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NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Black

Hey youtube this is my gps our pocket bike and i kind of have the nice energy theme kind of going this is my na socket like 2.5 can you believe it’s been 10 years since i’m still building pocket bikes for you guys to this day i knew what the 10-year anniversary finally here for the nos pocket bike that started my youtube channel that was my very first video

It just blew up and ever since then i’ve been added making more and more bikes for you guys so this is what i came up with before we get into all the cool features of the brand new bike new we’re contacted me because they knew the ten year anniversary was coming up four nos pocket buddy they decided to send me over one of their top-of-the-line mini fridges i knew

Right when i got the fridge that i wanted it to match the bike so we went ahead and wrapped it with orange carbon fiber and threw on the blue stripes just like the bike this bad boy holds 126 cans it’s got a modern glass door that not only looks good but also allows you to see how much stock you have left it’s got a set of keys so you can lock the goods inside keep

Them away from anyone you want and i’ve been keeping this in my shop while building the bike and it’s just been a dream i encourage everyone to go to that first link in the description and use promo code 20 dust beans to get 20% off your order with new air so we’re in the same location where we film the original nos pocket bike ten years ago and we even have the

Same cameraman hey it’s knobble so the reason why it’s called the nos pocket bike 2.5 now is because this is a bladder at 2.5 alright so let’s start with the paint job i decided to go with the standard orange for all the plastic pieces for body up here and the front fender up there to spice it up a little bit i added these stripes with our vinyl paper and i added

A little bit of protectant around the field cap so that it’s not going to damage the actual orange paint over time this can be a problem with pocket bikes sometimes as far as the other painting goes i did metallic blue on the frame and all the coupling pieces and i actually hand-painted the bladder b right here and i filled it with standard paint and sanded it down

Until it was flush and really showed off the b so i also painted the chain guard just a nice factory color i kind of restored the sprocket painted up the pull starter nice gloss black before this was silver this is the upgraded metal one and i added the kickstand because this bike did not have a kickstand before kept the original foot pegs down here the bladder ones

I thought that was only right and i went ahead and switched up the handle grips this is the same brand actually but i got something that matched the color scheme of the bike i did replace the brake right here this is a solid metal one the bladder one was alright but it was plastic this engine has every upgrade that you can do for the chinese 47 cc engines it even

Has the full circle crank so it has the big bore kit it has the dalorto carburetor the clutch is upgraded and has the rocket key installed we did a whole video series on building this engine and we ended up testing it on an engine stand you guys seem to really like that series so i threw it on the bike for now boy 10 years later i pretty much know what the 47 cc

Chinese engines can do as far as performance i want you guys to give this video a big thumbs up if you want to see me electric swap this like right here to get some real tesla power going i’m talking blowing the 47 cc chinese engine high speed numbers out of the water and really see what we can do i’ve never did it before but i really want to give it a try so let

Me know if you guys are interested in that just like what the original nos pocket bike i knew i had to customize the tire valves again so instead of hand painting some dice i went with some led tire valves these things light up blue and give a halo effect when the bike is moving going to the front of the bike for more lights i added this big tron light bar rather

Than going with the traditional horizontal mount i went with the vertical mount and this thing will really shine through the night if you wanted to take that night ride so no t-shirts or bed foam for the seat on this one i just went with some traditional foam with adhesive on the back i cut it out to the size i liked and also added this diamond for the back part

Of the seat now for my favorite part of the bike these two guys right here i ran into this seller on ebay after searching around for some nice bottles that would be good for this bike you know i needed something small so it didn’t look ridiculous too ridiculous on such a small frame and everything and this guy sells artificial nos bottles so the valves right here

Are totally legit they actually open up like a real valve wood you can customize the color of your bottle you can customize your line color pretty much anything you want the size of the bottles he’s got a bunch of different variations you can even set up the bottle for an optional boost system if you want to set it up with the engine to actually create more

Performance i mean look at the stickers you can’t get much more detailed than this these things are completely legit they’re lightweight they come with these mounting plates back here so you’re able to pretty much mount them to any surface and i mean i couldn’t ask for a better top off as far as the official nos pocket bike 2.5 goes here’s his business card and

Check out his store in the description he was really easy to work with super nice guy i’m he’s worked on movies like the fast and furious and just countless other projects and these things really just topped off the bike hope everyone enjoyed nice pocket bike 2.5 let me know your thoughts below should we engine swap it thanks for watching guys i’ll see you next time

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NOS POCKET BIKE 2.5! By Dylon Desbiens