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Onyx RCR troubleshooting a flickering display with a motor cut out

In this video I help troubleshoot a flickering display and motor cut out, when all other accessories are still working (without using a multi meter, or looking for trouble codes from the controller)

Wanted to make a real quick video there’s an onix owner out there that has taken their onyx out of storage and they’ve been countered to issues ones of flickering display and the other one is a motor that appears to be cutting out i wanted to give a how-to on on diagnosing and and try to make it as simple as possible without using any multimeters all right now

I’m on the left hand side of the bike if you’re looking from behind and i’ve taken everything off underneath the battery but still in the little bay that houses the controller you’ll see two connectors these both go follow this loom up and go to your display big connector is for all the leds turn signal high beams the different modes you read in the small one is

Power feet it’s got a 72 volt power feet it’s got a 12-volt power feed from the step-down and it’s got two grounds and i’ll tell you show you where those go but you want to whisk are wiggling this but first just wiggle it look at your display while you’re doing this with the bike on wiggle-wiggle-wiggle anything no now get a little more aggressive start pushing

In on the wires while holding the back side do it on both sides if that doesn’t do anything take it apart visually inspect our pins more recessed if sub scoot them back in as far as you can push it back in see if that does anything if that doesn’t now you want to go back to here this big black loom covering a bunch of wires start doing this about halfway down

A little bit for three-quarters of the way down you’ll actually feel a little all this spot on here monitor your display while you’re doing this see if they’d actually if this this very well could make your display start working again if not pull the loom back and what you’ll find is that they used essentially a spot in the loom as a junction block they ran a

Bunch of wires and split them off in all different directions so your ground wire that goes through this display is one of four wires that runs into another ground wire that ultimately runs back to that junction block that was talking about on the other side there is a chance that your ground wire that goes up to your display is loose or disconnecting looking at

Mine i can see that actually some of mine are already exposed and uncovered or insulated with anything so that that’s a likely spot this issue could be from on also on the power side 12-volt power side there is another connector i can’t show you while filming but i’ll maybe i’ll take a picture and post it up to two red wires going into one inspect that as well

It’s because it’s less wires i think it’s less likely but while you’re checking you’re looking at your display you’re looking forward to go solid if that doesn’t work normally i’d say clear cut you’ve got a display that’s going out it happens they’re not they’re cheap not to buy but to build and to go on amazon i can send the link and get a new display actually

If i had to guess that probably will fix it but because you also have a motor issue the next thing you want to do is i actually i don’t think they can be related i don’t think a display as you can can affect a motor issue that junction block could affect everything but it would affect everything and the more things you have working tells me it’s a very specific

Issue but for your motor now what you want to do is relatively simple once you’ve taken everything apart you have two connectors i’m back on the right-hand side you have two connectors that look similar to each other once plugged in once not this one has a cap on it simply remove this cap and undo unclick this one now these are your hall sense wires these do the

Exact same thing they gave me an extra one just in case god forbid you or they get a shortened one of these wires so you want to now swap them take the cap off remove the other connector put this one in its place and then fire up your bike and ride it around obviously don’t go in a straight line just go go around the block and see if that solves that problem i

Don’t think they can be connected the more i think about it but i don’t know everything so you’ll see this is a this will be interesting let me know how it goes i hope it helps or if anyone else is having any issues similar let me know if you anyone has feedback – i’d love to bounce ideas off each other

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Onyx RCR troubleshooting a flickering display with a motor cut out By Minimember Customs