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Pedaled the Onyx RCR Home! 23ah Battery

Boosting the controller blew the fuse to the 23ah battery! Good thing I have 10!

Oh and my bike just cut off my bike just cut off seriously uh i got a pedal all the way home are you kidding me hopefully the wind ain’t too bad i balanced it we’re gonna see how it goes 49 i started with 80 2.8 volts well it was at 83 but then i started going i went to 82.2 but we’ll see how far it goes until it drops down from 48 and 49 on here to 46 for

Top speed but now finally developing my confidence to one wheel or one-hand drive ride one wheel ride but that’s it i haven’t tried we’ll eat this thing yet whoa did not even mean to click that first time doing a microwave that was kind of cool i gotta remember to stand up when that happens because that hurts the ass quite a bit but yeah this thing holding up a

Little better guessing the battery balance hope that a little bit because now it’s going half with sag there then it’s still 47 hasn’t dropped to 46 yet so i’m guessing the balancing recently didn’t help the battery a little bit the first day i rode with the balance it didn’t really show much change but that was yesterday but oh now it’s 46. never mind never mind

Let’s pull over and see how the battery is quick no one’s behind me i’m gonna pull over here quick pull over and see where the battery’s at on this thing it should be still close to full i would think oh yeah still good i don’t know if you guys notice the way i’m holding the throttle right now right now full blown like that like most people but i’ve heard this

Is the moto gp way but this twist throttle on air just operates or at least it’s got finger placements that kind of encourage this handling and i like it so i’m hoping that it translates to other motorcycles better foot grip because i’m not even going with the domino throttle on this i see no reason to i actually really like this throttle i prefer it it’s easier to

Manage you’re less likely to whiskey throttle yourself it’s just better auto that’s not no real man at all i don’t give a about that i don’t give a about other men other people leaving me a real man that shit’s corny that’s like that alpha male red pill youtube now i’m going i’m not even gonna go to the full stop that loophole culture baby all right now we

Gotta stand up here stand taking that not standing major butt hurt and i went through that corner way too fast there way too fast almost felt like my bike was gonna flop over but these narrow ass so whenever i ride here i’m always on the side don’t really need to be but i do did not mean to do that meant to hit my blinker foreign cars man i probably could have

Went past it but oh yeah i love how easy this thing is maneuver both your knees i expected with the narrow wood cover for the battery cover i thought it would be really hard but it’s actually pretty easy pretty damn easy now stopping down to 43 miles per hour yeah this battery man i’m debating whether i want to get a new battery or just a new bike i think i’m

Gonna probably i saw there’s a hyper motard for like eight thousand dollars a 2014 ducati hypermotard which is my dream bike by the way for just under eight thousand dollars it was like 78.99 or something like that it makes me think what’s wrong with it you know it is a dealer and i expect them to be a little bit more fixed up than a private seller but that’s

Not always the case so i’m not sure part of me thinks there’s some things wrong with it but i want it really bad but if there’s things wrong with it it’s going to cost a fortune to fix it and it’ll probably end up being the cost of like a new ducati at that point so for me it’s like i don’t even know what’s the point of even doing that you know it just doesn’t

Seem like uh smart adjustment if there’s things wrong with it but if there’s not you know be pretty cool to have a hypermotard but then again desmo services i don’t know if i want to do that and i’m 31 years old i live in my mom and dad right now saving up money and i can move out at any time but right now i want to wait and get the plays in the location i want

To live in and there’s nothing open there so in front of me thanks safe why not spend a little bit of money on the ducati but i don’t know being a dude who lives with his mom and dad at 31. i don’t know if that’s a smart investment you know especially since my car isn’t in the best condition it stalls when it’s trying to shift gears so i don’t know it’s been a

While since i’ve got an oil change that was a up on my part i had uh one year mileage stuff which is set to work but i don’t know if it did i don’t know if it does but it happened after i uh overheated the engine which wasn’t because the oil was because my coolant was leaking so i don’t know so i’ll have to get my engine checked i’ll probably do that first before

I get a new bike though but i’m either gonna trade this in or get a new battery because if i get a new battery i’m probably gonna wait and get a new bike after after the winter time and i kind of want to mess around with this thing in the snow a little bit and i feel like selling it look how low that sag is man two bar side we gotta pull over we gotta pull over

We’re gonna see see what’s going on here i don’t know if that’s something i should be alarmed with but we’ll check it out but two more sag okay we’re still halfway we’re good all right let’s go if i if there’s times where if i keep going and i don’t turn the bike off the battery will straight up shut off on me so you gotta be careful gotta turn it off every

Once in a while and then as you see it pops all the way back up to half battery so that’s the problem i’m dealing with with this stupid ass battery uh 23 amp hour non-self balancing battery it’s it’s a pain in the ass man so i love this bike besides that i just wish it would go faster and get a bigger battery so i don’t know i’m debating whether i want to

Just get like a really big ass battery or just get the upgrade from onyx even their battery won’t even push this battery all the way to the peak from what i’ve heard but then again i’ve heard that it pushes it to on the ground with a horsepower at least one that’s above it but gives it the same top speed as the upgrade battery from onyx so i don’t know how to

Read that this battery’s pissing me off because it jumps down so goddamn much and now it’s at the three now it’s half again it was at three now it’s four and a half again god damn it this battery is so unpredictable it pisses me off it just pisses me off man oh hey nice nice that’s it’s sick man they got demolition going on over there yeah dude but yeah

Once i got a new battery i gotta stop squeaking man geez uh once i get a new battery i’ll probably have to put the sucker into sicko like up it up into sicko mode not right away i’m not that ballsy like i’m ballsy i’m ballsy gotta did ballsy to be on a motorbike but i’m not that ballsy oh hell no i don’t know yeah i i just brain farted there i gotta ease into it

That’s what i meant to say we’ll jump down here into the gravy creek park whipper in the gravel here turn this off turn it back on see where we’re at okay oh b right there oh god damn let’s get away from the bee get away from the bay that beat was just like eyeballing my bike like oh what’s up you wanna go sizing up i’m a buzzer for god yeah sting the out

Of here oh and my bike just cut off my bike just cut off seriously uh i gotta pedal all the way home are you kidding me my bike just cut off there was four bars no no i gotta pedal this all the way home across town this is gonna suck my quads are gonna die all right this piece of god damn it dude wait a minute let’s see it just beeped again let’s see if

That’ll do anything i’m using the regen nope not doing all right that’s stupid now i gotta look like a jackass pedaling this thing home let’s do it wearing all this goddamn gear yeah it’s doing that it should be working but it’s not but yeah we’ll plug it in right away when i get home and we’ll see what happened yeah like we still had plenty of a charge and

It died on me like that i don’t understand it the battery i had balanced did the three-day balancing with the 5 amp hour charger i i don’t get it but this is where we’re at i don’t have to charge it too much i’ll just leave it like this overnight but yeah this 20 what is it 23 amp hour battery it’s a piece of crap man it’s just a piece of crap

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