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This is the start of a small series where I talk about the process of registering an electric bike as a Moped (light motorcycle) in the UK. The scheme that exists in the UK to allow a self built bike to be tested for compliance is called the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval scheme or MSVA.

Alright guys how’s it going i’m going to start a little series on this channel it’s going to be like a mini series i’m going to talk about converted bits a bike into a rave legal motorcycle yeah and so yeah i kind of touched on this a little while ago putting up two videos ago and i kind of discussed the process in the uk we’ve got where you can actually kind of

Try and register a motorcycle that you build yourself doesn’t know the letter or pet or anything like that we’ve got quite a bit of skiing in the uk for doing that and then they basically you have to take it to a special test in a voser testing place and they will test the bike out test its lights and all sorts of things that indicators brakes and to make sure

It’s suitable you know to be on the highway and so yeah and the reason i want to do this is because it’s there’s a lot of controversy around electric by todd got a lot of flack but riding an electric bikes fast on the brain and i basically want to take it to the next level i want to be active right down the middle of the road we’ve confidence 30 mile an hour class

On this bike you know and know that i’m supposed to be there i’ve got number plates or coinsurance everything goes wrong i’m covered in that aspect you know there’s a lot of idiots down and it’s becoming clear that oh i’m an electric bike around you know he’s a pretty dangerous thing i mean if you go across oh it’s fine you know you’re still going to come across

Probably on a daily basis you will come across someone that’s going to try and wipe you out on the road being on a motorcycle so i want to be able to you know be on the bike route presence had indicators on it you know brake lights all the things that you find on a motorcycle and just basically you know write it properly on the right and so the process in doing

This is a bit of a kind of mystical black art and there’s a couple of people that had done this already and i’ve been speaking to one of them and he’s actually give me a lot with y so you know you are lauren g goes in the video good thanks thanks for some help on that and it scoops that has someone that points in the right direction and i’m sure somebody else

Will come out and look from the comments and say yeah and it and you know i’ve done this that that and it would be nice stretchy to meet other people that have done this process with an invite so yeah it’s a long-winded process and what i’m going to try and do in this kind of miniseries is just kind of go through it bit by bit and give you an update you know at

One so where i am with it and yeah so if you’re not interested in this sort of thing to skip this video next one will be a blog probably and it’ll just you know we’ve just been kind of a linter weave these into the into the blogs so to start with what i’ve been doing it i’ve been going through and going up my phone because i just kind of like to keep going back

To i didn’t want to print out this thing it’s kind of like a guide it’s a 200 page guide and it shows you all the things that they will test when you put your bike through the test so you know it’s things like mirrors braids and there’s just hundreds of things in this 200 pages long but i will say that actually the more you go through it on firstly you just go oh

My god what the hell but when you actually do go through it you find that there’s lot of pages in here at44 bloody vehicles like you’re building a kit car things like that so yeah there’s a lot of stuff is not rid of them and so yeah the first thing you got to decide and you know say this quickly than if you can see this but it’s just pages and pages of different

Things but the first thing you’ve got decides whether you what you want to register it as now i’m going to full bike license so i’ve been going for uk most my life and so i can’t ride you know a powerful motorbike i’m not really interested in gainful right now but too many other things on you might seems quite family and i’m moving house and little bass going on so

You know what i want is a quick easy solution to just get this thing on the road and get it going so i’ve decided to kind of get this registered and then moped so that allows you to go 30 miles an hour and animals or something like that and it gives you got a four kilowatt limit so yeah i mean it’s not not massive these things already running more than that but

I think it would be fine for that sort of thing and actually some of the scoobies on the mopeds that i’ve seen out out on the street actually i’m faster than that anyway so you know but i also there’s a strange law in the uk where it’s done apps you have to have l plates and so there’s a learn ldh don’t actually have to have those if you’ve got car licence and if

You’re riding a moped if you were riding a moped over 125 cc or but you have to do a thing called a cvt it’s just another little test which is actually quite a good one to do because it’s very simple it’s like half a day training and it gives you lots of insight some kind of rules of the roads and things you might forgotten if you’re dropping a car every day you

Might have just forgotten those things and it will be that would be a very useful thing to do but yeah basically you can void a moped in the uk without it will place tunnel plates on it it was just sort of scan end up looking rubbish and so yeah i’ve decided to go that moped agree and i think that would be fine if i want to use it as a bike again i can just put on

Another plate often and you know just use it as a goodbye you know on that sort of thing so i think this is a good way of going are you kind of direction to get this thing on the road so start off with a slightly one it’s a register it as a moped first thing i came to on this on this guide will be the same so you need to have a vin number which is like a vehicle

Identification number now this fight is from china the bikes been self-built feelings or vin number so there’s no way you can you can get past packet so what i found out is actually a few contacts the dvla the uk and you say because i’ve got a i’ve got separate motorcycle hasn’t got vin number on i want to register it help me out i’ll leave the email that i found

Which i had to talk to the internet to find good email address for the dvla because they’re a bit to government thing that’s just awkward to get hold of sometimes and and i’ve got a response like we’re going 24 hours and surprisingly in light of that evening this is over the as well i got a bit of paper which basically tells me my vin number so i was really

Surprised by it so really really quite interesting stuff and he just basically says you’ve got to emboss the vin number on the black so you’ve got to put it on there somewhere other on the sided yet but the numbers should be stamped all parenting boss on the off side of the vehicle in a clearly visible and accessible position by method is hammering or stamping

In a way that cannot be obliterated with deteriorate so i mean i wasn’t really a keen on that in kind of numbers pumps in this fire so i got a line and i just ordered this little this little vin plate which is just off of ebay guys very sponsored on there i’ll put a link in the description as well for him but you can vote it was very helpful it just idea that’s

Fine i can print you off or stamp one out for you come in the vin numbers of amman on your on copying it and normally you would but you know so it’s probably still out anymore but yeah so you get this get this pin number interested in the vin number stops indeed your life so yeah that’s to come on not the coolest thing in the world but anyway so i’m going to get

This attached somewhere on the boy probably probably down here but if you can see the camera can go down there but i’m going to get it put on i went to a garage at the road and just sit guys and can you stand the vin number no it’s like an mot shop proper gary’s you know the jit thing and they said what i’m going to do that i think it was kind of like yeah we’re

Already sure and i said well i’ve got this bike i’ll just basic built it and i need to get this i’m going to get this ride registered so can you help me out then everybody from the gary’s just came out what the heck is that so we got mom’s talking about electric bikes for about half now and eventually retired back to the point they said yeah that’s no problem i

Can do that for you because what you actually have to do you have to get in the letter extended from the second page so you need to get the gallery strategy confirm it and that’ll put their stamp on resuming like as you and lyla garrity motif something and that’s below and then you send this back to the dvla so i haven’t got it done yet this was a couple of days ago

Because i need to fit science stand on this bikes is another requirement so i’m going to work out where the slice plane goes and then probably put the vin number down here somewhere but they’re going to get get the plate later they’re just really so i think they’ll be okay i mean you know these exact these does abilities based only on the vehicle can’t see there’s

No problem if anyone knows they know and then that’d be quite useful so been done but once that’s done i’m a bit unclear an exact process by thick will happen is once they get that back from the garage they’ll probably contact me again or they won’t or they may say you need to be tested or i think or maybe i’ll have to actually physically apply for registration

Using that vin number and then another process starts to do that and that one they’ll probably say okay you need to get this white bike tested then up and applied an msp a i don’t know but if anyone knows again let me know because i’m new to this i don’t know these documented this anyway so this is the reason why i’m doing so meanwhile i’ve kind of you know what

Actually gonna be encoded on ebay and on all these different places and you know looking through the manual and working out how the hell i’m going to do things like headlights indicators stands you know we does all these other bits or kind of killer long list of things i need to get i pretty much got lesser than that and so just give you insight i want going to

The details of doing a hunter headlight ad headline days and so low and high beam is tropical manner really good and that’s going to look amazing on the front of i i just want to make this look good around making it just you’re set with things hanging out and massive got another place sticking on the back of it want to make it look like because you look so cute

Now so good and so click it’s almost like board of barbering so yeah that’s that i’ve got all sorts of different mounts i’ve got these indicators as well i’m fine for these little indicators are it’s not tiny little indicators excuse me no idea inside of that absolutely tiny and they re marked as well so this important thing and you got to make sure most of the

Things that you get if you can are email especially mirrors because if your mirror is on like your wing mirrors and things like that if they aren’t a marked then you’re basically you open the can of worms because then they start testing the outer mirror to see if it’s got a certain circular saw element and see if like the edges are curved and also suffer that so

These are in mark those should be roy and i better work out different mounting solutions for these because you know there’s another rule in here where the indicators are got beyond 240 mil apart and if you mountain on normal brackets on the thoughts front folk said they’re not that far apart so because everything’s motorcycle this is a lot smaller so you know this

Is a problem you’re going to have you’re going to find you’re going to come across things that just aren’t going to fit on a normal bike so you have to modify things left on center but you know it’s kind of what you expect and i kind of come up with with this rear tail thing tail light this receipt this is the way i’m 20 quid or something like that 15 or 20 pounds

Off of ebay and it comes with this play gear and it’s got lights underneath it which like the number plate and tyler bright light led i haven’t tested it yet so they know how good its connectivity on a baby if it works it see marked as well if it works and it looks bright enough i think it should be alright and then i’ll kind of hash together these these kind of

Mounts on the back here for the indicators but what i’m going to do i’m not going to use this saddle on the limit of decided i’m not going to bother with the saddle i’m going to go straight to motorcycle seat and which enduro if i actually make you probably seen it and it basically facing this whole section here tightly into a proper motorcycle seat so it’s going

To look probably probably good and i’m going to man that obviously on the back somehow and work that yet and in the biblical arteries going to be going to be a wiring because of managed to get rid of these switches which is going to go on on the side there and then just works at the wire and nightmare in but i’m going to do is i’m going to wire it all off the bike

I’ve decided i’m going to just why the whole thing off the bike make you complete harness take a lot of pictures of it document it you know try and refrain almost and do it probably late and gather it’s people can copy and then yeah and then i’ll just pretty on the bike because i don’t want to i don’t want to do this on this bike right now because i want to be able

To ride around still and you know i’m still using it to get get about you know put on the car and so yeah and we will try to do that harness and then lock in one day before the test or you know waiting for the test or something like that or just fix it with on and then yeah we good to go interesting that you can actually ride to the to the testing center they like

To write to the testing center without being registered so that’s pretty cool so yeah anyway and that’s about it for a moment i think and there is just there’s loads of things with this but i’m going to go through it bit by bit and say well show you what matt you doing hopefully at the end of it we will have a very businesses and ego which will be pretty cool pretty

Cool so yeah that’s it for now so i’ve got 4 gb nice blocks we’ll be back you know probably next video and yeah catch you in a bit

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