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plasti dip motorcycle wheels??

the R6 gets the plasti dip treatment

What’s up you guys welcome back to another video of working on this thing as you guys can see i have the front wheel tore off and got up on the stands back wheels off because as you guys can tell by the thumbnail these are no longer going to be read after today i bought some hive is yellow plastidip just to see if i like the color before i check out the money and

Have them powder-coated so this is today’s game plan get rid of this ugly red and go with something something a little cooler now i haven’t said this in a video yet but my reason for doing the x-ray here let me grab your hands there we go my reason for doing the highlighter yellow color is because new fairings for this will be here soon they’re actually on the way

They’re currently sitting in arizona which hopefully by the time you guys see this video i have the fairings and have them on but my color scheme i want to do for the har 6 is highlighter yellow white and black i’m not really sure i’m gonna lay out like a graphic or anything or you know which pieces of pairing are going to be with color but when i get them allah

Definitely film it so that way you guys can see me go through it but like i said i wanted to use this plastidip on the wheels just to make sure i liked that right of a color on the wheels make sure i don’t think it’s too much before i spend a bunch of money having tires dismounted and having the same i dropped the can but having them sandblasted and powder-coated

So allah stuff camera up quit talking and we’ll get these things painted i’m going to use a white plastidip as a base coat first just so that way it kind of brings the color out a little more so i guess we’ll find out if it’s cool or now yeah okay so here’s the deal that last clip you guys seen was actually two days ago the plastidip

Ended up not turning out very good at all had like a really weird finish to it i’m super pissed off about it so i never saying it and i ripped it all off i went to a hardware store and just try to get some regular fluorescent paint long story short it’s bad turned into an all-out show so i ended up just completely taking the wheels down to nothing and then doing

A plastidip over again and i didn’t feel like filming it or anything because like i said i was all pissed off but whatever it is what it is on so i end up doing the plastidip again and did turn out a little better this time i’m still not like 100% happy with the way it turned out but i guess this old surface for now until i end up just taking the tires off and

Sending the wheels out to get powder-coated but yeah here it is now like i said it didn’t turn out perfect but good enough i guess luckily placid it sent it just peels off you can just kind of rub the side wall with your finger and it’ll it’ll come off but i mean i i guess i mean i like the color don’t get me wrong but i just wish it would have turned out a little

Better since the camera pick it up pray not but it just got like a really weird i get beat it up right right here instead of laying flat it feels like sandpaper so can you plasti dip more scigirls yeah but if you were to ask me if i do this again no this just sucked now i plan to this other before like i’ve done you know car and truck wheels and emblems and

You know grills all that sort of stuff but i’ve already ah can’t talk to the apparently i’ve always used black now the any time i’ve used the black it’s always laid down smooth i’ve never had any issues with it so i think maybe since this is just like a wild color i had issues or maybe i got like old cans i’m not really sure to be honest but like i said i i like

The colour a lot i just wish it what it turned out a little better it’s right really hard to tell on camera but if you guys were hearing my drives looking at it you’d be like wow yeah that’s kind of but it’ll work until they get powder coated i guess side note look what fedex dropped off new bearings so pretty pretty excited to get them on and painted and sings

Gonna be looking good so that’s going to do it for this video um like i said i pry wouldn’t do this again maybe you guys like better results with it but me personally didn’t uh didn’t turn out so good but you know like i said it it’ll work until they get powder coated plus i’d rather you know ride around with the wheels like this just to make sure i’m like fully

In love with the colour before i commit to spending all the money to havin powder coated just if they get powder coated and i didn’t like it i’m out a good chunk of change so plastidip will work for now but as always thank you guys so much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed the video next video on the r6 we’ll be putting them sharings on and making this thing

Look even more cool so you know as always hope you guys have a killer day i will catch you guys in the next video later

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plasti dip motorcycle wheels?? By asack_208