you what’s been going on i actually did buy another one of the books the second caiaphas came book but school has been so crazy that i just like i’ve only had the energy for romance novels like i’ve only had the energy for things that i can half pay attention to and i feel like caiaphas deserves more of my attention than i can give him right now so i’m gonna

Wait but this is every single warhammer space marine legion in a nutshell the video is 42 minutes long i’m not gonna watch the whole thing we’re gonna maybe go 10 12 minutes of it today see how that goes i’m hoping that like my stamina has increased for how much warhammer stuff i can absorb and i’m i don’t know what else to say i’m just like looking forward to it

Let’s get into it all right brookie show me some things i appreciate you more than you know do the people on the internet has come thank you oh it begins your boy got himself a shaker cup gamer subs like mad my favorite thing to do i don’t know what this means so a goddamn shaker cup it’s here great the official bricky waifu shaker cup do you see on here i want

You i think i’m sure there’ll be a thing in the background skater put a thing in the background long white hair absolutely a bit more toned abs obviously it’s legally distinct mark on the face of course she wants you to do the diddle thing maybe the most likely in a glorious army i think so the bricky shaker cup is available now and you should get it while it is

Hot but if you’re thinking what should i put in this well how about my top 10 favorite gamer subs flavors from that’s funny i’m assuming this is a sponsorship regardless oh buy this stuff buy it send me some of it go for it i’ll drink from that shaker cup instead of my water bottle if you want to send it to me to get your discount s on your order a massive amount

Of profits goes to yours truly massive to gamer subs for sponsoring and for getting me yo buy his stuff go out there and get it i’m gonna take one more sip for the camera slow it down throw some sexy music in there okay see you guys soon his haircut looks great too i am uncomfortable ew i don’t know he currently stuck in the walls of the most prodigious school

In the imperium by punishment for falling asleep during class god bless the skull of virginia many of you have come across my every faction explained video first thank you secondly we are asking you a little deeper space marines are the quintessential poster boys of warhammer 40 000. when people think 40k they think space marines but okay there are many types of

Space marines tell me about it from 20 separate legions we are going to rattle them off in order and give you a quick rundown of each one a disclaimer like in my every facts explained video this is a mix of accuracy and memes salamanders legion specializes in hugging children and petting puppies they aren’t exactly doing that mostly i’m gonna pretend they are i

Would like to bet this creature but you can infer that they care about civilians and are a bit kinder than the average space marine a space marine being a genetically modified super soldier that’s had a million new and terrifying organs shoved into them where frustrators strapped to their bodies and are so far above the average human that they are referred to as

Demi-gods instead each space marine has a father unlike you a primark which is basically an even bigger space marine that was forged mankind that gigantic golden dude you see everywhere yes both the leader and now the martyr of humanity the primarks are his 20 sons built in a lab who lead 20 legions of space marines who are their sons not from a lab but rather a

Dissection table giving them the powers and skills of their associated primark via a jean seed a special organ carrying the genetic makeup of their primark and you know their seed has the genetic makeup that wants him to go really really fast that his sons the space marines also want to go really really okay okay okay referring to the legions this time around if

You’re interested in sub factions like let’s say the black templars then it’s not gonna be here however i do have a excellent black templar video i’d argue it’s probably the most accurate one i can think of it goes through the whole lore should i watch it it’s a very long video and i’ll put it in the description just look up black templar video in the description

You’ll get what you need and thank you easy explanation maybe let us begin with our first legion i’m done pretending that i don’t like this stuff i wasn’t pretending before i do really enjoy it now still very grossed out by all of it dark angels i think i just love bricky oh primark lionel does that mean no a duelist a knight a real i’m a single word descriptor

Paranoid the dark angel is our first legion hailing from the death world known as caliban their primark lion l johnson is what happens when you try to make the side profile chad meme into a genuine character he is a master tier duelist a brilliant strategist and an overall dicks he isn’t prepared for and few fights he isn’t ready to lead head-on this makes the

Dark angels have a very knights of the round table vibe they look like the knights of old what these large suits of power armor often done in robes and hoods their names also follow this they have like ezekiel azrael belial samuel and soul associate with dark angels are the fallen a part of their faction that turned schrader against the imperium and they are very

Heavily trying to expunge all knowledge of them from existence wait a minute never heard of any fallen to make sure you have never heard of the fall they definitely don’t exist if they do exist they thrive in it lionel johnson is a scorched earth policy sometimes okay okay do i like the following and heard of a chaos primark on the homeworld different primark

Whose mom was there he was like let’s nuke it the dark angels are rude group where they formulate themselves into three different factions the deathwing terminators slow moving tough failings the raven wing fast jet bikes and flyers and the green wing which is your standard marines they are these are all chad’s kids sense where they’re good at everything but rather

They have a lot of things that are good at specific things like instead of 20 people that have a multi-tool they instead have 20 people with gigantic power tools for every job imaginable if you like each one has their power everything in your surroundings but you also like to have a whole lot of deep night type lore run the dark angels the one period okay chad’s

Kids tell me if you can see yeah emperor’s children wait a minute emperor’s children we didn’t get the second i don’t get it a perfectionist am i stupid oops this is easy chad’s kids is a special one if you can see yeah somebody please explain it to me thank you 11. the emperor’s children allegiance traitor primark pulgrim allegiance trader an artist

A sneaky sneaky snake and the single word descriptor perfection the emperor’s children are all about the pursuit of perfection perfection in all they do perfection in war in artistry and perfection in every other aspect of life their armor is a gleaming pink purple and gold their ships have i’d rather be a gigi than the color purple cause purple people don’t get

Laid that was a chirp chant we used to do for western there’s a gorgeous marvel and gold statues in their honor pilgrim is a man who believes the pursuit of perfection is the goal of all things and i mean look at him can you truly tell me that he is not perfect the hair the features as primarks go he is the one very beautiful and if 40k had a guy that would give

You the best sex you’ve ever never call you back to the evils is this okay are our first chaos legion and not just a normal one one devoted to wait wait wait that’s like oh wait himself lost the battle against is he still beautiful to the sexy man he was into the sexy snake he is now a demon so kind of yes corrupted and bringing his legions will okay by himself

Okay children go they are some bad people so purple people do get laid okay i’ll cry is for the emperor despite being horribly mutated and corrupted if you’ve ever taken a little too much of a drug or or maybe the music at a concert was too loud and you didn’t bring any earplugs or whatever the reason you just take all those things and you dial it and you dial it

And you twist it and the knob breaks marty okay i guess we’ll do four we’ll do four of these this is no five i’m at five five a week because there’s 20 right primark allegiance trader what is going on a warlord a siege smith an incel single scripter siege continuing the trend of our chaos legions we have the iron warriors led by primark percharabo of olympia

To understand the iron warriors though one must first understand percher rabba a man’s so bitter coffee beans run for light a man who hates the world and everyone in it who never got recognition for his deeds who hates his brothers why was he looking with the girl nancy someone so laughably petty so incredibly bitter that he goes full circle to becoming likable why

Because he’s competent the horse we didn’t talk about the horus heresy intermission okay so horus was the emperor’s favorite son okay he announced the emperor walked into his room horace said dad dad i just gifted 150 subs to amaranth and she said my name a ton and she loved me for it i really think that i might get to meet her one day and it kind of played out

Something like this no feelings for her are not real they are real to me and then it started playing out a little bit more like this like the seas boil let the stars fall though it takes the last drop of my blood yeah what’s that so iron warriors season have gotten done without peter turbo imagine peter turbo that’s the personification of brutal industrialism

Where you serve the legion until your dying breath you build and you kill and you siege and you kill and you literally summon demons just to take them and trap them in machines and use them as cannon fodder this is a thing they do oh that creepy thomas the tank engine and use as shock troops the iron warriors are siege warfare incarnate they are heavy weapons they

Are tanks they are turrets and they don’t die they hate imperials they hate imperial fists you need a pacifier iron baby no no i don’t they are incarnate percherobone the iron warriors don’t serve the chaos gods because they like them they serve them because you come on guys let’s go another speeding ticket okay last one even though i’m having so much fun but i’m

Losing the life fast as a medical condition the white scars white scars wait hang on we got the chads was first mystery second purple people don’t get laid in cells we’re the last one the ant cells or did i mix that up because i want to try and remember them chads were first i remember the chads were first yeah the chads then the mystery second yeah purple people

Don’t get laid yeah in cells yeah okay and now we’re on to i don’t know fight it in court but i don’t think they’re gonna accept gotta go fast as a medical condition gotta go fast jacket icon a speed demon a plane strike okay single word descriptor speed got it the white scars are all about speed they love melee but they love it even more when they are doing it

Really fast motorcycle or land speed or honestly just running really damn fast really fast stars are honestly forgotten about a lot and that’s more accurate they are a legion that doesn’t seek the recognition or glory they just go by too fast they engage in it because there’s their duty and because they love it not in the insane slaughter enjoyment of loving it but

In the thrill of the fight they are known as the laughing killers because they ride into battle with a smile on their face and a chuckle in their throat and as you can tell with their primarks they are mongolian based remove horses and replace them with motorcycles and land spears and that’s your style they are heavily based on the old times of genghis khan you can

See this is 40k and everybody’s evil you know that fits the white scars are actually physical scars on their body going back to their heritage on chagoras the khan himself is kind of a but but a reasonable one he thinks ahead he’s intelligent he’s patient he is often underestimated because he doesn’t scream his accomplishments from the rooftops which is what makes

Him and the white scars dangerous his skills are kept at bay only to be truly shown when the time is needed the white scars are a forgotten legion often but that doesn’t diminish their accomplishments all it does is surprise those who underestimate them speed awesome mongolian vibe they got going on and if you really like to stab people that’s the white scars for

You shameless thirst break all right we’re gonna do the rest of this in the next video um that’s fun i’m gonna try and remember this is really fun i think like freaky is really great at what he does he makes the stuff really digestible and has a great sense of humor and yeah i’m have you guys told me that this video existed because without your recommendations i

Don’t know anything ever update on my uh mission to ask actually become like a like from for the name of this these videos to go from non-gamer to new gamer i think i’ve decided on getting a gaming computer i’ve been told that for the game that i want to start with that’s going to be the best one so i’m going to start saving up for that between now and hopefully

March so that i can start in april i might have one of those help me pay for it type things not sure yet still figuring it out but i thought i’d let you guys know as always please let me know if you want me to watch anything in the comment section if you’re interested in my novels there are links in the description please if you’re thinking of becoming an audible

Member use my link it really helps me out and as always i hope you guys are all happy and healthy taking care of yourselves and each other being friends instead and until next time may the force be with you live long and prosper and i’ll be back foreign

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Non-Gamer Watches #169 – BRICKY every single space marine legion in a nutshell By HannaH’s Over Invested