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But at the moment it’s looking good i’ll tell you a little secret about why that might be oh everyone george here and this is my awaz a high line 400. i’ve not done an update on it for a little while so here we are really really happy with it it’s been running almost trouble free now for a couple of weeks and i know that because i’ve been away for a few weeks

And i came back and it looks great um really happy thanks so much to my beautiful wife emma for feeding the liquid fertilizer and feeding the fish that was all that was happening whilst i was away that’s a great thing about having a lid i’m just going to put the lights on so one of the main advantages in my mind that having a lid is to prevent evaporation which

Is always an issue when you’re away from a home from any length of time i do miss having luminous tanks to be fair i lent my um bent my escape line 60 to ties treatment i’m actually seeing him tomorrow so i wonder if we’ll see anything that he’s created in there that’d be exciting um i guess i should talk about the system and the inhabitants and the plants

And the experiences i’ve had so far i’ll talk about all the equipment at the end i think the plants and the fish are the most interesting in the scape itself the composition of the escape which is this main piece of wood well there’s three pieces of wood altogether the original concept was created for the discus aquascape that was set up a couple of years now i

Think mixed kind of reactions to the discus tank mixed experiences mixed levels of success long story short i don’t think discus are suitable for my lifestyle so i decided to rescape all the plants almost kept some of the anubias as you can see and added a load of new different fish all tetris except for the new hatchet fish in fact these were featured in the

Last vlog i think featuring escape there we go they look great don’t they beautiful just hanging around at the surface and speaking of the surface and look how clear that service is actually immaculate and those fish just should up and down so beautifully um so the fish are a mixture of blueberry tetris which are the biggest tetras let’s see if i can get some i

Do have my 4k fancy camera now repaired so i’m really excited about creating some beautiful cinematic footage of this skate once it’s fully matured so these are the blueberry tetra is the kind of magence purpley pinky colors then we have the lemon tetras but these are in fact an orange kind of form and then there’s the the original kind of yellow form which is

Here and toys treatment did tell me an interesting story about the difference but i can’t remember right now and we have the bent i usually in tetris is here which are the taller bodied those are the really interesting dorsal fin and plant wise let’s talk about the plants the obvious so this is the beautiful echinodorus ozolots and it’s getting near the surface

Now i think it’s a 50 or 60 centimeter high tank 55 maybe and then these other two species and i don’t actually know how to identify them this is a bit embarrassing um definitely one’s red flame and i’m pretty sure one’s red diamond let’s go back to let’s go to the anubias mostly the petite anubis petite which is obviously growing on the rocks in the wood is an

Epiphytes plant that’s how it prefers to grow it’s also a shade loving plant so ideally you don’t want to have too much light otherwise it will trigger algae and i have experienced several bouts of bba but at the moment it’s looking good and i’ll tell you a little secret about why that might be put this light on again okay so this is a bit naughty and i’ve been

Told off kind of thing by twin star because i’ve got two twin star lights in here one’s a 1200 one’s a 900 sorry for the flickering 900 is right at the back and the 1200s towards the back as well and that’s to avoid too much light hitting the front now when i go away when i’m traveling i’m not observing the tank day-to-day i actually turn sorry about flickering

Let me try this angle here i actually this is dirt isn’t it that’s a bit embarrassing um i actually turned this one off and take it out in fact there’s a whole aquarium and i just run this one right at the back because all of the plants at the front are relatively easy and since i’ve been doing that regularly the algae has really disappeared from the front so

I think it’s more about lighting control than anything else regarding the algae in this tank the new bs petites mostly there is some anubias mini coin kind of intermittently spread around just to give an enhanced texture there so i’m definitely down there i’ll tell you that is barely bigger than the grains of soil and that’s interesting isn’t it we’re growing

The anubias there actually in the substrate which we didn’t normally do interesting loads of different crypts i can’t remember the all the species names it’s at least five different species and we do have this relatively new plant here which is mata glottis prey toy now is my understanding that danalay produced this at the moment if i do i have heard rumors that

Tropica might be producing it as well please don’t quote me on that i’ll find out and let you know in a future video more crips on the other side it’s quite a symmetrical layout as you can see i like symmetry though i do like a bit of symmetry in my aquascaping if i’m honest with myself we always talk about the rule thirds and golden ratio but when you think

About it actually humans are attracted to other humans through a symmetrical face so that’s interesting isn’t it let’s have a little look through the right hand side looking good i’ve actually turned the co2 off so the micro bubbles aren’t distracting us too much let’s come around this side good i was a surface skimmer here this is their bigger model the 600.

And then we’ve got the dry weir this is really interesting for those aren’t aware otherwise they actually drill the inlet of their filter and i’ll show you in a minute and all of the electrical cables all of the filter hoses come through here instead of around the back and through cutouts in the back so it means just a really neat system we can actually have the

Aquarium right up to the back wall glass here is actually is black glass it isn’t painted it doesn’t have a um background acrylic background or anything like that um so it’s just a really high quality product there was a high line system really really big fan and i’ve had this aquarium now at home for we’ll say at least two years maybe three years this is cool

Isn’t it a little feeding hole we’ll feed the fish before we go i think okay let’s talk about the engine room what’s going on down here and might look a bit messy and complex but it’s actually quite straightforward i’ll divide it up into simple sections filtration and liquid fertilizers and root tabs on the left cat and maintenance kit on the right let’s take a

Closer look these are the wires a biomaster six no they’re not they’re the these are the wires a biomaster 850s at the moment the biggest filter in the range complete with inline co2 here supplied by my good friends greenleaf aquarium of course and then standard media in here no chemical media at all although i have heard of great reports about people upgrading

Their media is something i’ve not done and i haven’t seen the need to do yet but understand everyone’s got their own taste choices etc liquid fertilizers just trialing out the apt um three is it yeah getting good results as you can see healthy plants and then the tropica nutrition capsules here uh dechlorinator from fritz aquatics cheers to those guys for

Sponsoring the tunnel and my favorite fritz product of all time the glass cleaner talked about this in a few videos but just a quick rundown it polishes the glass it doesn’t just clean the glass it leaves a microfilm which prevents water staining etc and it’s non-toxic as well so i really enjoy it see we’ve talked about inline diffuser with a pressurized cylinder

Here refillable from my local aquarium gardens and then high end high spec a beautiful co2 regulator here from greenleaf aquariums it’s going to last me a lifetime absolute groups of engineering great and then my big bucket of all my maintenance kit in here more fish food and that’s it loads of extensions in the back i don’t have any power bars or smart plugs or

Anything at the moment i actually like to keep it old school not mechanical timers etc i know it’s a bit old-fashioned but here we go is tommy hello you’re a good boy what have you got hey come on then you want to play yeah

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OASE HIGHLINE 400 UPDATE – NEW SWORDS!! 💚❤️ By George Farmer