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Replacing the Cigarette Lighter with a USB PORT

That install was on a 2005 nissan altima if you didn’t know. Also test if it actually charging i didn’t have a usb cable on hand to show, so make sure you test that before rapping everything up.

Usb port dual today we’re about to install this usb port into your cigarette lighter so it’s easy to charge your phone you can just carry a usb cord instead of getting the whole big thing to plug in a cigarette lighter then you gotta plug your cord so let’s make this easy let’s install this right now let’s get it all right now this is the usb port we’re going to

Install in this car this is the old one right here you’re about to swap it for this one right here way better let’s open this up open this up and this is it right here all right see just like this it should be a positive and a negative positive and a negative all right all right this is what you’re gonna install on those right here you should have a positive

And negative in there too so let’s take this open i mean let’s open this first stick this off stick this off i just you just gotta pull up on this pop right take this off right here it should just pop right out like that there’s a plug right here connector right here get something all right so you take this off right here you’re just putting the seat on the

Floor don’t matter i just pull this up over the shifter i didn’t take this off because i can’t do it one hand all right yeah just unplug these if your heated seats right here is for your hazards it’s a cigarette light he’s about to use so you could pop this size that all right it should be able to come out hold on yeah this took some time to come out so i had

To cut the corners of these so you have to break these off to make it come out these see yeah so you have to break you have to somehow get this off i use a flathead and some dykes take these off because it’d be it’s stuck on there so see how this off let’s see if this fit in the hole let’s see if the noon fit in the hole no one right here fit in the hole see

This one barely making it so i’m gonna use a cutter to cut this little wide opens to make it fit all right let’s do it use dremel to make this wider make this a little wider all right soon you make this little wider it ain’t got to be perfect see mine ain’t perfect because it’s not going to show it’s not going to so much so when you put this in let’s

Just slide in there you can play which way you want you can put it the way this is shaped but it will be sideways i like to put like i like to put it like this looks better than me it looks way better way better way better to me all right look like this push down all right see it blocks the hole so you don’t know how you did it see that perfect perfect fit now

Let’s put the back on take your screw screw to the back of it back of it like so so you don’t you know how it’s playing nancy make sure you hold it i need two hands so i’ll be back all right it should be just like this make sure you this is real tight so it has no play no make sure there’s no play shake it see no play shoot is tight right here take this real

Tight let me screw this on tight this real tight okay see yeah it’s pretty tight all right now let’s do the wiring let’s do the wire all right this is your cigarette lighter right here so you don’t need this you don’t need this no more because it’s garbage so we’re gonna cut this and cut these two wires power and ground black should be ground and green should

Be power but we’ll test it with the test light all right let’s cut these wires and let’s do the testing all right so when you cut it let’s test for power and ground all right hold on green should be green should be power and black should be ground yes that’s that’s how it is that’s what that’s how it usually is but let’s let’s test the right way and test it you

Know this is ground right here so let’s put the connection on ground like this put a clip on the ground like this like that all right make sure the key is on let’s turn the key on oh she don’t have no power okay all right now let’s check for power this is power history power lights and let’s check the ground and ground there you go it’s ground nice so let’s

Put our connectors on let’s put these on right here let’s put these on right on these right on those just like this okay it’s connected to your usb port make sure make sure you put power to power and ground to ground because you don’t want any problems all right so remember the green wire is the power so let’s connect it to power power see positive sign power

Put that in like so all right just like that now let’s put the ground ground negative negative let’s put that okay just like that bam all right now let’s see if it works if it works this light should be on right here so let’s turn on the key let’s turn it on okay turn the key on should be on just like that bam all right that’s off and on nice now let’s

Put it back together now let’s connect these back connect your hazards plug this in the heated seats seats see your hazards and heat seats okay now let’s put this back in pop it under it’s back all right just like that forget your ac cover connect this like this on there okay yep that’s it now let’s triple check that it works again key on let’s find my

Keys let’s put the key on look at this key on it should be on key on on off this is a port right here better than a cigarette lighter so when you when you need to charge your phone all you got to do is bring your usb and just plug it right in here just like that so so it looks fancy fancy let’s close this just like that all right just like that there you go

Easy as that if you have any trouble comment below rewind the video see how i do it until you get it all right see you later so if you have any questions comment below or contact me at drew’s mechanics i’m always on there so don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to subscribe because i got more videos coming you

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Replacing the Cigarette Lighter with a USB PORT By Jules Mechanics