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Patagonia Motorcycle Ride: Riding to Ushuaia, the end of the world!

Inspired by the “Long Way” motorcycle adventure series (Long Way Round, Long Way Down and Long Way Up) my Dad and I did a week long motorcycle ride in Patagonia.

In 2018 inspired by the long way series with ewan mcgregor and charlie borman my dad and i decided to do a week-long motorcycle ride in patagonia we spent months planning it and now we are here in punta arenas and just about to collect the bikes and get on the road our first official day in punto arenas was a final prep day as we did some final route planning

A packing test run and familiarized ourselves with the bikes by riding to check out monumental sewer this iron monument points due south towards antarctica across the strait of magellan in the morning we’ll take a ferry across the strait to officially kick off the trip while in town we met these three guys who had just completed a 4 500 mile ride from now

Brazil which is in the middle of the amazon rainforest and their bikes were completely covered in mud and dirt and rock looked like an amazing ride so all right we’re uh heading up the coast out of corvanier this is y71 um and we’re just going to follow this around along the edge of the bay and eventually we’ll about another 80 85 miles we’ll

Get our first border crossing into argentina which would be awesome so the ferry ride was pretty cool it’s kind of a fun way to start going across the fema street of magellan and now we’re just rolling on dirt so like those four abandoned look abandon looking buildings on the shore supposedly according to my map one of those is our hostel so we gotta look

At that tonight we may be out eight dollars or we may have to find something else bye all right guys coming through not bad for the first day you wild patting going horses all right see you later guys well we successfully made it through our first border crossing and now we’re just rolling out onto the queens of tierra del fuego we’re heading south

Towards ushuaia which is the southernmost city in the world and it’s supposed to be an amazing place there’s a mountain range between us in the city though so the ride to get this would be pretty amazing do do do do do all right there it is there it is we’ve made it to ushuaia southernmost city in the world this is absolutely amazing oh

Man this is crazy well we’ve been here for about seven minutes and i think i’m already lost we’re trying to find the end of the world sign which is around here so oh oh boy and now we’re just on some dirt road getting chased by dogs and i don’t know where we’re just gonna keep going here and along the coast and eventually run into it i hope you

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