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Project BRC 500cc 2 Stroke – Motocross Action Magazine

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Welcome to another episode of shaken not stirred today we have a bike that’s a new evolution of the 500cc two-strokes the 500 cc two-stroke engine became extinct in 2007 when this last cr 500 ran down honda’s kumamoto production line in japan it was the last of its kind kawasaki retired its k x 500 mm for the last yamaha wrf 500 was produced in 1993 suzuki had

A short-lived rm500 venture that came to an end in 1985 and ktm ended their 500 cc program in 1993 then went to a bigger 550 cc sidecar engine that only lasted two years these war horses that were made for the men among men were forgotten in time the big displacement bikes took rodgers with finesse and a few screws loose to tame them now in the world of 450

Cc heavy forster engines that pump out 60 plus horsepower in the showroom floor the 500 cc doesn’t seem as nerve-wracking to ride as it once did riders like sean collier and tyler bowers have shown that these 500 cc ps can be tamed in recent years the 500 cc two-stroke market has been booming and without any manufacturer producing these big bore engines the

Use 500 cc market has exploded and used parts only last so long this is where the b rc racing team came together to find a new-age solution to the problem the calgary alberta based engineering company is best known for their championship winning supercars 250cc gp engines with their interests in oakland bike engines and lack thereof prc started developing

A 500cc ktm engine kit in 2016 what that means is a ktm 250 or 300 sx xc xc w or exc to show 2011 through 2016 donor engine is needed which you provide to retrofit the prc kit the brc kit mates with the donor engine with no fabrication mods needed to fit the engine back into the ktm chassis you can also use a 2006 through 2010 engine however some fabrication

Above the cylinder head and silencer coupling points will have to be done and truth this is a 500cc engine with a honda cr 500 standard 89 moment of borg and 82 millimeter stroke brc knew that there were around 400,000 to 600,000 ktm 250 300 250 300 two stroke engines out there that were produced between 2007 to 2016 it is no secret that the smoker engines are

Ktm best-selling power plants out of their entire austrian – and four-stroke fleet and have been for years it was a good educated guess on prc spark to use ktm smoker engines to start a big war venture the brc and we got the test with a pre-production the donor ended and chassis was a 2014 atm 250sx that was beat up an old that donor transmission had countless

Hours on it making shifting anything but smooth what we didn’t care we wanted the taste of the big power plant even though it wasn’t drc’s finished product the kit runs five thousand six hundred thirty five dollars the brc kit includes everything you need to build the engine including bearings seals gaskets fittings fasteners and even the dyno to death event

Pipe and sound sir many of the parts are made by after mark companies like kinetic pro x vertex and hot rods so there’s no problem replacing parts when needed brc even provides a reference sheet of all the parts with part numbers included keep in mind the price of the kit does not include installation it will run another $750 if you would like drc to transform

Your donor ktm engine into the 500 cc in house to aid in starting the 500cc powerplant prc has called a decompression valve and the cylinder head to lessen that compression when starting the bike it works by pushing the valve in and is released on its own once the engine is fired up this makes kicking over the engine easier on your leg as well as on the engine

However it is still an artform to start making sure the piston is top dead center hitting a full hard kick and finding the right throttle position takes some time to figure out the right mixture we are so used to alexis start engines in this day and age we lowered for an e start version which prc also provides once started the bike sounded crisp and strong

Vibration didn’t feel anything like the sea-air 500 archaic 500 rattle traps with the past on the track the power was shockingly smooth it curved other than bark making it easy to ride for the average joe the power never fell off on top so you didn’t have to shift if you didn’t want to however our testers did notice that the bike handled much better in the

Higher tiers where there is less engine braking lugging the engine was the key to going fast in this bike although the bodman power is not enough to pull the high gears out of corners the clutch had to be abused to get it into the meat of the power band to get the best of both worlds our testers learned to downshift as late as possible into the corners so it

Handled well upon braking as well as have the perk of power throughout the corners the brc 500 feels slower than it is due to its leisurely revving power it takes some time to get moving and it’s hard to judge its ship points but once it gets moving it takes off its power was extremely broad but lack character for our more advanced riders luckily a two-stroke

Engine can be tuned to your liking fairly easy with a little porting we feel this is a great starting point to reemerge 500cc two-strokes the only feature hitch and brc step is if it gets too popular and ktm starts to play ball again with a full ride up of the brc 500 off the september issue of motocross action magazine and all the latest news and updates on

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