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Oil change on my 2021 MT09

Quick oil change on my 2021 Yamaha MT09. Simple tools, Bro mechanic tips and technics anyone cane do! Enjoy!

What’s going on youtube yamayati here welcome to the channel and today we’re working on the 2021 mt09 that’s parked behind me so here’s the deal for some reason i thought that the first oil change was at a thousand miles and it’s actually at 600 so give or take i’m about 400 miles past due but no sweat we’re going to take care of that right now we got the new oil

We got the new filter we got a hammer a screwdriver 17 millimeter socket and that’s all you need so check it out enjoy and that’s good hey youtube if any of this content interests you do me a huge favor don’t forget to hit the like button if you want go ahead and subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification to be notified of all new uploads all right

Guys first thing you’re going to do is grab your ratchet and break that bolt it is tight man so be careful you don’t hit your engine slide that pan in place and if your oil pan has got a catcher like mine don’t worry too much about it but if not do not lose the bolt or the washer super sensitive for the install later go ahead and just let it drain all the way and

You should be good to go so now i’m going to stand the bike up center i didn’t have a stand available because it was on mars 3 but i’m just doing this to basically drain as much oil as i can into the pan before i do a trick that i’m going to show you guys in a second but make sure you put your screw on before you go to the next step which i’m fixing to show you now

Now one thing you can do is just get a 2×4 and stick it behind the bike and what i do is i roll the tire on top of that piece of wood what that’s going to do is lift up the bike a few more inches up in the air and it’s going to help push out that oil towards the front once i get it pretty much where i want it and i put the kickstand back down i’m going to go ahead

And go back and i’m going to take that bolt out and i’m going to let all the oil drain out this time to completion once it’s done draining go ahead and put your washer and bolt back in place tighten it up to spec and go ahead and wipe down all the excess oil off the engine casing once you turn on the bike it’ll start to burn and smell and it could stain it so to

Avoid that go ahead and give it a good wipe down once you’re done with that you’re gonna have to remove this filter now i don’t have the tool and sometimes i get lucky and i could just take it off with my hand but in this case i had to use these big plumber pliers we all have those right so go ahead and try that if not like this happen it popped a hole in it i

Usually have been doing this in the past i just get a hammer and a screwdriver now in this case you want to stay towards the front of the filter because there is a screw that pops out into the filter that it attaches to you’ll see it once i remove it but just go ahead and hammer a screwdriver on the front of the filter all the way through if you have to unless

You have the tool and once you go all the way through you can just barely push it forward and you’re gonna see as in this video it just loosened up a little bit now once it loosens up i could then just get those plumber pliers and go ahead and just carefully start squeezing and removing the filter once you break it loose it’s not really a big deal because you

Can just do use your hand and just twist it off the rest of the way go ahead and let it drain and you’re good to go go ahead and get your new filter and on the rubber gasket that comes with it put some oil on it as you see me doing here just so it seats better onto the engine casing thread it on as best as possible with your hand and then on this k n filter it

Actually has the socket adapter for the 17 millimeter ratchet go ahead and tighten it up to spec and there you are totally complete once you’re all tightened up go ahead and get your chamois or your rag and wipe down the filter and all the surrounding areas like i said earlier man when your engine gets really hot it starts to burn and it could stain stuff so just

To avoid that i just wipe it all down and make sure that it’s good to go go ahead and remove your oil cap should come off pretty easy if not you may have to just apply a little pressure and uh once that comes off completely just go ahead and get a long funnel on this new mt09 the engine casing on the side is pretty big so my funnel wasn’t working so i just ran down

To autozone picked up this new funnel it’s like three bucks and it worked out pretty well okay guys we’re on the home stretch we’re gonna pour just about three quarts of oil into the motorcycle so that’s usually where i go be careful not to spill any pour it in the funnel go ahead and remove that funnel don’t spill any i’m really ocd so i hate spilling oil on the

Floor put your oil cap back on and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn on the motorcycle for a little bit we’re going to get that oil filter full of oil we’re going to get that engine cycle so that way all the oil can get displaced all over the engine then after we run it for probably about two to three minutes usually is what i do i go ahead and

Listen for the engine as well make sure it doesn’t sound funny or anything like that go ahead and shut it off check your oil level you’ll see there that the oil is pretty much sucked down pour a little more as needed until it’s at the proper level and after that you’ve pretty much done your first oil change it’s pretty simple hope you guys enjoyed the video if

You have any questions comments or observations go ahead and let me know

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Oil change on my 2021 MT09 By YamaYari