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Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship | Track Walk With Travis Pastrana

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Right here we’re at the pastrana land pit by championships uh it’s gonna be pretty amazing we have 11 teams fighting out with 22 brand new kawasaki klx 110s that way we take all the cheating away we’re pretty sure that joe dirt didn’t cheat last time but just to make sure because of him beating us by a half lap we’ve got all these kawasaki’s how do you feel about

That jared hey that’s probably me i wasn’t cheating so we’re good it’s looking good about time that showed up throw some bars on her let’s go wiggles index we’re in the game boys i’m just getting there i think i’ve never had a brand new pip bag before well off so i’m pretty stoked hey even if it turns out to be just for this one race it’s better than nothing how

They looking good enough to freaking win the race tomorrow on right 726 out front all day tomorrow we got so much rain it was like a monsoon here that basically the track is sitting on mud so it’s just this kind of crusty top layer um not exactly ideal everyone’s got the same track so it’s going to be kind of like an outdoor national hey so if you have anything

To say about any sections um tell the cameras yeah man duff couldn’t make it out so i’m just taking notes for him let him know where he can just trash everybody into the trees no big deal there’s a good spot right over here this is the greg duffy special last year he was checking up right here and banking off this well i didn’t know and he hit the brakes i

Landed right on his back right here took me out of the main event blame it all and go oh look a wall it’ll send you into space well like you see this right here the center it actually didn’t mess up too bad but that side and this side not that bad it’s not that bad if you go to this one you have to hit the ramp part of that jump it is illegal to hit the dirt

Part you gotta hit the mat like because if you go around that it would be faster going inside you ain’t trying i’m not sure what i got myself into absolutely no clue even the guys are going like oh my god that’s big so i’m saying the exact same thing as her and they write those things all the time and i don’t holy crap that’s so blind hey if you jump to the

Left you will stick we can’t pack it with the bobcats we just make huge ruts so everyone going down trying to pack the hill don’t be worried about the landing on the hill with momentum in soft dirt i think you have a lot to worry about sometimes i get confused with my left and right right maybe i’ll just hit the pole and put myself out of misery right away how

Do you think about this one here huh i think that’s scarier than this except if you case it you’re coming you’re uh we’ll see you at the hospital how you this section scares me and that double on the back scares me as far as i’m concerned the name of this track is hubert’s revenge for every dumb thing we’ve ever done at this house and all the things he’s had to

Fix all of us are here at one time he’s gonna take us out with one foul swoop good for you hooper say i look at it it’s just dirt i’m just shaping it and however it needs to be so you as a rider should look at it the same way it’s just dirt yeah but there’s a big air quotes around ryder for me okay you

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Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship | Track Walk With Travis Pastrana By Nitro Circus