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Nuclear Physicist REACTS to THE SIMPSONS Nuclear Power Plant Episodes

Nuclear Physicist REACTS to THE SIMPSONS Nuclear Power Plant Episodes

Physicist and today it’s simpson’s time   into it so this episode is called government   welcome very stirring sir oh  here they come called me smithers the detector is like all the way maxed out not  off to a good start yeah i suppose it’s normal   facility it’s funny how he says you’ll find   that in every well-maintained

Nuclear facility  this is probably what you will not find in a   playgrounds and hospitals sorry gum used to   seal crack in cooling tower i’m as shocked as you  are plutonium rod okay i guess this is like an   over exaggerated uh episode we’re watching there’s  uh just resting my eyes ah well done a rested  employee is a

Vigilant employee monitoring station   unmanned look here inspector are they all swimming  in some radioactive goo and where did that come   from can i speak to you privately in my office  mr burns in 20 years i have never seen such a   shoddy deplorable oh look some careless person has  left thousands and thousands of dollars

Just lying   here on my coffee table uh smithers why don’t  we leave the room and hopefully when we return   the pile of money will be gone waiting to see if  he’s gonna get the money there’s the money in a   very stupid man are still here burns if i didn’t  know better i think you were trying to bribe me   is there some

Confusion about this take it take it  take it you poor slow mr burns i’m gonna overlook   this felony however i will not overlook the 342  violations i have observed at your plant today   342 violations in this place up the code   i will shut it down good day oh well a little  dab of paint here a little spat spackle there  

How much could it possibly cost to fix this place  out south approximately 56 million dollars sir 56   million in me sir oh that i had the strength to  take it out on you smithers let’s go i we alone   not sure where the pool of liquid green   next video it was a little bit short though  so i’m actually thinking to search for

One   so i guess if i write seems to nuclear power plant  okay let’s see if we can find something that is   um something interesting the nuclear power  plant fire drill sounds interesting we’re   good morning sir care for some  coffee no the premise of a new   we need some excitement around here chinese  checkers

Are domestic sir no no something fun   drill but what kind uh how is safety drill   done a lit mad dog drill blimp attack a mad   all right popcorn’s ready nobody cares  that’s the fire alarm we gotta get out of   me imagine there was actual  fire in the fire pond okay room there is like the radiation signs on  

No radiation inside the door inside the   who’s to take this long what’s a good time  for a mass evacuation of the entire plant   to 15 minutes damn nation what kind of  why would he lock the door for the rest   what a disgraceful display i’ve seen more orderly  behavior in a ritz brothers film you will need   a serious

Listening teamwork maybe he does but i  okay so this was quite a short video uh  what you think and what you want me to  video than that don’t forget to like and  subscribe and hit the bell notification   here it’s been elina your friendly nuclear  physicist and until next time see you soon

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Nuclear Physicist REACTS to THE SIMPSONS Nuclear Power Plant Episodes By Elina Charatsidou