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reverse trike 808

Trike walk a round

Okay here we are with the trike these are a bmw a bolt pattern wheels and everything so anyways coming up here’s that one headlight that was tonya that was broke and you can see the wind broke i tried this way coilovers with a small reservoir alright see the arms and everything just breaks a little rust on there and it was right in here the other day okay coming

In to the steering all these wires you know are for the lights turn these right here there’s two of them these are for turn lights so you can put on you can see the distributions that are for the for the hydraulic brakes buggy style up off-road pedal you see the gas went down there all right so you got the back of the instrument cluster we use the stock cluster

This one goes right here and that’s for your turn indicator that just popped off so it just has to be soldered on but everything works on it beedo beedo yet okay kind of coming back up we have a removable steering wheel so it’s got a little lock on there right there so you can pop it on and off and here’s the seat a very good shot at the same time so definitely a

Racecar style inspired seat you got the hype high mirrors and then going into the back real quick right here you have the mounting points for a harness system if you want to do that and looking into the cockpit everything and then coming down here this is that lever right here that i was saying that was for the reverse so this right here you can see where it was

Welded here goes right in here and it was welded so all you have to do is lift it up and fold it back so that needs to be repaired here’s the shifter you know so one down four up and everything and you can see the cable you can see how thin it is compared to my finger so what you know we’re saying about making it thicker so you do have a little bit of flex you know

That goes in there and you can kind of see it when i’m moving it and everything and then ah your switch this is for the that’s for the reverse and that either goes forward or reverse to do it and then small box over there in the corner is your ignition and then that’s the stock shifter a box and linkage tubing from when it was a buggy originally and everything so

Coming around okay you can see most of the wire harness is right in here and everything so you can see right here i can kind of get on it right there where my fingers that’s the crack that needs to be welded that’s where you got a small oil leak coming from and everything but it’s not too bad and then you know obviously radiator the battery and everything coming

Up underneath you can see how the shifter is right here let’s see where is it right there so you can definitely see that rod is just really really thin definitely make it stronger you know make it bigger and everything and then here’s the that little setup with the sprocket i was talking about for the reverse so it basically just do this i just put a piece of rod

On it because i was wanting it out of the way the other day so basically it’s just going to come down and it just goes right on there and then it spins you know to make it go so like i said that needs to be worked out anyways i’m going to put the phone down for science i can pull this tank off so you can see so hold on okay so pretty much you know all your wiring

Everything’s inside here there’s a vent that goes on the bottom of the tank and everything but like all your fuse boxes and your cdi boxes and stuff those just need to get mounted and everything these are the there’s two on each side and this is for adjusting the floats and everything on the carb everything so you got your air box and everything coming back around

Front you have this plastic piece right here which is just part of the ducting that just needs to get you know put back into place and everything let me put this tank back on okay so and i think i got the brackets for that one small dent right there and everything you got your whole radiator set up and stuff these spots right here you’ll see them throughout the

Side of the chassis right there those were the nerf bars that came off of the original chassis you know and we didn’t think you need those there’s your one of your other seatbelt points there’s another one there which is on the other side and then your on and off switch for starting it and then here’s the tube for the original shifter you know so you can always

Kind of figure that one out and redo it and then obviously your ignition and everything up here you got the turn signals and blinkers and stuff set up and then just you know back around to the front of it everything so back kind of see the stance of this thing so that thing would be pretty badass lying down your street the other thing too is you can make a body

You know panels for it because it still has throughout three side it has the zeus fittings so you literally could make a panel without you know just like in the regular buggies that would cover the sides up and everything and the other thing i was talking about was like the cables because we use the existing cables for like the throttle and things like that so

Came up with kind of a simple but ingenious idea just the length of cables a little link chain link with a zip tie on it so that way it can hold both ends of the cables and that seemed to work out really good then you got you know your throttle cable with adjustment so that would all need to be sorted out just to be redone and everything little switches here are

For your turn signals and everything here’s a better picture of the front shocks you got steel braided brake lines on it and there’s only front brakes on this thing so you would definitely figure out a rear brake setup i do have one i probably have the calipers and stuff board in that box i was telling you about so that’s pretty much it really you get little tail

Lights here and then these are the marker lights and this was saying that this was off but it’s still there and it still works and then you can see the other side same thing you know it’s just not on there all the way so you can see that and then that’s pretty much it really i mean that’s it is what it is you know like i said the project you know 95% done you know

So anyways i’m going to go ahead and upload this so you have any questions give me a call

Transcribed from video
reverse trike 808 By carlos demiguel