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Patagonia Motorcycle Ride: Riding Across Tierra Del Fuego!

Inspired by the “Long Way” motorcycle adventure series (Long Way Round, Long Way Down and Long Way Up) my Dad and I did a week long motorcycle ride in Patagonia.

Day two of our epic father-son ride in patagonia had us heading back north across tierra del fuego instead of sticking to the pavement we planned to cut across the middle of the island and stop at the only king penguin colony in south america penguino ray park then back along the coast of the strait of magellan where we’d spend the night in the coastal town

Of poor veneer but before heading out we wanted to ride up to the overlook above ushuaia as the view is supposed to be spectacular so after breakfast at our hostel we packed up our bikes said goodbye to our wonderful hosts and headed up the mountain and as you’ll see we made several new four-legged friends along the way it might be a little bit hard to

See but the view here is just amazing oh okay all right get out of here they just dogs and do not like all right um no gracias i think there’s one more spot down around the bend too so we can try unless you want some marijuana before we go nothing never mind we’re heading north now again on three and the sky is blue yesterday was

So overcast this view of the andes here just outside usual absolutely amazing just incredible and we’re going to go up here a little bit farther kind of weave our way through this pass again and then back down instead of going into rio grande we’re gonna cut across on the dirt uh just across the middle of tierra del fuego instead of going back along the

Usual path along the coast so that should be interesting there’s not a whole lot out there to figure out a place to get gas so so penguins are over there the intersection up here no not yet we’re going i think we’re going all the way down there and then back up all right founded by a local magellanic family panguino ray park opened

Its doors in 2011 as a protected area for the only colony of king penguins in south america the population of the colony has been slowly growing since the first offspring were born in 2013 and the park continues to expand its conservation efforts in the area this was an absolutely fantastic place to visit and if you’re in the area you have to stop so

All right so we’re heading along the coast here um after the penguino ray park hello friends um and both of us are running low on fuel so i’m not sure if we’re going to make it here we still have about 30 40 miles near the end of the tank so it’s going to get a bit dicey bye-bye i officially have the empty signal i’m i am on fumes i don’t know if we’re

Gonna make it okay well here we are poor veneer i think hopefully there’s a gas station in town i mean this is on absolute fumes but at least we’re within sights of the city that was a close one i i honestly did not think that we were going to make it i’ve been on mt for the last 25 miles at least there you go hey how’s that oh yeah you’re good am i good you

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