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Numb Hands From Riding a Motorcycle? | Check Your Gloves

I discuss my experience with numb hands when I returned to riding a motorcycle after several years of not riding.

Oh another speed limit sign you’re killing me uh and that speed limit sign ruined everything i’ll just get ready to have a good time that’s one of the struggles of riding a vmax too much horsepower not enough speed limit you have to be in the right area to have fun i am not in the right area today so i decided to take you down a different area i

Haven’t been this way i don’t believe on a motovlog for today’s topic i want to talk about something that i had experienced last year right after getting the vmax and it was something that i hadn’t experienced before so i thought i would share that with anybody out there that’s maybe new to writing or maybe just getting back into writing if you experience anything

That i experienced maybe this will be helpful but what i noticed was that even though i wasn’t out riding for very long my hands were getting numb and one of course would think okay well yeah you’re riding a vmax to some degree you might be terrified so you’re probably holding on tight you’ve probably got a death grip on the hand grips and on the throttle but

That wasn’t the case because again i was an experienced writer and experienced with power although not this powerful but there wasn’t anything about the bike that actually intimidated me or had me nervous or anything like that that would cause me to grip tighter than i had gripped before so i started doing a little bit of troubleshooting and of course one of the

Things that i had purchased before even getting a bike was all new equipment because i mentioned before that i got my rid of my my last motorcycle several years earlier and had given away all of my equipment because i just didn’t anticipate ever riding again so i had to start from scratch last year and i had all of the equipment ready to go prior to getting the

Vmax and of course equipment has changed over the years and i took advantage of that and just by the way all of my riding gear is listed in the description below and at some point i will do a video kind of an overview of all of my riding gear but anyway so i started from scratch bought everything new and like i said the technology has changed riding gear has

Changed so i went with some of the things that a little offer a little more protection such as the armor on the pants the jacket the gloves and so long story short it finally dawned on me that it was probably the gloves that were causing my problem and i thought okay well maybe these are a little bit tight i normally wear medium maybe these are a little bit tight

So let me find another pair of gloves but after inspecting these gloves a little bit further and then actually wearing the gloves in the house i decided let’s try that so we can rule out whether or not it’s got anything to do with me you know having a tight grip or anything like that so i put the gloves on in the house and realized yeah that was the problem

These were definitely a little bit too tight so i ordered more and in the meantime while i was waiting for those to come in i decided just wear regular leather gloves that i wear for other uses such as uh during the winter and i put some gloves on that are well broken in because that was one of my thoughts was well maybe the gloves just aren’t broken in so as

I was trying to wear the gloves around the house they just didn’t seem like that was going to help any and a lot of it was because of the the armor the knuckle armor that is now on the on so many gloves and they happen to be on the pair of gloves that i had purchased and was using and that is like a rubber material it’s called tpu thermoplastic polyurethane

It’s kind of a cross between rubber and plastic and there’s got a little there it has a little bit of give to it but it’s not anything that’s going to stretch out over time oh another speed limit sign you’re killing me slow it down but anyway uh so i realized that yeah this isn’t like a typical glove or anything else that you wear that eventually would stretch

Out over time this stuff is heavy duty and it’s not going anywhere so i decided to order another pair of gloves just like them except one one size larger and long story short that did the trick so but i can tell you that those reinforced knuckles or the you know the knuckle armor that stuff is not going to stretch out and it’s not going to give so and there are

Different types of gloves because i entertained that as well something that wasn’t quite as reinforced and had more uh rubber like material behind it that looked like it might stretch a little bit more but i decided to give the uh joe rocket large a try and it’s it’s been working out ever since and i don’t really have the problem with the the numb hands anymore

Because obviously those things were just pinching a nerve and causing some irritation and there were times i just simply had to pull over unfortunately i wasn’t that far from home but i just had to pull over because i just wasn’t feeling anything when all that was happening so that kind of took the fun out of it there for a little bit until i figured that out

But nonetheless i just wanted to share that for those of you that are you know struggling or you get back into it and wonder why am i why are my hands numb and if you’ve got the uh knuckle armor that could very well be the issue or maybe the gloves themselves are just simply too tight so if that’s the case try a different pair of gloves that you’re used to wearing

Maybe not motorcycle gloves but some other gloves that you can at least do some troubleshooting and find out if that’s the problem now that’s not to suggest that hanging on too tight may not be a problem for you again a lot of new riders potentially could experience that because they’re just hanging on too tight they’re nervous or whatever think that that’s

The way you need to hang on as a golfer i can relate to that because when i first started playing the game of golf i was putting a death grip on the club and yeah my hands were sore after playing golf or practicing so you learn to grip it a little bit lighter and everything works out fine and you no longer have sore hands but the same can be true with riding a

Motorcycle so you just have to watch for that but like i said in my case it was clearly the glove so it can be an easy solution but that’s all i had so for any new riders or maybe riders coming back and getting new gear uh be on the lookout for that so hopefully you found this information useful if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you like what i have

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Numb Hands From Riding a Motorcycle? | Check Your Gloves By Jeff Marcum