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removing a gas tank off a 1st gen 1g sv650 and draining the gas

also a trick for draining the tank at the end

Here’s pulling the tank off of a first gen in case somebody needs this so first thing you want to have some kind of plan of what you’re going to do with it after it’s off the bike uh in my case there’s a big empty bin and having a bin is a good idea because you don’t know if the thing is going to leak or not so since the thing may or may not leak we want to have

Something kind of fluid containing to catch it so first thing we’re gonna do is pull the bolts out of the front leave the leave the back bolts alone for now so pull the bolts out of the front if you can drain it prior to doing this that’s a pretty good idea so pull the bolt pull bolt pull the other bolt if you can’t drain it i’ll show you a trick for how to do

It towards the end of the video so now the tank can come up um and then as it’s up we can disconnect some things so grab your tank prop rod you know because tank prop mean so grab the tank prop rod prop up the tank and then down here which we can’t see from that side because only the best video uh only the best video production possible so down here let me

See if i can uh get some light on down here is the petcock so the bottom line on the petcock goes to the carb and that’s for vacuum so that you should be able to just yank off hopefully there may be a clip holding it or something but there isn’t a clip in this case the upper line is the one that fuel actually travels down so we need to disconnect that usually

That has the annoying clamping the annoying clamp thing on it i can’t remember what the correct name for it is but uh so the pliers are set on the needle nose or anything else usually makes quick work of it um so let you in on a secret in my case i usually just cut the thing because i don’t need it to survive i just cut the fuel line and then take it off the

Easy way but anyway squeeze the ends together and wiggle it off the next thing you want to do is um kind of usually these lines are kind of baked onto the uh are kind of baked onto the petcock so you don’t want to squeeze it you just want to turn it so you don’t want to squeeze it too hard you just want to turn on it so that um so that it unsticks so that it

Can come off so i’m gonna try to do that and just wiggle it around sometimes they can get really baked on there see can’t pull it i can’t really get there very easily sometimes it might be easier to do it off the fuel pump side so since that’s not coming off and i can’t get my hands in there we’re gonna get to do it on the fuel pump so same thing this is just

The other side of the line move the stupid clip out of the way grab it and rotate it around so that it unsticks and once it’s unstuck you should be able to wiggle it off this line has apparently been there for eternity come on all right and then it pops off expect some dripping out of the fuel line maybe not in this case but i got lucky usually you will get

A trickle of gas coming out now if your petcock is shot however you will get a stream of gas so be prepared to like kink it or cap it off or something now another thing that needs to happen while we have it up is while we got it up is we need to disconnect the fuel sensor so that wire gonna go back around the bike over to the left side so this wire follow it

Down and in this case it’s actually super accessible right here usually it’s probably a little less so but just squeeze the tab and pull it or pull it off uh hey beavis pull it off so somebody did a very nice thing and zip tied it to something so i need it free so that i can carry the tank away so this is a zip tie needs to die so now the tank is disconnected

Now on the other side again i’ll just keep running around the bike with the camera on like an idiot on the other side again is the breather hose so i’m gonna come down a little bit more let’s see if i can show you the breather hose so the breather hose sits right here in the bottom of the tank and it just goes to ground so it doesn’t really do anything and it’s

Usually just kind of on there so you can usually just squeeze it maybe twist it around to get it to crack and drop it down so now that we’re done under the tank we have to do something over the tank so put the tank back down otherwise it gets um tumbling and uh all we need to do is grab grab a bolt driver or grab a wrench a little socket and pull those two

Bolts out no big deal right so next i have my bin ready and i can just pick up the tank and walk it over here so now there’s probably a 90 chance that um i’m going to make a mess but here’s the uh here’s the trick with uh draining a tank if you if you don’t have a way to suction from the top or if you don’t have a way to um or if you don’t want to make a mess

By just pulling um pulling the switch out pulling the petcock out so we grab a small tube um perhaps the one that was already on the bike that’s coming off the car and with that small tube and our mouth i know terribly disgusting if you provide even a little bit of suction it really doesn’t take much so obviously if you have a suction pump of some kind if you

Have a if you have a fluid extractor obviously there are much easier ways to drain the tank but if you’ve got nothing and if you don’t have a vacuum working off the bike so if you were to i am going to make an absolute mess of my shop because that’s how we roll but if you were to suck on this tube the petcock opens and gas comes out uh no chance of getting

Gas here because this is separate this is just a vacuum switch so if i need to drain the gas and i’ve got nothing else going for me i can just kind of start sucking on it and then cap it off with your finger and then sit here for a really long time and if your container that you’re dumping that gas into is filling up just take your finger off the petcock will

Shut now this is assuming of course that the petcock actually works in this case i got lucky um if it’s a leaking petcock then you don’t need to do that it will just self-drain for you very gradually so yeah anyway that’s first gen tank how to pull it off how to drain it and all that happy stuff

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removing a gas tank off a 1st gen 1g sv650 and draining the gas By Mad8v Cycles