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RAM Tough claw quick release clamp base review

in this video we’ll take a look at this quick release mounting solution from Ram mount, the Tough claw is quickly becoming my favorite mount, its an extremely versatile and convenient tool-less mounting solution, super easy and quick to use and can be used in so many different situations.

Hi everybody i’m andrew welcome back story midwest today we’re taking a look at a new product from rant now and i’ll just start off by saying i’ve done a lot of reviews on ramp mounts but it’s just because there’s such a great and versatile mounting solution absolute must-have for for motorcycles i think especially if you’re going to be doing any video recording

With a gopro camera it’s it’s absolutely awesome for that but also we’ve looked at the leather cup we look at the x script one of the last ram mounts we looked at was the tough clamp and i have played around with this quite a bit i use it a lot of different situations for recording with the gopro especially we’ve found that it’s an excellent mounting solution when

You use when you use it for a stationary timon it on something stationary if you wanted to mount it on a motorcycle or something it’s not as good just because there’s a lot of play in it you can’t really wrench this thing down super tight so today we’re gonna look at this brand new product from ram not just barely out on the market it’s called the tough claw and

So that’s the ram tough clock universal quick release clamp base they are extremely handy one of my favorite ram mounts on the market right now just because of the versatility and convenience factor this is a small tough claw it’s available in three different sizes small medium and large the small has a clamping range of 0.625 inches to one and a half inches the

Medium has a clamping range of one inch to one point eight seven five inches and a larger the clamping range of one inch to two point to five inches they’re all available with either the one-inch ball or the one-and-a-half inch ball so i’m just going to melt these onto these handlebars quick so you can see how easily it is to use them tighten it down like that and

It grips very securely once that’s on you can easily attach your gopro hero adapter or x grip which will hold your cell phone or gps and and then you’re good to go so super easy to use and handy and i’m going to show you here on the inside of the tough claw it’s got a rubber i don’t know if you can see that or not but it is rubber here so it it clamps on it very

Tightly and snuggly snug it’s nobody word to have clamps on very snug and and it does hold on quite well so probably not as good as that one of the permanent mounts will like the u-bolt but for a temporary quick release mounting solution this is definitely the way to go a few ideas obviously for a motorcycle if you’re on a trip somewhere it likes a flight like sea

Fly somewhere and you rent a bike while you’re there this is a great thing to have with you you don’t need to be installing a mount on the rental bike you could just use this attach your gopro hero2 it and and get footage of riding around on your rented motorcycle also if you have multiple cameras and you want to get some different view angles you could use one of

These on your buddy’s bike to get to get video from your bike and your friend’s bike or another guy in the group or or whatever so that’s really great idea i’ve also used this on my son’s my son’s bicycle and we were riding around at the state park and i was able to get some video of him while he was riding and also video from his bike also situations demolition

Derbies mud trucks mud bogs you know you can mount this on to a roll bar as long as it’s like i said this one is one and a half inches so it fit on on a lot of roll bars and and engine guards and motorcycles rails on boats and work trucks or semis you can mount the sign to the mirror so it’s very nice convenient nice little moment and if you loosen the bolt up as

Far as you can it is attached here and there’s no chance of losing that thumb screw which is really nice this is as far as the clamp opens up and everything stays together so so i thought that was quite a nice feature as well if you’re new to ram mounts i think this is a really good idea you can get a kit you could get if you wanted to go with the x grip which is

The cell phone holder you’re able to actually get the x grip a double socket arm and the tough claw together for a complete mounting solution and if you’re into the gopro cameras that’s available to where you get the gopro hero adapter which is this part here and you would also get the double cycle arm and the turquo so if you’re looking for gift ideas for somebody

I think that would be an excellent way to go and i’ll put links in the video description down below so you can easily get to rama on its website and check this out for yourself but the ram tough claw universal quick release clamp base let’s but all i’ve got for you for now so i appreciate you checking out the video if you like it at all please give it a thumbs up

And if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to our channel that way you can stay up to date with any new content that we put out check out the website ww-where midwest calm and give us a like on facebook at forward slash touring midwest stay safe out there we’ll see you next time on tour at midwest have a good one

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RAM Tough claw quick release clamp base review By Touring Midwest