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Piaggio Liberty S 150cc Review & Test Drive Acceleration Test

Today we check out the Piaggio Liberty S 150 and check out how fast it can accelerate as well as a walk around!

Hey what’s up guys jack and zach here with toasty diy and we’re here with zach because he just picked up this beauty right here so you want to tell everyone what year and make this is this is a 2021 piaggia liberty s 150 cc so yeah you got a pretty big size engine for a moped you know you do need a full motorcycle license for this in in many states if not most uh

Because this bad boy can reach some highway speeds what’s top speed on it uh about 63 miles per hour all right now how many miles per gallon you’re gonna be getting uh according to the speculators about 94 people say anywhere between 90 to 100 depending on how fast you drive and what you put it through and you said that it has like a one and a half gallon tank

A little over one and a half so in theory your range should be about a hundred and fifty hundred and seventy miles um with just one tank of gas on this which will cost you about three bucks so three dollars uh we’ll get we’ll get you pretty far um yeah he got the uh gray color scheme this comes in what three schemes i saw like white black and gray white gray and

I don’t know the last one i think it’s like a bluish color okay yeah i remember seeing it was like an obsidian or something it’s pretty dark but um yeah i mean it i got a chance to kind of ride around the parking lot as well as zach and uh it definitely rides pretty good i’m you know i ride a motorcycle so i’m not used to my feet up there it is very comfy though

One of the main advantages i think of this scooter that we’ll talk about in a minute is just the amount of storage you get but just to talk about the real quick specs um this is basically everything you need to be fully street legal you have your turn signals you have a normal running light you have bright so you can flash on and off you have a horn it does have

A steering wheel lock it has just a standard motorcycle start we do have front abs because we actually have a disc brake up here with a single caliper in the back we have a drum brake so you do a front and rear brakes um we do have like i said the turn signals front and rear brake lights um in the rear and so everything you need to be fully street legal you have

Really nice um antennae mirrors and everything so you want to show them the storage that you get on this real quick zach and show them how to open it as well because i’m sure some people think it’s unlocked but basically just to unlock it electronic lock get that bit on and you can hear that little actuation all right your gasoline in here battery goes right

Here battery goes right better go battery goes right here it looks like you have to actually yeah unscrew it to get to that but i can see yeah it looks like i can have to see the battery and then i think up front we have a fuse box as well nice little tool kit that came with it also in case you need to unscrew anything do any quick roadside maintenance you know

Adjust shocks that sort of thing you want to show them the front one yeah so to unlock this all you have to do is push in the key unlocks the glove compartment it’s not super big but it’s enough to fit you know insurance all that docks and everything i think i might no never mind i was gonna say this almost looked like you could fit a drink here and then close

It but it looks like it goes all the way against it so yeah you’re supposed to put a maybe fit a drink in there but i think realistically it’s going to hold your change maybe yourself on a wallet if you don’t want to lose them you do have a nice bag holder here though it’s like a little maybe this is what they meant by like a drink holder hang a hook on it you

Know just imagine if you take off too quick and you just get wrapped in the nuts you know but another nice part about this is you do actually have uh passenger pegs um that are foldable and you have a really big seat i mean this thing is huge like you could definitely fit yourself bars too yeah you could fit yourself and your passenger really comfy i think this

Is actually for pulling a tube like on a ski unit yeah yeah but yeah no it’s a really nice scooter and one of the things that you said it makes this one a little bit different than a lot of others is you get a really you get a very large tire size right for a scooter yeah so the tires are a bit bigger than a normal scooter which is you know better for first-time

Riders and people who want like a little bit of a comfier ride you’re going to feel the road a little bit wrestled with that feel of the road a little bit less compared to like yeah those smaller small wheel ones it’ll also give you a higher top speed but slower takeoff but realistically this thing’s pretty quick which we are going to get a little bit of um drive

Timing on this you can see the weather is not the greatest we’re over at a pc bros and toasty bros right now so we got some nice uh back roads we can take on this just for a few minutes um to give you guys an idea on how it runs and drives um but uh yeah is there any other features you can really think of going over here one thing we talked about is the price

So okay about msrp on this is like three thousand nine nine dollars three thousand dollars don’t remember exactly but piaggio is running a promotion where you get five hundred dollars off your first responder or in like you know the medical field anything like that so you can get this for 2500 i think is a pretty good steal for the specs on this the best before

Dealer fees and everything else so you might get a little bit more tacked up on that this is the s for super sport but all right so let’s uh yeah let’s throw the gopro on and uh so we are now doing a test drive hopefully the wind noise is sorted out um but we’re not going to be going super fast around corners or anything because uh as you can see it’s very wet

Out like not only is the ground wet but it also has puddles in many spots so we’re gonna definitely take this thing with caution because as many of you know mopeds have relatively small tires this one um is a little bit of an exception we definitely have some nice big tires in there hopefully i can have whatever the actual size is on the screen but uh yeah i mean

Overall though i did actually drive this earlier already on the road for the first time and uh you know it’s actually really enjoyable um you know i will say that the tires have just enough grip to where i never slit or anything hopefully that doesn’t happen during this run um but i also drive with extreme amount of caution because i’m not trying to lay this out

Wearing basketball shorts um but yeah acceleration i think though is actually really respectable i mean just it’s not bad at all it’s also extremely windy so i’m hoping my little puff ball stays on and you guys can still hear me okay so i got the visor closed now um hopefully that doesn’t distort me the volume but yeah so this uh you know 2021 um you know about

As new as it gets right now you got that single cylinder but it really doesn’t feel like a single cylinder you know it could almost pass as a twin like a small twin cylinder because it rides um really smooth you don’t get like that single thumper feel especially at idle and everything it’s not super chunky feeling or anything you know hopping often on the throttle

Very smooth i mean it’s very responsive but it’s not so responsive that you’re gonna do a wheelie or throw yourself off of it so i can actually floor it right now so i’m i’m pedaled to the metal here i mean as you can see the acceleration is very very respectable for a scooter now the brakes are definitely um they’re not touchy at all like i would i would say that

They’re um pretty you got to press them pretty hard to get them uh to really get this thing to stop i don’t know if it’s just because it’s new you know and there’s something that needs to be broken in or what but um like maybe the you know the front uh disc rotor is uh you know glazed or something or has you know some type of fluid on it like oil or something but

You know it definitely takes some force but it stops you know it’s uh it stops and it’s just it’s not quite like my motorcycle is where you know you barely uh press it and it like throws you off a bit um but that’s kind of how everything on this bike is you know everything’s just very unsensitive it’s all very like you know hey you really can’t mess this up too

Bad um so i’m gonna take a little bit further than i did last time last time i didn’t really go too far but i kind of want to see how this thing does just on a you know normal like 35 mile an hour speed limit so i’m cuddled with a metal again gotta make sure i don’t hit this guy in front of me because you know fast scoots but i mean yeah get up getting up and go

Is it’s not bad at all i mean this thing’s pretty fun obviously if you’re into like manuals and shifting you know like a traditional motorcycle you’re not gonna get that on this um are you still gonna have the speed and like the agility of a motorcycle i’d say so i mean i’m definitely uh feeling like i’m on a motorcycle the only real difference is having my legs

In this position is definitely weird it definitely just feels kind of wrong but it works um it’s comfy i know that’s something you want to do you know go for it there’s plenty of uh so yeah guys we just got a quick test drive in i’m still wearing my my gopro gear hopefully this one sounded a lot better than the motorcycle one uh but yeah zach hasn’t even really

Had a chance to like really take this thing out yet but we can tell him i got up to 50. it was pretty easy i was uphill too so i don’t know you might you might be able to get more than the 63 if you try harder you get 90 on it yeah because it’ll top out the speedometer it depends on how much you weigh too i weigh like 145 i you probably weigh like 300 max no i’m

Just kidding but so like if you weigh less you gotta remember this scooter only weighs what’s the weight on it oh like a little over 250 i think so yeah if you only weigh like you know 150 170 pounds this is going to be like a rocket ship compared to someone on it that weighs 300 yeah or two people two people is definitely gonna drag this thing down but you

Gotta remember it’s a single cylinder so it has a lot of low end torque and that’s what you need for something like this so i think that’s pretty much it make sure you like comment and subscribe and we’ll see you guys the next one and we’ll see you guys in the next video alright peace out

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Piaggio Liberty S 150cc Review & Test Drive (Acceleration Test) By Toasty DIY