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Oil Change Ninja 500R

motorcycle oil change for a Ninja 500R

Well it’s time to change the oil matter of fact it’s way way way past time to change the oil on my 500 min jar so first thing i do is take this bottom telling-off and it’s a on this bike it’s a large phillips which is kind of stupid because it’s kind of hard to get off it should be more of a socket bolt or maybe an allen bolt i found that works if you put it in a

Socket adapter i’ve already tried with the screwdriver and i couldn’t get it and the one on this side now i’ve got it free to loose someone leave it in just a little bit to get the bottom ones off now in the bottom there’s two in here one here and one over here the bones and this piece connecting them all together i believe that’s a 10 which it is you know they got

A good and loose number that might take them both off i probably should have already done this but i’m going to put the bike on this understand just makes things a little easier so have i taken the sewer cowling off it exposes the oil filter which is right here also the oil plug which is down here i believe that’s a 17 off the check on that but i’m gonna go ahead

And slide this box under here for the plastic container to catch the majority of the oil now see if i can get that little filter off and yes i can let it drip right into the thing a little fine threads it takes a while to turn it off and i got it off here’s the threads where it comes off and your felt there was right there yeah i got my seventeen millimeter wrench

Good chest i was correct that is the right size lynch remember righty-tighty lefty-loosey lucy’s this way just unscrew it try not to get your hands covered in oil but usually always happens get the bolt out the punch yeah that was pretty black i sure hope we don’t overflow that now contain you i have there looks like it might be getting close looks like it’s a

Bath they overflow i’m gonna put the plug back in well i can figure out how to get rid of some of the oil good lesson have the white sized container i actually have a bunch of them but of course i can’t find any em when i need them well i found another container see if i can slide this guy for just a little bit drop this other guy in here i’ll take the boat back

Out got the new wire colter there’s a little wing on the top of this you want to make sure you put the loyal on it you can use your old oil it doesn’t really matter just want to make sure it’s wet and then you thread it back on simply the other one was and you just do it hand tight you don’t have to do it real tight there you go then you got to put the plug back

In make sure it’s got the washer on it and of course use a wrench to make sure that’s tight and this is where you put the oil in up here and since i can’t get this off by hand which i should easily be able to do use a adjustable wrench i was going to use an adjustable wrench i tried to use this adjustable wrench and it’s got the spring thing on it so you have to

Put it on the correct way and of course the engine is too big and i can’t get it in there so now i got a smaller one this one should work make sure you wipe off any dirt there might be around this edge doesn’t fall inside says 3.4 liters of oil and this is for cords this is three point seven eight five liters so that’s definitely a three point four so most of this

But not all of this probably a shorter funnel would be nice but i don’t have one and i’m just gonna put a little more in i got a there’s a window down on the bottom you can verify and it’s full or not in this particular model there’s a little window right down here that you can see as the oil comes in right now it’s a little more than half full and i add a little

More so i want to get it closer to floor navigate weeds fall i know it’s really not completely full because i haven’t cranked the motor up in there’s probably a couple of air spots air cavities in it so but i’m nearly out of this or maybe this much in the bottom left so it’s pretty good for now i’m going to close this up close the bike up and then great get for

A little ride and see sure glad i had that cardboard box under there because we had a big spill in this case i just have to a little bit of elbow grease and a wagon i’m done i’m gonna put the cowling back on because i don’t need to get into this part and i can still see the window see the edge of the couch line the holes up so if the screw by hand there’s a non

Washer in between here too let’s protect the counting from cracking is often i’m just kind of snugging them up a little bit until they get all the bolts on make sure you still got the metal washer on ease and because you’re going into plastic you don’t want to tighten it too tight you’ll crack all around so just snug it up tell that upon a minute now i’m just

Gonna let the bike sit a couple minutes and then we checked the oil may take a few minutes for it to settle down inside the engine so you have it’s only about half full so i don’t really want to overfill it um yeah so the bobo is just gone so tweeting for and i’m gonna put a little bit of oil on the threads hopefully that screw will come out or the cap will come

Out much easier next time you

Transcribed from video
Oil Change Ninja 500R By robert Brown