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Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount Review Part 2: Installation

This is part 2 of the Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount Review. In this video I show you step by step process on how to install the mount to your bike and how the Quad Lock mechanism works to attach your phone to the mount. Enjoy!

Hey guys minsu in here welcome back to the channel so this is gonna be a two-parter i’m sorry doing review and also the installation part of the quad lock motorcycle mount i have to be in three parts the first part is the unboxing of the item the second probably the installation to the motorcycle and the third one will be the review and the usage of it while i’m

Riding so today is part two so we’re gonna show how to install the the mount onto the motorcycle so the one that i bought is the one that to be installed on the faulkner which is here sorry it’s the fourth thing so it’s gonna be installed here as you can see i don’t have any place you might think i can put them no more motorcycle click mountain here but the problem

Is it’s not an open just a bar it’s not just a bar here there’s a that’s a welded part here which installed to the clip on what is the handle of the bike so i have to pull it here and i like it i prefer to be here as well because it’s in the middle so if i turn the handle i’ll just meet in there as if i was to put my phone here it will go in a bigger radius angle

Of turning like that they will turn like this so i don’t want to do that i prefer to be in the middle nice so sorry about the son of the cars i made my house so let’s that do if the installation so for installation first what we gotta do is we gotta remove on this motorcycle on either most motorcycle might be different or it might be the same so it varies based

On the type of motorcycle that you have so for my first i have to remove the rubble plunge there’s used to what the ones that to plug the hole of the fox stem so just remove it and just keep it next is together a ruler and get a calculation in millimeters on what is the width of it so this one it shows what hold on it’s about fifteen oh no not fifteen it’s more

It’s about seventeen to eighteen millimeters i could try to install that one now with this with alan quito and the neck this one will be put inside here but as you can see it’s quite small for it so i have to change to a new one but for you to tighten this up you need to remove this part here first they don’t lose anything right remove the neck put it to the side

First and then you can see this rubber part can be removed from the top it does remove it and as you can see there’s an ellen key in the middle c so the ellen key is the one that we used to tighten it up to and so this one this part will expand and lock to the side of the fox stem itself so before they i’m going to change the expanding part first because i think

This one is a bit too small as you can see it has quite a lot so i’m gonna try first so after measum sorry so after every measurement looks that i don’t need to change the expanding part it should be good enough so i just put inside the ll tool make sure it’s aligned straight with the handle part and then start to tighten it up to a point where you can feel that

It’s locked into the fox stem continue i can feel the tension starting so i’m just gonna make sure it’s lined up properly with this get a proper angle all right continue to tighten okay do not let in too hard because you might broke the item just enough that it won’t move right just finger tight all right there you go next i’m gonna put back the the car wheel

Back on the rubber cover in the next so the neck you can ideally position it to be like this if you want your phone laptop or you can make it below if you want or if you want you can put it to the side so your foot is to the side like this but i want to try to put it in the middle i know it’s gonna be stopped the key area but i’m just gonna try because i prefer

To be in the middle like this probably after i put the key in and then i’ll just position the eye to inspect in the middle and lock it down well it depends on how but i’m gonna put it like this first just screw the ellen screw the in okay this part also has some teeth to it the same as like this so i’ll try to make it slightly higher like this and finger-tight

It to lock it into position right just to make sure it doesn’t move i want it to be too hard as well all right just connect up a check all right that’s good i’m gonna loosen this part so that i can adjust to where i want it maybe around here all right then i’m gonna lock that down just enough finger tightening all right now lastly is the clock now so just remove

Make sure you remove the bottom pocket as he says it removed before use so make sure you remove that if you want to keep it just in case you want to sell the items back or whatever so you won’t loose any screw all right so now i make it to the middle it’s about there and i’m gonna screw on the center and then screw same as well don’t be too tight just enough finger

Tight and you go so that is the installation of the quad block recycle hand for month so you can see it’s fully adjustable you can put it to the side if you want on each side you can lower it down if you need to but i didn’t put it there if i put my keys in so it’s raised enough so it won’t disturb the phone here all right so that is the installation i’m gonna

Show okay i have to record with a different camera basically i’m using my phone so you’ll see a different viewing angle but you’ll see it how it looks like with the phone installed to it alright so i’ll be back in a jiffy hey guys so come back so i use a different camera so as you can see i already got my phone on the mount so it’s quite fixed there yeah i can

Remove it without pressing the lever it looks clean and nice you can only see the blue tabs to remove your phone so that it won’t disturb my keys some people might say well they say if you want to remove or turn off your engine then you have to remove the full well it depends on you and this is how i prefer it to be might test it off a few weeks and if i feel like

I need to readjust the position then i’ll do it but for now i’m just gonna test it in this configuration because this is how i prefer it to be i’m just gonna show if i put a key in yeah it’s a bit hard you fall the items on my key but i probably have to remove my phone first so i guess enough space for the keys so even this thing can be flop around disappeared

Required but yeah i think for this setup for me i got a remove the phone first then i can put in the keys and technically the phone will be the first one to came out if i want to turn off the bike and the last one to be connected in if i want to put on the keys right so as you can see on the i didn’t manage to show in the previous videos on part one so i have

A screen protector in installed on my phone so the problem when i was trying to install the case is that it’s very tight the tolerance on this case is so close that it doesn’t give any clearance to play around that much so as you can see i did some i’d image the screen protector of my phone just a bit here there’s some telling here when i was trying to install

The case but other than that it’s good i don’t mind i can change the screen protector if i want but i can just leave it like that it’s just a minor detail i don’t care that much as long as the phone is protected that’s good enough for me let’s see how it looks like with the puncture install so based on the video to put on the poncho slide from the top first and

Then bend bend down so you bend the bottom part here so there you go that’s how it looks like with the poncho the problem that i see we’re using a poncho instead you gotta press it a bit harder although it has some very coarse texture on the inner side to assist in screen touch but you have to put some pressure on it as you can see i actually have to press quite

A lot yeah for me to may have to put any inputs on it so if because i already have a screen protector and now i have an additional one on top so probably if i want to use this poncho i need to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen and i can even use the thumb print as though it just wanted to see i just wanted to take the thumb print it detects something

Touching there but it doesn’t recognize the same but the fingerprint so yeah and to remove just a bit heart just from the corners if you start to remove one setting you can just remove the whole thing all right all right now i’m gonna show you how the quadro mechanism this works so currently i have my phone attached as you can see and when i turn it turns together

Right all right so to remove the phone okay so how the quattro motorcycle malfunctions so this is the phone it’s currently attached to the mouth to remove it you can see that’s a blue level shift that says push so this is my way it’s a tom peterman may be different so i’m gonna use my right hand first i kind of hold my phone i use my middle finger to press on

The push tab and just twist 45 degrees to the left and it’s removed see it’s quite simple and to attach again technically what you have to do is you have to align those notches so it is not just and you can see there to the host behind the case as you can see there so it’s 45 degrees angle so we want to put a 5 degree and it’s at the middle of the phone so it should

Be about the same height of where your hand is putting so just pull it just like what’s easier yeah right so put and then you can feel it lost inside and you start telling and it locks to remove it’s easy to install i think we install i might need to put some yeah just put my whole hand on top yep there three more yeah yeah it’s quite simple if you get the hang

Of it yeah it’s quite simple when you get used to it like oh no yeah i see them clips in the home ah so that’s how to use the quad mouth so i hope so i’ll see you guys on the third part where i’ll test it up and let’s see how it goes when i was i’m riding the bike you

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Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount Review Part 2: Installation By Mansoon Maverick Gaming