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Pulling Over, Angled Start And The Hill Start | MOD 2 TIPS #5

In episode 5 of the Mod 2 series we go over some of the basic manoeuvres you’ll be asked to do during you test. These will included pulling over to side of the road, pulling away from the side of the road, the angled start and finally, the hill start.

Yo what’s going on dudes hopefully everyone is doing okay so welcome back to the channel we are back with some mod 2 stuff so this time i thought we would talk about something that’s fairly simple to get the hang of it’s something that you have to practice obviously and that is the pulling over to the side of the road the angled start and the hill start so if

You’re in your mod 2 you’re going to get asked to pull over to the side of the road numerous times just to see how safely you can pull over and how safely you can pull away and then you’re going to have to do a health start and then you’re also going to have to do an angled start so pulling over to the side of the road it’s fairly simple all you’re really doing

Is just stopping the bike and then pulling away is exactly the same all you’re doing is just basically setting off on the bike the main point of it is to make sure that you’ve got your observations and you’re letting everybody know what you intend to do so that’s the point of pulling over and pulling away the angled start is just to make sure that you can pull

Out from behind a parked car you know just in case you park up the bike and then you come back and somebody’s parked right in front of you or whatever you know make sure you can get out if you’ve done your mod one stuff it’ll be an absolute piece of cake and then the last one is a health start the hell start can be the trickiest out of the three but once you

Learn the technique and how to do it it’s a breeze so what we’ll do is we’ll go over pulling over to the side of the road first and then pulling away we’ll do the angle start and then i’ll take you to a place that is quite steep to practice the hell start you don’t have to do it on a steep hill because to be honest when i did my mod 2 i was totally unaware that

I did a hell start i didn’t think i did one and the examiner was like yeah you absolutely did one i can’t remember what he said it was but um i was like oh my god i didn’t even know did it because i’ve been practicing on hills that were that steep you know it was an absolute breeze so pulling over to the side of the road obviously don’t pull over in front of

Someone’s driveway don’t pull over on double yellow lines that sort of thing if he tells you to pull over you don’t have to do it straight away wait until there’s a safe spot why i’m looking for a nice quiet road let’s go over what it is you need to do it’s basically exactly the same as the stuff that i did in the position video so if it to pull over in a safe

Place look for a safe place to pull over once you find it or see it you would do mirror mirror left indicator you do life saver to pull over to position one and then you pull up to a nice controlled stop once you stop cancel your indicator like any time you have to stop the bike make sure that you’re in first gear by the time the bike is stopped it’s exactly

The same when pulling away he would say when you’re ready move off so you would do mirror mirror right lifesaver this is providing it’s clear obviously if you do if you see that there’s traffic coming up behind you don’t put your indicator on wait until it’s clear so you do mirror mirror oh there’s traffic coming up just wait once the traffic’s passed and you see

Your gap mirror mirror indicator lifesaver just to be sure pull out onto the road into position two cancel your indicator so that’s how you pull over and that’s how you pull away nice and simple we’re going to try and find somewhere nice and quiet the problem is a lot of cars parked up at the moment because it’s because it’s school time the cars are absolutely

Everywhere let’s pull over up here okay so he’s asked us to pull over so we’ll go mirror mirror signal lifesaver pull over to position one make sure that you’re not parking in front of anybody’s driveways come to a nice control stop make sure you’re in first gear cancel your signal that’s all there is to it that’s all there is to it so i’m looking in my mirror

Just now he’s asked me to move off okay so i’m looking in my mirror you don’t necessarily have to do a left mirror check but i’ll do it anyway so mirror mirror no more traffic right indicator big lifesaver pull out into position two cancel your signal that’s it that’s all there is to it it is nice and simple so for the angled start it’s exactly the same except

The examiner will ask you to part to pull up behind a pacific park vehicle he will tell you what car they parked behind you know you’ll see park up here on the left behind you know red car blue car whatever it is that’s up there obviously it depends we’ll do it here i know that’s not the way you’re supposed to do it but so just as you’re about to stop angle

Your bike all right just a wee bit that’s it angle your bike a tiny bit probably angle your bike just a slight bit more actually i’m not angled far enough here but even if you’re not it’s not a hard maneuver and pulling away is exactly the same you do your mirrors make sure it’s clear i can see cars coming around the corner so we’ll wait this wasn’t an ideal

Spot because we’re right next to our junction this is just to show you you wouldn’t get asked to do it like this on your test so a clear sub mirror mirror signal big life saver pull out into the road cancel your indicator and then carry on and that’s the angle would start when he’s going to ask you to do the stuff it’s going to be on a nice big stretch of road

You know he’s not going to ask you to do it in a tight spot like that i just parked there because it was the first car that i saw as you’re pulling over to the side of the road and that is your angled start nice simple and easy maneuver so we’ll move on to the hill start the hill start is an easy maneuver to do as long as you learn to do it properly all right

There is a little trick that you can do not necessarily a trick but it’s just how you use the brakes and the throt throttle and the clutch all together you’re basically using everything at the same time and it makes pulling away on a hill super easy i’m not going to go to the bet where we actually trained on because it is actually right next to school so it’s

Gonna be absolutely busy so i’ll take you to another bit which i personally practiced that when i was on my one two five and it’s not quite as steep but it’s still quite a steep hill and once you can do it on a fairly steep hill you’ll be able to do it on your mod 2 test absolutely no problem it’s definitely a good technique to learn it’s like learning how to

Do your slow control and slow movement you know it comes in handy for moving through slow traffic and whatever and the health starts exactly the same you know if you come up to a busy roundabout and you have to stop and the roundabout or the lane you’re in has a slight incline on it which a lot of roundabouts do certainly in the area where i stay you know if

You’re unable to do a health start you might struggle getting onto the roundabout you know so learning how to get the health start is a an absolute must but like i said once you learn the technique it is simple it’s similar to the way you do it in a car if you have a car license you know what i’m talking about if you don’t i’ll explain the principle of it so

Basically what you’re wanting to do is you’re wanting to hold the bike with the brakes in a car the way you do it in a car is you would let the car sit with the hand brake on obviously we can’t do that on a bike we don’t have a hand brake so in that case we would use the rear brake all right so you would have your foot on the rear brake and that would hold the

Bike and stop it from rolling down the hill so your foot’s on the rear brake your left foot is on the ground what you want to do is you want to let out the clutch to the biting point add a little bit of acceleration you feel the bike wanting to pull forward when you feel that you slowly lift your foot off the back brake while letting out the clutch and applying

More of the throttle and that will pull the bike up the hill so it’s nice and simple so we’ll go along to this little steep hell that all and i’ll show you exactly how to do it so as you can see this is quite a steep hill all right it’s quite steep now one thing that i did when i was learning or once i’ve learned how to do them and once i was practicing them

On my one two five what i’d do is i would get the health start started and i’ll move a meter or so you know just a little bit and then pull the clutch back in and then back on the brakes just so you’re getting used to that feeling all right so what you want to do is first gear obviously right foot is on the back brake left foot is on the ground i’ll wait until

All the cars have passed here because i don’t want to give them the fox impression that i’m moving you can feel the biting point more in a car because a pa a car will actually it will try and it will try and move with a bike it’s a little bit more subtle you want your right foot on the back brake biting point and you want all about that much all right and then

If you put it all together all right and then slowly lift your foot off the back brake the bike will go up the hill all right so just practice that all right so right foot on the back brake get the braking point a little bit of throttle off of the back brake and the bike will go so that’s that’s the technique that’s what it is you have to do all right so find

Somewhere that’s not necessarily as steep as this because this is a really steep hill and just practice it just start move about a meter or so stop move a meter or so stop providing you’ve got enough room in front of you obviously and then what you need to do is you need to practice it pulling out and going on to the road so we’ll do that just now so obviously

The thing you have to remember is when you’re pulling it onto the road you don’t have as much time to do it because there could be cars coming around the corner or whatever if you’re just practicing that going forward a meter or so you’ve got as much time in the world all right so make sure you’re absolutely clear behind you so we are clear going to signal big

Lifesaver everything at the same time lifesaver before we move out and we’re out cancel indicator and then away you go so it is a fairly simple technique to learn and it’s one of those techniques that once you learn it it is it’s priceless you know because you all come across times when you’re on your bike where you have to stop and you’re on maybe a slight

Incline or whatever we’re going to put everything into practice all at once all right so we’re going to pull up behind the silver car i’m going to wait until i’m past this junction mirror better signal left lifesaver pull over to the side of the road we’re parked behind that nice tesla there i didn’t go any first though i’d bite on a neutral my bad can’t see your

Indicator all right so we’re already in first we can see that there’s nothing coming mirror mirror indicator big lifesaver out of the road cancel your indicator nice and simple so those three things are something that you’re gonna get on your test one that’s probably gonna need the most going over will be the house start just so you get that little technique done

But like i said don’t start on a steep hill like that just start on a very very shallow incline even just on a flat piece of road just get used to holding the bike with a little bit of throttle and the biting point you know just get used to holding it with the back brake and then apply that on an incline and then as you get better at it you can go into steeper

Inclines i mean you don’t have to go too drastic but a little bit of practice and you’ll be good anyway this is a much shorter video than normal but it’s something that you will need to go over with your instructor and put an led practice before test day so pulling over angle start and he’ll start so you’ll probably get asked to pull over i reckon about four

Or five times and those four or five times will include both the angle start and the health start so hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video guys if you have give it a thumbs up i really appreciate every single one of your likes and of course if you want to see all of my videos click on that subscribe button and ring the bell while you’re there that way you’ll get

Notified every time i upload a video but until next time guys stay safe ride safe take it easy

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Pulling Over, Angled Start And The Hill Start | MOD 2 TIPS #5 By Moto Ecosse