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Police officer caught on video dragging woman with motorbike to be arraigned

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Right now i want to cross over to nakuru where which is ghana is to just tell us more about this bridgette this is a you know the epitome of man’s inhumanity to man if i may call it well well i think there’s a problem with the audio i didn’t get really what you had asked but this is a follow up on what has happened the lady has since been moved from olin guru only

Sub-county hospital and is currently under nakuru level five hospital she’s expected to undergo surgery later on this afternoon and that is on the right leg where she did sustained a fracture and also to clean up some of the soft tissue injury that she sustained what has happened also that this incident has prompted the visit from the regional commissioner judge

That him there who has gone and seen the patient but what we do understand right now is that she is being treated as a suspect and this is following a robbery in the area that occurred on the sixth of june they official security officials say that this was a mob injustice scenario that was somewhat recorded but they do not observe the person riding that boda-bodas

They say that that is a cid police officer stationed at or langa-voni and as at now we do a decided this police officer is going to be arraigned in court this afternoon to face a member a number of charges among them assault for a suspect but this suspect master childrenö is going to say her suspect she is being guarded by police officers even at the hospital

And they say that she has already recorded a statement and once she recovers she will be arraigned in court alongside for other people who are allegedly involved in the robbery in a robbery incident that took place on the sixth of this month and that what and that what happened was a mob injustice moment and she was caught in the melee what was also going on is

That we do understand there are two police officers involved one of them the one dragging her body is the suspect is also been going to be facing disciplinary action later on after he’s arraigned in court it has received a lot of rhythm the office officials say they’re not trying to cover up but as i prepare the story for the rest of the day or as i compile this

Report what we do understand right now is that some of the suspects who are allegedly accomplice to the patient monsieur giraud no ha have been arrested around three of them and i’ll just go ahead and read a statement from a dci tree i’m on their twitter page where they did say that as of this morning let me just live to that statement right now that three police

Officers were arrested and detectives following a circulation of this clip depicting a woman being whipped and dragged on a moto on a motorbike in chorus oi south sub-county the suspects are lawfully in custody and helping with further investigations so what the fact is is that there was a robbery incident apparently unfortunately master on was implicated to be

Among the suspects a mud injustice scenario ensued unfortunately one of the officers who took part in this mob injustice moment has been arrested he is going to be arraigned in court and they do say that further disciplinary action are going to follow following this video clip that has since gone viral the status of masteren is that she is okay right now she is

Going to undergo surgery later on in the day on her right leg and among other injuries as she also sustained during this incident but i will be preparing a detailed report from the statement from the regional commissioner regarding this incident that has really really shocked kenyans by and large shocking indeed britain’s gonna thank you

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Police officer caught on video dragging woman with motorbike to be arraigned By NTV Kenya