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All right welcome back to adventures with vehicles we’re here checking out these guys the slingshots uh tell us a little bit about your guys’s uh slingshot club and group of guys we’re in i’m cornell um we started the midwest ss riders um you can look us up on facebook on ohio slingshot owners just a bunch of people that get together ride and enjoy our slingshots

Just like the car motorcycle people all right this one george yes sir what year is this one 2015. 2015 yes what all mods have you done to it oh it’s pretty much mounted up custom headlights all led lights gap fillers lower um lower um fillers led lights all over it custom dashboard stereo tvs everywhere custom paint job so what year’s your uh 17 slingshot

2017 what mods have you done to it uh we’ve done led lights we’ve got a stereo pin in it um 2017 uh what all mods have you done with this one the led light stereo wraps and stuff on the inside now with it being supercharged how much extra horsepower is that i couldn’t tell you it’s fast it’s fast i get trouble what all mods have you done um under glow

Stereo put new seats in there and a whole lot more i got it yeah yeah i like it i like it oh yeah spikes i said my leg last night all right i noticed yours is a lot more unique to everybody that has a roof on it and everything so what mods have you done to this 2018 you threw some wheels on it real subtle mods the front conversion kit as far as the lights for

The 2020s just real modest stuff so it’s real pretty much pretty much simple and subtle that’s the way i like it so i don’t have a lot of lights or anything like that but yeah i like it so hello how are you all right so what year is this it’s a 2019 2019 and i actually did a little bigger wheels and leds on it yeah and the under light pretty much it right now

Thank you now is that a stock exhaust rafter marker exhaust okay uh two brothers exhaust okay um i got the new fenders the wheels cornell did the sound okay um i like it pretty much factory stock hacker stocks thank you do what here’s yours 19. 19. what mod modifications have you done that leds speakers a little windscreen back there new wheels nothing

Special yet i like it so uh any modifications you’ve done to it or any future modifications you’re going to do to it um i like it modifications have you done today fenders led lights do i just want to say thank you to everybody for uh letting me record your guys slingshots and thank you turning into adventures with vehicles and i’ll catch you guys on the next one

Transcribed from video
POLARIS SLINGSHOT By Adventures With Vehicles