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Picking up a fresh kx100 and instantly breaking it in

All right everybody good morning good morning it’s super early here uh matter of fact my channel i just got my mom to uh bring me to my buddy sergey’s house to pick up his truck i’m gonna use this truck today we’re gonna pick up a kx100 new bike for the channel uh i’m really just buying it to resell do a couple wheelies on i haven’t i had a dirt bike in a minute so

I’m gonna get this dirt bike and do a couple wheelies i got my gopro i’m gonna uh probably go to a best buy and buy a uh a mount because i don’t know what the hell i do in my mount to put on my helmet and then i’m going to try and get y’all some riding footage because i can wheelie super good everything like that anyway we’re about to borrow my buddy sergey truck

Huge shout out so yeah we’re going to get this kx100 i’m debating on whether i’m running a little late but debating on whether i should go back home and get my ramp so i can load that thing up later by myself you know go ride it around whatever uh i should i mean whatever it shouldn’t really matter because i’ll i’ll be with eve or i’ll be with somebody but yeah

Let’s go get this freaking kx100 i’m gonna let this thing warm up for a couple minutes and we’re gonna head out it’s not a far drive so yeah let’s go get this beast guys i just got here this dick face sent me to a zaxby’s so i told him i was gonna be here at 840. it’s exactly 840 and he’s not here so red flag number one dick face but uh yeah hopefully this thing’s

Clean hopefully he pulls up soon here and i’m not waiting too long but yeah i probably won’t record the interaction but uh as long as it goes well i’ll uh make an update clip and then i’ll have if recorded me ride it around and then i’ll go pick up a amount for my helmet and i’ll ride it on the uh i mean i’ll put the gopro on so yeah hopefully this thing checks

Out all right boys as you guys can see in sergey’s uh broadway mirror just picked it up we’re leaving the guy’s house now he ended up just sending me his address he called me he’s like hey man i guess i don’t know but uh he wanted to meet me at zaxby’s i was like bro this is ridiculous but i didn’t say that to him i didn’t give a i was just trying to get that

Thing to go but uh he hits me up he’s like hey man i don’t have time to load it i got to be at church blah blah blah blah blah all right cool oh just send me your address he sent me his address it’s like one minute down the road so went and picked it up actually had some space to test drive it so that was cool uh it ran super good uh freaking bolt fell out of the

Clutch perch that holds the handle but whatever who cares uh just put another bolt in it but yeah i think runs hella good i can’t wait to uh show you guys it and give a little bit of riding footage i think this thing will uh flow some wheelies pretty good so yeah we’ll see get it back to ify’s house and see what size as you can see hold up to this qt bikes heck

Are nice i just came to check if it was full on fuel i was gonna uh go right around while i’m in conor’s but i gotta go home and get my ramp because uh my buddy’s at church i’m trying to ride right now so yeah things heck i meant good compression no leaks so yeah what all right guys i don’t think i ever showed you guys this bike uh this is the one i picked up

Yesterday sold it and the next day well the same day he loops it and rips this little rubber seal that holds the exhaust together as you guys can see so he’s just practicing wheelies but anyway yeah we’re about uh we went into uh ace hardware got some new clamps and some new hoses but i put that thing back together this is the kx get you guys a better look at it

I actually didn’t like the black plastics but they’re growing on me yeah the black looks good yeah the 100 sweet been riding it great let me get you to record me riding in a bit but yeah we’re about to go ride around go pick up some food put this hose on and uh after about 10 minutes we had to cut the hose in half and uh we ended up getting it on gotta do the

First test to see see if holds on before as soon as you hit power band with the split hose it would just pop the muffler off and be super loud so this is the first test let’s see if it stays on i think his muffler might be plugged a little let’s see all right your muffler is good all right go ride it see what’s up oh yeah she’s fixed i’m gonna get him to

Record me uh showing you guys the kegs real quick and then we’ll be uh done for the video probably yeah tc rips though see what you got uh oh different types of positions in that moment yo why that is hey um hey get into 12 o’clock um here all right compared to the tc yeah this thing rips hard ago i love the size of it oh he’s

Ripping it the weather’s so good boys kx was definitely a good purchase i’m not uh super comfortable i haven’t wheeled anything i need real bikes since like two years ago when i had my 450. yeah that dumb ass take those fat boots off but yeah she’s the ripper so uh i don’t think i’m gonna get any gopro footage today but we’re about to go mob the streets and uh

Wheelie and go have some fun so yeah i’m gonna get a gopro mount and that’s it what you think i know i saw that it’s like the same speed as the tc though it’s like smoother than mine i can see just getting bigger like feels feels more normal turn it off real quick so you like it or what i love it yeah it’s sick i’m literally gonna do nothing but grips and

Clean it up and that’s it cause the grips are all sticky that’s way better yeah but yeah boys that’s the kx100 picked it up today and uh i think i’m gonna ride it for a bit and uh sell it maybe in a couple weeks so yeah kx100 acquired you know it

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Picking up a fresh kx100 and instantly “breaking it in” By I’m Solo