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Restoring a x1 pocket bike part-2

What’s going on guys welcome back again to part two of the reassembly to our x1 pocket bike so like i explained to you guys on part one um we had a pretty much a catastrophic fail with our motor so i was in search of a donor uh we needed a couple parts that we pretty much weren’t going to be able to buy so i needed to find a donor in order to get the parts i

Needed and luckily today we got one so i’m gonna pull out my engine here’s our donor bike and that’s our other bike but uh i’m gonna pull out the engine because this motor is gonna serve me perfect it as you guys can see it’s got the original pull start it’s got everything on it everything’s 100 original we even got the fins for the rear portion of my bike uh

I also got a spare fuel tank and a couple other little knick-knack stuff here and there so we’ll definitely be taking advantage of this engine for sure guys stick around so we can get this done so so do so so hey so so so so so so so to oh so so what’s up guys that’s gonna

Be a wrap on the pocket bike build guys how can i say this as quickly as possible this is probably the badass baddest x1 pocket bike i’ve built this thing came out super super cool the combination between the white and the orange first of all is the first i’ve ever done in any of my bikes i’ve done white bikes before but there were cat eye pocket bikes and they

Always with black rims so um when i saw the orange i was like man this is gonna look nice so i just went with it and yeah guys this thing came out really really really really nice and uh our electric start works everything on our bike works i already got the fuel lines shipped in the mail and the entire mix of making this video and i’ll kind of show you guys

A let’s see if it lets me do it because i have to hold the handle and press the button both at the same time give me one second guys i don’t want to drop you yeah guys x1 pocket bikes are very loud they have a very aggressive straight pipe with a nice little uh muffler so yeah guys this thing came out really nice but i want to show you guys something really

Fast you guys remember our parks bike right so uh i took my parts off my parts bike and i took what i needed yeah but i noticed there was a lot of good stuff left here there’s actually a potential complete bike here uh it’s not to my preference because i like bikes that are straight bars like the yellow mini bike or i like mini bikes like this that have all

The body panels all the plastics all the fairings all that stuff i don’t really like a pocket bike with no fairings uh that’s just my personal choice i i i don’t really like the way they look they kind of look very weird and funky but uh i figured you know what there’s other people that do like it we’re gonna do something with the parts bike sure enough i did

Check this out bam guys what do you guys think about that uh so i did the uh dark truck metallic gray on here and then i painted my wheels this really really nice color and guys that little touch that i did on the tires uh i did it on my uh on my other bike too guys so um i don’t know i i think it looks really really really dope i’m gonna put the old motor

From this pocket bike on there i bought a chain i put a brand new carburetor on there and i’m gonna try to start it up and and see if i could ride it around it is still missing a couple things like the handle for the rear brake and the cable for the rear brake uh but it does have the front brake the front brake handle and i think it’s missing a throttle cable

But i think i have a throttle cable for that specific bike that i bought at some point in the past so uh yeah i’m gonna put it together guys i’m not really gonna make a video of it because like i said i already kind of i kind of started it when i was bored so i didn’t really record i was just kind of you know relieving stress kind of deal so yeah guys i built

The pocket bike that other x1 pocket bike that we got for parts and i’m most likely just gonna post it and just get rid of it in order for me to be able to have a little bit more room to sell the rest of my stuff so guys until the next one make sure you guys stick around because we’re gonna have another trail bike here pretty soon and i hope that didn’t go too

Dark but we’re gonna have another trail bike here pretty soon which is gonna be a really really nice trail bike so make sure you guys stick around and see the clip see the clip at the end of the video guys peace out stay safe you

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Restoring a x1 pocket bike part-2 By AA Restorations