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Porsche 918 vs. Bugatti Veyron vs. Nissan Patrol | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

Jeremy Clarkson, James May en Richard Hammond nodigen Formule 1 Coureur Daniel Ricciardo uit bij hen aan tafel. Maar zijn aankomst in een hovercraft ging niet helemaal goed.. Dan maar een spannende race tussen de Porsche 918 vs. Bugatti Veyron vs. Nissan Patrol. Bekijk The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het YouTube kanaal ⇨

It’s time now to play celebrity brain crash that doesn’t get any better anyway our guest today is a shining star from the world of formula one he’s also a very brave young man because even though he’s fully aware of all of the calamities that have befallen all the other celebrities that have tried to come to our tent he’s elected to arrive in a hovercraft

Ladies and gentlemen daniel ricciardo oh there he is but it is held his own that’s a wise move i think a wise move i genuinely genuinely like danielle ricciardo because he is a truly nice man yeah he’s truly nice man and he’s also extremely happy he is cheerful i just but the trouble is i know from personal experience hovercrafts are tricky to control yeah jeremy

He’s a formula one driver he’s got this covered don’t worry about it it’s windy oh here he comes here he is arriving now he’s fine wrestling with the controls he’s doing well he’s overshadowed he has overshot a bit there oh dear oh no oh there’s been no there’s been a no oh god he’s going to get the fan he’s going to the fan oh no the helmet the helmet has now

Thankfully jammed the motor with his head yeah it’s too late um does that mean he’s not coming on then well james he’s been liquidized and now he’s all over the windows so no he’s not yeah he’s not in the tent so much as on it yeah um well i’m gonna go and clean that off yeah if you don’t find it it is distracting and off-putting how do we fill the time it’s

All right because i thought something like this might happen so when we arrived last night i went out and i made a little film yesterday yeah well let’s cover this up i’d like to talk to you now we need to tie it in the shot yeah concentrating on me and what i’m saying and not on anything else that you might be tempted to look at um now the porsche 918 earlier in

This series of programs we saw it in action and prove that it is the ultimate of the hypercar holy trinity when we put it against the ferrari and the mclaren but i’ve always wondered how would it fare in a straight race against a bugatti veyron and as we are in the home of the hypercar this is the place to find out yeah turn it on me what’s up good um this is

Then this is a it’s a race between the future and the past second time this evening much like your film only this one is exciting so so here we are the grand old man of performance coming out one more time to defend his title against one of the young upstarts here’s how it all pans out on paper begatte veyron nought to 60 2.5 seconds power to weight ratio 523

Brake horsepower per tonne the 918 naught to 60 2.6 seconds but a power to weight ratio of 535 brake horsepower per touch however as we learned when we raced the 918 against the laferrari and the p1 in our first show hard facts like that count for nothing in the end it’s all down to this and i’m ready to race actually last bit of dead skin okay launch control

Race mode representing the future here i think am i gonna just stay veyron but your crown is gone wow what a device this is now i was going to call it a day at that obviously but there’s a bloke here wants to raise his nissan it’s a bit embarrassing really but you don’t know upset the locals so uh okay race is on here we go let’s get this over with do race

Apologize move on what he’s pulling away in a nissan patrol what just happened hang on a minute at the beginning of this series we bigged up the hyper car holy trinity as the three greatest cars ever to have been conceived and invented yeah and the fastest of all of them yes was beaten by a datsun van yes yes what the hell engine well it turns out it’s got

1 900 horsepower what porsche thinking of i know they just go back to the drawing boards lads and we’ll gloss over there exactly right you’re an embarrassing mistake porsche you

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Porsche 918 vs. Bugatti Veyron vs. Nissan Patrol | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL By Amazon Prime Video Nederland