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Recensione Ruroc Atlas 4.0 /Street King/

Sei indeciso se acquistare il nuovo casco di casa Ruroc?! Oggi recensiamo velocemente il nuovissimo Atlas 4.0 nella sua versione più tamarra: lo Street King!!! 😈

Guys welcome to this new video we are finally going to analyze the new helmet that the ruroc house that wanted to send me that is the atlas 4.0 in this case and the street king then without wasting any more time let’s go immediately to look at its characteristics let’s immediately analyze the aesthetic components obviously mentioning and appreciating this artistic part because

It is the atlas 4.0 streaking in my opinion it is truly something incredible they really exceeded what immediately strikes me to the eye which is a joint compared to 3.0 and the climate controls that is this grip adjustable air where we can decide whether or not to introduce the air year since i am seeing canceled practically eliminated the rear air intake leaving it only

In the front way the visor is the classic 215 degrees visor so the rider will obviously have a lot visibility while driving in addition inside the box i found a pin lo ck that is the plastic membrane to be attached to the inside of the visor to avoid fogging the classic fogging that we all hate what to say else on an aesthetic level we are at an external level in addition

To the classic external air intakes and the attachment of the shockwave integrated intercom there is nothing else to say a masterpiece to the truly exceptional sight let’s move on to the technical sector something that now intrigues us more then as in 3 there is the coupling and the quick release magnetized only to them there was and is something that i really appreciated

Very much especially when i am in a hurry i take the release and go the cheek pads and this is an incredible joint they are no longer like the past ones but they are much stiffer much bigger and they really press the cheek a lot without annoying, however, this gives me the feeling that they want to focus a lot on the world for speed and really have the impression of having

A track helmet in their hands. very different compared to 3.0 in addition what they have towards the ryong protection system and that is only those little squares that we are now seeing everywhere in the social networks the blue ones that are placed between the polystyrene and the sponge on the entire upper arch this guarantees greater protection for the one who he drives

The bike and i think that only they have the primacy to put in this helmet another factor that struck me particularly positively is the sound how effectively this helmet is soundproofed then leaving out the point of the intercom that if i put it to the maximum i don’t even hear it exhaust of the motorcycle at the level of its acoustics this helmet in my opinion is incredible

I say it because when i go on a motorcycle and i do not feel the wind and it is exceptional you know when you go on tv here is this thing with this helmet it does not happen clear i have not yet gone to highway and most likely if i go at 180 200 per hour obviously something i will hear but in the daily laps on sunday you do not hear absolutely nothing and it is incredible

Because even here erure that he has shown an exceptional development to . the cheek pads adhered to the band giving me that feeling of protection without letting me run out of air the design is perfect truly incredible and captivating and the guys i have nothing more to say go and visit the caravan site where you can only find them online and i remember you to subscribe to

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Recensione Ruroc Atlas 4.0 /Street King/ By Fabio Conticelli