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Prise en main & test rapide : Zero Motorcycles DS 2019 – Modle 11Kw & 14.4 kWh

J’ai eu la Zero Motorcycles DS 2019 – Modèle 11Kw & 14.4 kWh pendant quelques jours et j’en ai profité pour vous faire une petite vidéo avec des amis.

Yeah i like it too! it is rather smooth to handle so you’re shooting a video about this one too?

After running into a friend randomly in paris , i meet with 3 others especially with the road called “17 virages” (17 turns road basically) but unfortunately we will soon be witness of an accident the speed at which this occured and the sheer violence added to the pain /damages the victims had to suffer can only remind us how important is it to be very careful & of proper

Equipment when it comes to me, i really love the driving posture & handling on this ds it makes me wanna change from my s model to this ds we keep heading to paris to film the video about the bike hi it is might remember that last week which is slightly different, the driving position and the heigth of the bike as you can see they dont really have a “road”

Profile compared to what is fitted on a s (diablo rosso ii) (so a qualitative component here, showa is serious business) you get two plastic protections to prevent gravel and such things from damaging the system bosch gen 9 abs, asymmetric dual piston floating caliper, 320 x 5 mm disc so of course here this plastic protection mentionned before for rocks or whatever might

Get stuck in a conventionnal guard it is not very useful in this condition (thats just a minor adjustment to make) slightly fold up as you can see on pretty much every bike do not live in california because the design of the rear will basically insure that you drown if there is any rain as there is almost no protection without it so it really helps contain any water going

To your back (and your a**) the rear tire is 17 inches (pirelli mt-60 130/80-17) the front one is 19 inches (pirelli mt-60 100/90-19) they have several sizes when it comes to batteries (same goes for the previous generations) basically its the biggest capacity available with zero for the moment and you can also get a cheaper bike with 7.2 kwh battery (half the capacity) it

Is less expensive but as – you guessed – less range this one should do 200-240 km of range in the city quite easily which will deprive you of money and of this small tank which is super useful.since the bike doesnt run on fuel, it has this front tank letting you store the charging cable if you get the 7.2 kwh model , you also get *more* storage because the battery takes

Half the space of the 14.4kwh so in here you could store 2 bottles of water or of whatever it is that you fancy will set you for 16 120 euros (all taxes included – ttc – france) this doesnt include any incentive that can apply in your country but still a fair amount of money but you are far from the level of equipment high end motorbikes of similar costs from competitors

Doing ice bikes (internal combustion engine) (deeply missing in my mind on such a torquy machine) this zero (and the other models) has 3 riding modes so its a good balance between power, softness and regen custom mode that you can personalize through your smartphone you can instantly adjust torque, maximum speed, regen etc really make the bike go pretty much as you prefer

It i couldnt live without it to have a proper ride in town or during winter it almost disables regen.torque and speed are set to the maximum so its the funniest mode but stay away from it during winter you can switch modes with the button on the right side of the handlebar at a full stop or up to a certain speed you can change these modes you can switch between different

Informations (odometer , trip 1 , range, etc) it is currently predicting a remaining range of 112 km

Transcribed from video
Prise en main & test rapide : Zero Motorcycles DS 2019 – Modèle 11Kw & 14.4 kWh By Gonzague Dambricourt