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Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Crashes, collisions and heartbreak – Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

And leclerc gets away well ahead of hamilton, and verstappen, but it’s charles leclerc with a clear lead going through turn 1. and there locking up… sainz, gasly ahead, the two mclarens getting bogged down in the midfield charles leclerc leads the azerbaijan grand prix from hamilton. the two going through into turn 3 separated by inches and making it. and leclerc’s been

Leading throughout this race, but not for long, he doesn’t need drs and he makes the pass to take the lead of this race. but it’s hamilton now ahead of leclerc with verstappen in third. he’s had to wait a few laps to get past the ferrari. is he going to get past fernando alonso going into turn 1? – in the space of a single lap, charles leclerc is now out of the podium

Places. that will attract the attention of the strategy engineers on the pit wall. – hamilton… it’s a slow stop again. – oh! that’s away. but on the hard tyre he locks up and has to bale out. that’s not the 1.8 i’ve seen. but what was it? about the two-second mark? that’s the crucial thing here. hamilton’s slow stop has cost him track position, we’ll get ted kravitz’s

Thoughts on that in a moment. sergio perez comes out in second place, still ahead of lewis hamilton. oh no! that is an accident! and it is lance stroll. he’s moving around in the cockpit. that’s great to see. and now verstappen’s gone, and lewis hamilton has got a really nice tow gets past the ferrari. sergio perez is under pressure from lewis hamilton. as hamilton is

Trying to make a move on sergio perez. – sebastian vettel getting a nice one off pierre gasly. he’s finished third, he’s finished fourth. it can go right down to the chequered flag and look at… leading this race! now out of this race! sergio perez leads from lewis hamilton! and that is also red bull’s first one-two and the red flag has now come out. the race is now

Going to stop. perez tries to cut off hamilton, who locks up and goes straight on! and hamilton has gone from second in the race to falling out of the points, this has not been a good day for the top two in the championship. looks like charles leclerc is ahead of pierre gasly. gasly’s going to come back at him again, though. the alphatauri goes a bit deep behind them

Lando norris waiting to pick up the scraps here, as down the inside goes gasly, stays ahead of leclerc. gasly cuts him off aggressively going through turn 4. in his sixth race for his new team, sergio perez wins the azerbaijan grand prix! pierre gasly’s back on the podium too for alphatauri as he comes home third. verstappen and hamilton, the championship contenders, both fail to finish.

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Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix By FORMULA 1